There’s No Need To Freeze This Winter

December 14, 2017admin
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The winter days just get colder and colder as they go on, but there’s no need to have yourself freeze in your own home, there are many ways to keep yourself warm without the extra costs! Although not all housing can, the coziest is an in-house fire. Having a fire in your home can mean that you won’t be paying much for heating. While stocking the fire will have little to no cost, It does come with a little extra effort while finding wood to burn.


Cutting your costs

Obviously, not all homes are built the same. Naturally, some buildings will be easier to keep warm than others, however, a common issue for a lot of old houses in the winter is weatherproofing. If your house has cold drafts, then the costs and efforts of heating your house could be going to waste! So putting out some extra money on repairs and having those drafts sealed would actually be saving you money in the future, especially if you have no plan on leaving anytime soon.


Heating your home




While many homes operate on gas heating, another alternative is oil heating. Oil heating is stored in a tank at your home, which is supplied regularly through delivery rather than being set up on an automatic feed, like gas heating. The main advantage of oil heating is the efficiency, however, it does run with a risk. It could be that you are running low on your oil and you need to have some more delivered, but you may run out before your next delivery comes in. These situations don’t happen when you’re running with gas heating, but there are services that can ensure you’re refueled quickly. One service to look for is Tonbridge Fuels because no one wants to be without heating in the winter, as you’d certainly freeze. It’s best to make sure that you can securely keep your home warm without the risk of running dry, or faults in the services.


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Many choose to run with gas heating because of the convenience and control that comes with it. However, if you’re going to have it freshly installed, you may be looking at a large price tag. There’s a lot of work that goes into getting yourself hooked up to a gas main, and at the same time having a boiler installed is fairly expensive. While it is expensive, you don’t run the risk of running low on gas, as you don’t need to have it delivered. Resupply is as simple as a top-up fee with many local chains.


For some, looking after multiple properties can be a handful and in which case you want to make sure that there’s as little maintenance as possible. If you have people renting one of your properties, you really don’t want inconveniences like heating and electricity running out, because as the landlord they are likely your responsibilities. Luckily, a lot of services offer a scheme that will automatically deliver oil to you when you need it, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your tenants feeling unwelcome or irritated. While it’s convenient to have your oil topped up automatically, the prices can fluctuate through the seasons, so it may be best to invest in extra amounts early and cut the need to worry about costs/oil supply in the future.

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