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In our home the room that is often left to the last minute even when it desperately needs a lick of paint is the bathroom.  I always find it difficult to know what to do with the bathroom without it costing the earth!  While it’s always nice to redecorate and make our house feel like a home, big projects can often run the risk of breaking the bank. Not only can redecorating cost a lot of money, it takes a lot of time and creativity.  There are times when I have none of these!


So how much can you really do to make a bathroom look better without making some big investments or changes? With the help of Victorian Plumbing, I have put together some cash-friendly ideas that will help you make your bathroom reflect your own personal style.


bathroom ideas



The right mirror can complement both the style and layout of your bathroom. If you’re a “less is more” kind of person, then maybe a standard bathroom mirror is the right choice for you. This screams simple but efficient, whilst tying perfectly with the minimalist trend. If you’re anything like me, then you will know lighting is key! If you are planning on spending your time getting ready in the bathroom, then an illuminated mirror is the one for you. Why not mix eras and pair a vintage style mirror with a modern bathroom? There are plenty of themes and styles to choose from.

bathroom ideas


Another bright idea is to change the lighting fixtures in your bathroom. Although the weather seems to be showing signs of the sun, we all know the British summer doesn’t stick around for long. So, it’s best to get your lighting perfect now. Gone are the days of the drawstring light switch, so why not add a bit of elegance to your bathroom with a chandelier? Due to its luxurious exterior, you will be surprised at how little this elegant addition can cost. Let your personality shine with a pop colour in your bathroom. Most multi-coloured lighting allows you to set a colour, strobe effects or fade with as little as a click of a button!


Bathroom suite and shower

If buying a new bath suite or shower is out of the question, then there are plenty of ways you can pretty your bathroom suite and shower up! Add some greenery to your bathroom by draping some fresh eucalyptus over the showerhead for an aroma-therapeutic shower experience.  Transform your bath suite into a relaxation hub and add a luxury bath shelf – ideal for wine drinking and getting lost in your favourite book.

Shower curtains are also an easy way to transform your bathroom, they come in a variety of patterns and themes that can complement your choice of décor perfectly and there are lots of funky designs to reflect your personality.


bathroom ideas


Now it’s time to talk about the real MVP of the bathroom game, towels. They come in all shapes and sizes and are undeniably a crucial part of your bathing experience. Whether they are being used to dry your body or crafted into a makeshift wrap for your hair, you rely on your towels daily, so treat them that way. Instead of leaving them laying on the floor, why not drape them elegantly over your bathtub or radiator? For extra storage, experiment with a basket or stool to display your extra towels in an imaginative way.


bathroom ideas


Let your creativity flow and have fun with your own personal style by introducing accessories to your bathroom! Anything from plants, candles, vases or even wall art can be used to reflect your own style.  If you love all things matching, then storage bathroom sets may be the best option for you as they allow you to create a totally practical yet stylish setting. If you’re looking for something a bit different, why not add an unusual focal point to your bathroom such as the latest glass wash basins or combining a basin unit with a vintage bicycle frame? Although not your typical bathroom décor, it will definitely get your guests talking! There are many upcycling ideas around to give you ideas and inspiration.


These are just some tips to help you with decorating your bathroom without breaking the bank.  Are there any others you can think of?  Let me know below in the comments.



Need some decor inspiration for your bathroom? These tips will help you find the best low cost solution to enhance your bathroom!

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