Escape The Rat Race: Alternative Money Making Options

August 30, 2018admin
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When we’re young we’re told to work hard at school so we can go to university and then go on to get a good job. Often, this is the only path that we’re told about and many of us assume this is the only way to get out into the world of work and be successful. However, it’s simply not the case.


These days, getting a degree most definitely doesn’t guarantee you a good job, and plus there are many alternative ways to earn money and be successful instead of the regular nine to five. Getting educated and expanding your mind is never a bad thing, and if you like the routine of a nine to five job then that’s great too. But you’re not limited to this. Here are some other ways you can earn money.

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Get into property

Property is a great way to earn money, and fast. The only issue is you need money in the first place to be able to purchase the first one. However, if you have savings, an inheritance or are lucky enough to get some kind of win and have the cash up front then you can turn it into a lot more. Run down properties can be bought at auction for bargain prices, and with the right work can be brought up to scratch and earn literally thousands in profit.


If you’re turning a project around four times a year and earning thirty thousand profit on each one, that’s a significant amount of cash and wouldn’t require needing another job.A holiday home is another way to generate some serious income, especially if you want a more long term way to earn money. The downside being that there are usually busier and then quieter times during the year. It depends where you buy, but usually holiday lets will earn plenty during the peak season (May to September) and then less over the winter.


You might struggle renting it out at all during this time, and you’ll also need to charge lower prices to attract people. However, you could always come and enjoy the property yourself during quieter times and enjoy a getaway, or let family and friends spend time there. If you choose a good property in a good location, you should earn enough during the busy half of the year to easily cover your costs and turnover a good profit. Check out options for a mortgage for foreigners, and do your research as to where the best places are to buy that are within your budget but are popular with tourists and therefore easy to rent out.


Start up a business

When you run your own business, you’re the boss. You get to call the shots, and can do things on your terms. It’s flexible since you can choose your hours, and one of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that you’re putting your time and effort into something you really believe in. You’re working for your own dream instead of someone else’s which can feel great. Before quitting your day job and putting everything you have into a business, you need to proceed with caution. With so many that fail before their first year you don’t want to become another statistic so be smart.


Maybe you could get educated first, go to university or do a course from home in a business related topic. Then, work for a few years in a similar kind of business so you know how it works inside and out. That way when you set up your own you know what to expect, you can avoid mistakes and go about things in the right way. Lots of companies fail because businesses are easy to set up but difficult to maintain. It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to be able to find the balance between spending (on employees, premises, materials, equipment and more) to produce products or services that turn a profit.


Another option is if you come up with an idea for an app.  All you need is your idea and you can then contact mobile app developers where experienced mobile strategists, app designers and mobile app developers can help you conceptualise, design, develop and deploy meaningful apps that your customers will love!


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Work from home

If starting up a medium to large sized company isn’t within your budget or skill set then no need to fret, you do have other options. There are plenty of ways you can earn money these days right from the comfort of your home, that are completely safe and legitimate. Take blogging for example, while it can take time (sometimes even years) to get established, once you reach a certain point you will gain the interest of sponsors and advertisers. These will contact you for paid work and for the most part pay very generously. Start your blog as a hobby, use it to improve your skills and chat to like minded people. I


f you keep putting out good content, in time you will start getting paid opportunities. If you already have an established blog but it’s not getting as much work as you’d like, consider having it redesigned- sites like Etsy have beautiful blogger templates for just a few pounds. Buy your own domain too, many sponsors will only work with bloggers who own their domain.


One of the best things you can do is link swap or guest post on others blogs- with a link back to your own. The backlinks improve your domain authority, which is something sponsors will look at to decide whether they want to work with you or not. Other ways to earn money from home include freelancing, here you can create articles, design websites, logos or apps depending on your skills. You could also consider setting up a home based business. Again, think of your skills and what you enjoy. Could you create a cake making business, or make your own candles, jewellery or soaps? The options are endless.


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