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I hate cleaning windows, I hate cleaning windows, I hate, I hate, I hate cleaning windows!


I think you all now know what rarely gets done in our house.  Living in a bungalow there is no excuse for hiring a window cleaner so to actually see out the windows I decided to look up what options there might be for making this job quick and easy!


What has come back time and again is cleaning windows the old-fashioned way with water, vinegar and newspaper!


So I wanted to share my routine with you which hopefully will make this job easier for you as it has started to become for me.


  1. Firstly, pick a cloudy day to clean the windows as direct sun makes the water dry too quickly which leaves streaks behind!
  2. Autumn time I have noted an increase in spiders and cobwebs so the first task is to take a brush and sweep all the cobwebs away from the window frames.
  3. In a bowl put in some hot water then add a few drops of vinegar, simply use a cloth and clean the window.
  4. Before the water dries use a sheet of old newspaper to buff dry to a shine.


You will have clean and streak free windows – hoorah!


I would also encourage you to stay clear of all those chemical cleaning products and opt instead for more traditional cleaning, here are some ideas for you:

  • Lemons help you get rid of lime scale, soak a cloth in lemon juice and use to clean your bathroom taps or shower hose!
  • You can clean brass with a little bit of salt and white vinegar, test it first though.
  • Did you know that using bicarbonate of soda removes tea stains? Just rub some of it around the cup with a little water then rinse.


Happy Cleaning.


Elf x


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