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Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it’s because I no longer want to spend hours in the kitchen but what is for certain is that I want kitchen gadgets that make my life easier.  Proper, useful kitchen gadgets that make the kitchen a pleasant place to be.  Of course I don’t want gadgets that do everything, just ones that enhance my joy of cooking and baking.


First up I want a food blender.  While hand beating a batter for a cake mix may be good for my arms I want a food blender that does it in no time at all.  A food blender that is also ideal for making smoothies, making salsa and blending much more with a touch of a button!


kitchen wish list

Image:  Courtesy of Panasonic



Secondly, I want a slow cooker.  I want to be able to put a stew on in the morning and come home to the luscious wafting smell of a home cooked meal without having to wait until 9pm at night!  A slow cooker would most certainly save me preparation time and cleaning one pot has to be a great thing too!


slow cooker

Image:  Courtesy of John Lewis



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I would also love a mandoline.  Although can I have one that doesn’t slice my fingers off?  They are such useful gadgets but they scare me to death!  Maybe I should say I want a safe mandoline.  It would certainly help with slicing the potatoes for the top of my cottage pie.


kitchen gadgets

Image:  Courtesy of John Lewis



I would love an Iced Coffee Machine because I love coffee but in the summer it’s impossible to drink hot coffee.  I mean to cool yourself down you really do need a machine to make the best iced coffee.  Wouldn’t you agree?



Finally, another kitchen gadget I would love is a steamer.  Boiling in one pot while steaming in two others is just the epotime of saving time and energy consumption!  Not only that but a steamer is considered to be the healthiest cooking method as the food doesn’t lose any of the vitamins and minerals.  Certainly a win-win on all counts.



kitchen gadgets

Image:  Courtesy of John Lewis



These are just some of the kitchen gadgets that are on my wish list at the moment.  I’ve got many other things I’d like to add to our kitchen but that’s more about furnishings than gadgets.  Maybe that’s a post for another day!  What kitchen gadgets are on your wish list?  For me, the future is here, it’s now in these helpful kitchen gadgets.  They will also help me reduce the time I spend in the kitchen doing things that really shouldn’t take up that much time!



Looking for some useful kitchen gadgets? Here are mine. I hope they inspire you too in making the time you spend in the kitchen helpful. #kitchen #gadgets #home




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