My tips to help you decorate your dream garden office

October 23, 2018admin
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Starting a business is a daunting task, no matter what it is from blogging to crafting.  You have so much to think about in terms of the business that premises are probably far from your list!  However instead of working from your kitchen table I wanted to share with you some design tips to help create a dream garden office.  I came across some fantastic offices by that will have you wanting a garden office over any office space you can find in a dreary building!

1. Choosing your dream office

You want to work efficiently and you want to ensure you are close to all the things you need, so opt for a garden office that fits in with your family life and the hustle and bustle of starting a business.  It is much easier to take the garden office with you should you move in the future but hard to get out of a lease that you have signed up to! 

2. An inspiring place

Take your time and decorate your garden office with inspirational prints and paintings.  A place where you can create a mood board with creative frames, a place where you can celebrate the inspiration behind your business venture.

3.  Bring the outdoors in

You are in your garden office so bring the outdoors in!  There have been studies to suggest that using plants in your workspace creates a happier and healthier environment.  So try popping a few plants in your garden office and plant some flowers in pots to the entrance or you could try your hand at creating a herb garden on the windowsill!

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4. Colour

Blue is said to be a very soothing colour while brighter colours such as yellow and orange help with creativity and energy.  Whatever colour you decide remember to keep your space light and airy.  You could even decide to opt for more pastel shades to make your garden office feel lighter.

5. Light

To make you feel awake and ready for the day, you want a room that is well lit.  It can make all the difference and make the mood of a room.  You really don’t want to be in a dark space or you will feel all your energy wane from you and make you feel tired.  Of course make sure you get as much natural light as possible and add some mirrors around the garden office. 

6.  Accessories, accessories and more accessories

The whole point of a garden office is that you can give it character and include accessories that make you feel happy and be in a place that you appreciate so get away from the idea of a soulless corporate office and furnish it with love!  Add some modern storage boxes, cushions and desk accessories.

7.  Furniture

Choose furniture that you would be proud to bring clients to, that includes a great office desk, a chair that is ergonomically fitting and a more scrumptious chair where you can set, drink coffee and admire your garden!


These are just a few of the my tips to help you create your very own garden office.  The key to making yours special for you is to come up with a plan for your colour palette, start a mood board and cut out ideas from magazines and check out Pinterest too for some inspiration.  Follow your plan and buy the items that you love and will make you want to be in your garden office.

Happy decorating.


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