Tips to turn your home in to a winter woodland with Wayfair

November 18, 2018admin
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Wayfair challenged me to let nature be my guide and decorate my home with the rugged beauty of nature.  The stunning home trend at the moment is the stunning scheme of textured bark, evergreen, wood and mixed with the softness of white and light hues.

It certainly is getting cold outside and it won’t be long until the snow and ice but it may be low temperatures outside, that doesn’t mean to say you have to leave the stunning colours and textures of winter out in the cold.  You can give your home a magical winter woodland makeover.  With Wayfair it is much easier and cheaper than you think.  You can turn a room or just a corner in to a winter woodland area. You don’t have to go overbroad, you will see from my photos below that I opted to make a few small changes to my hall table display that will last from now right up until the ice has thawed in February or March time!

Firstly, you will need to plan where you want to pay attention to and change.  I wanted to concentrate on the hall as it is the first place I see and visitors see when they enter the house.  I love it when the lights are on and it’s such a welcoming feel each evening after work.

I had a small budget of £75 so wanted to make sure I used both the great items from Wayfair but also to bring some of my garden indoors.

Pinecone effect

I wanted to add a touch of the outdoors so went out in my garden and lifted up some of the pinecones to add to the decoration.  I think it adds an eye-catching detail to the display.

Light up a room

I opted to purchase both a lantern and lights from Wayfair.  You can view the lanterns here, and the lights here.  I love all different types of lights so having the option to light a candle in the lantern and putting on the little lights gives me options but also gives the hall a lovely soft glow.

Bring the outdoors in

Getting creative with your decor will help you make it personal and will allow you to create something that is truly unique.  I love having fun bringing some of my garden indoors. It’s always inspiring seeing what is out there and what I can bring in.   There really is no right or wrong way of doing it, just have fun!

Trees & wreaths

It wouldn’t be a winter woodland theme without some trees!  Wayfair have some cute artificial tees that you can use to decorate your winter woodland.  I also opted for a Eucalyptus wreath and personalised it with some ribbon.  It’s low maintenance going for an artificial wreath, as well as being low in cost too!  Not to mention, you won’t have to keep lifting up all the leaves that may fall off.

Go with the subtle colours

Winter woodland is about the natural palette of browns, beige, umbers, greens and of course creams.   Bring some interest to your scheme with plenty of texture what I have done with using twigs from the garden but adding some decorations to it in gold and white.

Turning your home into a winter woodland won’t take long but it does take planning and preparation.  I highly recommend you head over to Wayfair and see what options are available for you when you have an idea of what you want to achieve.   It is so easy to turn your living space into a cozy, welcoming room or your hall in to an inviting space by adding something with dark heavy Waverly Curtains.  Once you get one part of your home arranged in to a winter woodland, you will then want to change the others.  Do it in time though before Christmas so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the festivities with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows or a glass of wine with family and friends.

Happy decorating.

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