Why You Should Take Care Of Old Decor

September 23, 2019admin
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On the modern day and age, we see more and more contemporary designs and styles taking over the interior design movement. The current top dogs are the minimalist and industrial styles. Both make high use of open floor plans so the living room and kitchen merge into one giant room. However, let’s not forget what old decor represents. You might think of this is the Victorian era or perhaps the Neo-Classical styles that have spread all across the world. What they represent in the home is age and experience and whether it’s decor or people, both of these qualities are greatly admired and indeed desired. You might have an old decor in your home and you’ve thought about giving it the old heave ho’, but here’s why you shouldn’t.

Aged coffee tables


Traditional or classic coffee tables all have one thing in common. They are made out of very high-quality wood. This could be maple, walnut, chestnut or mahogany. These are some of the most expensive wood types in the world. They take many decades to come of age and only then are they useful for making delicate carvings. The classic coffee tables have come from the styles of Baroque, Rococo, Georgian and Victorian. Emanating from Europe, these styles were made during the height of craftsmanship and thus should be adored for their timeless beauty. If you have marks on such tables, there are ways to get them out without damaging the wood further. The same goes for stains. If you take such tables to skilled carpenters they will be able to repaint them in the original varnish or color as well.


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An aura of power


Many of the great leaders in the world have often had wooden desks. These desks have usually been made out of mahogany and walnut. Desks are used most of the day when you’re working on them, unlike dining tables which only receiving periodic use. So you may find that your antique desk is rather worse for wear. Don’t use this as an excuse to throw it out because here is a guide to cleaning antique furniture. Some of the key points suggest you take it easy and just use mild cleaners which avoid harsh chemicals. If you do however need to use stronger cleaners then only use small amounts. Pour them onto a cloth and dab the area rather than wipe. Use soft cloths so there’s no scratching done to the layers of older paint. To get into those crevices, use toothbrushes or perhaps even compressed air cans.


Increasing in value


Just like antique jewelry and cars, decor always rises in value every single year. Antique furniture such as sofas, chairs and living room tables are very popular at auctions of traditional decor. However mahogany desks from the late 19th century are perhaps the most loved as they are symbols of great character from period when interior design was at its height.


Take care of your old decor as it will appreciate in value consistently. It’s also something to pass onto your kids and have remain as a cherished family heirloom.


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