4 Smart Ways to Boost Employee Happiness

February 24, 2020admin
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There have been plenty of big shifts in the working world in recent decades, but perhaps the one that has gone by almost unnoticed is the changing relationship between employers and employees. Whereas members of staff used to be viewed merely as workers, today there’s a greater emphasis on the overall human (in many companies, anyway). It’s not possible for the employer to just take, take, take anymore; they also need to give, give, give. And this is mutually beneficial. Studies have shown that happy employees end up working harder and more productively than unhappy employees, after all.

Below, we take a look at a few ways you can boost the happiness of your employees. 

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Becoming Friends

Your employees are all there to do a job, sure, but that doesn’t mean that they should all be strangers to one another. Studies have shown that people enjoy work much more when it feels as if they’re working with their friends. Of course, if this is going to happen, then you’ll need to put the framework in place that’ll allow them to become friends. For example, you could organise afterwork drinks, communal lunches, and weekends away. If you’ve hired good people in the right place, then it won’t be long before people are becoming chummy.

Flexible Schedules

The biggest shift in the working world in recent times has been the rise of technology. Today, it touches more or less all spheres of the working world — and it’s opened up a world of possibilities, too. For example, today, it’s not necessary for your members of staff to work in the office, not every day, anyway. Studies have shown that flexible working schedules can significantly boost employee happiness, and also lead to greater productivity, too. Moving forward, look at initiating a work from home policy for applicable employees. You never know just where it’ll lead. 

Treats in the Office

Want to significantly boost the atmosphere of the office? Then look at adding some delicious treats. It’s amazingly simple, yet has shown to have a huge impact on employee happiness and engagement. If you make awesome coffee and delicious donuts available to your team, then you’ll find that people actively look forward to getting to work — and isn’t that what every boss wants? Plus, it’ll cut down on the time that employees spend out of the office buying coffee and snacks from other stores, too.

Encouragement and Trust

The vibe of the office is important; but the attitude of the management is even more crucial. If your team feels encouraged and trusted, then they’ll work well. If they feel like they’re forever being micromanaged and that you’re waiting for them to slip up, then they won’t be as happy. All relationships need work, and need to have a foundation of positivity. As such, it’s important to look at your leadership style, and take steps to improve it. Also, remember that communication skills can help to keep many problems at bay, and lead to a trusting atmosphere in the office. 

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