Fun, Girly Business Ideas to Earn You Some Extra Cash

May 23, 2018admin
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All of us can struggle financially at times, and it can be frustrating to constantly be left with ‘too much month at the end of your money’. However we’re lucky in the fact that these days, it’s very possible to earn a decent amount of cash by setting up your very own venture. In many cases, you won’t even need to leave the house! It can genuinely be fun, and you can choose something based on your own passions and interests so it hardly even feels like work. While of course these ideas would work for any person or gender wanting to earn some extra cash, they’re stereotypically quite girly and will probably appeal to you if you consider yourself to be that kind of person.



Let’s face it, everyone loves a baker. If you’re skilled at baking cakes and treats, chances are you make your loved ones very happy. But why not go a step further and bake cakes for money? It’s actually surprisingly simple to set up a baking business from home, you will just need to follow a few health and safety procedures to keep everyone safe. For example, you can’t have any pets in your kitchen and you have to use a separate fridge for your home and work. Once you’ve registered with the health and safety department at your local council, you’re subject to random checks, just to ensure the cleanliness is up to standard. Once you’re set up and ready to go you could make occasion cakes, wedding cakes or smaller items like brownies, cupcakes and cake pops. You could consider going to a cake decorating class to brush up your skills if you wanted to. It’s fun and something that can earn you some good money in the process.





Do you have a type of craft that you’re skilled at? It could be anything from making jewellery, candles or soap to knitting or sewing. If so, monetise your skills! Make items that you can sell online, marketplaces like Etsy are perfect for this. Alternatively you could make lots of items ahead and set up your own website, but if you do this you will need to invest in good marketing to get your name out there, not to mention IT support for if things go wrong. It’s often a good idea to start small and work your way up to having your own website later on when you’re turning a profit and you have the money to fund it.


Upcycling Furniture

Recycling and reusing things like furniture is good for the environment because it means there’s less demand for factories for new products, with fewer waste items being sent off landfill. It’s very popular right now, and it’s in high demand means a fabulous opportunity to start a successful business if you’re creative with an eye for design and love homewares and home decor. If you look online, you can often find people selling cheaply or giving away old furniture that you can use for your projects and bring them back up to scratch.



If you’re the creative and arty type but don’t want to do something arty in the traditional sense, how about makeup artistry? You will of course need a creative flair and a love of beauty to get started here, you could attend a full cosmetology course or go on shorter courses to get qualified in different areas. It helps to be asocial person who enjoys making conversation in this kind of role, as chatting with clients will be something you do on a daily basis. Your role could involve working with brides, for girls nights out, even special effects makeup for work on tv and movies. This kind of business can earn you respectable living, especially if you can attract groups of people looking to have their makeup done before a night out or event. Once you have regular clients in place you can predict your earnings a little better each month.



Buying and Selling

Buying and selling is a tried and tested business method– simply buy cheap and resell for a profit. You can do this with anything, but it’s best to pick something that interests you. It could be makeup or other beauty products, vintage clothes, homewares- whatever you like. Find good wholesalers and go from there. Use sites like eBay or Craigslist, or again you could set up your own website and sell from here if you can afford the initial setup, maintenance and marketing to do so.

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