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I love coupons!  I wanted therefore to continue my blog series on helping you save money on your grocery shop.  You could start by reading my blog post on 4 Amazing Money Saving Apps to save you on your grocery shop or How Meal Planning Can Save you Money.


We can find it tough balancing the household budgets so I wanted to share my love of couponing with you.  I’m not talking extreme couponing here but a little couponing that can help save you a little money.


Couponing is another easy way to save £100’s on your grocery shopping.  Just like the cashback apps in my previous blog post here.


Although it does require a shift in mind set and planning ahead so you can save money on your grocery shop.


Here are some of my tips:


Know where to get Coupons

There are a number of places where you can print off or request coupons.  So having a printer is handy.  Supersavvyme is owned by Proctor and Gamble so you can get coupons for brands such as Fairy, Bold and Febreeze to name but a few.


Caring Everyday is another great site for coupons.  They are run by Johnson and Johnson so you are likely to get coupons that you can use against Johnson’s Baby, Aveeno, Calpol and Benylin.



Asda Price Guarantee is another way of getting money off at Asda.  If you shop at Asda, check your receipt on their website using the Asda Price Guarantee when you get home.  If they are not 10% cheaper against Tesco, Orrisons, Waitrose or Sainburys, they will give you the difference back in the form of a money off coupon.



Tesco also have a monthly magazine full of money off coupons.  Remember to pick it up when it comes out as there are times when you can get some good vouchers.  Plus the magazine is free too!



Know when to use Coupons

The secret to getting big discounts is knowing when to use the coupons. Looking at the expiry date on the coupon is important but knowing when a sale is on or looking at My Supermarket is also key as this will tell you if the item is on sale.


Please don’t waste your coupon on full price items if you can help it.  The above website also helps you figure out the cycle of the sales so you will get to know when a sale is coming up for the particular item.  For example recently I had a coupon for £2 off a carton of yoghurt drink, the drinks were originally £1.80 but the store reduced them to £1, this meant I could get 2 carton’s of yoghurt drink for free rather than just the one!


So it is best to stock up on sale items. It is important that you try and get the most out of the coupons when the items are on sale.  I recommend you stock up on items that you know you will use and have a longer shelf life.  Stocking up doesn’t mean you have a mini supermarket in your garage, it just means having sufficient stock that you can repeat the process when the sale comes round again meaning you never pay full price for items again.


Know how to use Coupons

Some stores are, shall we say – funny about coupons.  It is best to read up on their policy for accepting coupons.  If you can’t find the information online just ask at customer service – it saves any embarrassment at the checkout.


I hopee these family budgeting tips on couponing helps you save money. So now you know all about couponing, go save some money!



Want to save money on your shopping? Then read this post to find ways you can by getting coupons. I share with you where to get coupons, how to use them and other tips to help you save money.






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