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If you manage your own blogcongratulations, you will know by now how hard it can be. A lot of people will assume that because you work from home, it’s easy. You spend most of your time watching tv, drinking tea, and typing a couple sentences here and there – but oh how wrong they are. A lot of hard work goes into owning a blog, and that’s well before you even begin to think about making money!


make money from your blog

But how do you go about earning from your blog? Remember that because blogging takes up so much time, it is important that you have an income coming in so that you can still support yourself and live a comfortable life without worrying about not being able to provide.


Here’s how you can do that.


Promote other small businesses

As you’re a writer, a very simple way of making money is by promoting other small businesses within an article. They will give you a certain amount of information that they would like you to talk about, and then pay you for mentioning them in one of your articles. So essentially, if you do this every single time you write an article, you will be earning a decent income, and it isn’t really any different to what you are doing originally. You can then do as much writing as you wish to benefit yourself, if you want to make quite a bit of money one week because you’re saving up for something nice – write more articles. It really is as simple as that.


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Invest in other businesses

When writing blogs, you will find yourself coming into contact with a lot of different businesses from all kinds of industries. One very clever idea to make a bit (or a lot) of money, is to think about investing. Businesses – especially small ones – are often looking for investors so that they can improve and reach success even quicker. So if you find something that you really believe in, have a look at the analyst stock ratings, and put some of your money behind them. If it all works out, you will not only get it all back, but you will have a very nice cut out of all the earnings.   


Allow adverts on your site

When you have your own website and you are getting a lot of traffic on there, you will be contacted by different businesses who will ask if you will allow them to put pop up ads on your website. These are often the square ads that you see down the sides of a page. Now, some people don’t actually like them as they see it as clutter, but if you’re trying to make money, then any little helps. Some companies will pay you depending on how long you are willing to promote their ad for, while others will pay you per click that they get, which essentially means that everytime someone clicks on one of the


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