How To Design Buy-to-let Property

June 16, 2020admin
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Once you’ve calculated your budget, saved a deposit and sourced a potential mortgage provider, the next step is to consider how you will design your property. Rental properties need to have a combination of cost-effective, durable interior, which is appealing to prospective renters and simple to maintain.

It’s easy to get carried away when purchasing a buy-to-let property, by labouring over details and decor that aren’t necessary. For help keeping your buy-to-let investment strictly business, the below guidelines can help instil design and fittings that will appeal to viewers, and preserve your property too. 

Smart Home Sensor

For fittings, think about adding some technology to your home, in the form of smart home sensors. Sensors are perfect for a property developer for monitoring the following;

  • The noise levels in your rental property to ensure there aren’t any disruptive parties or anti-social behaviour taking place.
  • Receive an alert if an intruder enters your buy-to-let
  • Monitor the heating and air-con
  • Receive an alert if CO or smoke alarms are triggered 

Smart home sensors are an all-rounder for keeping your property safe and secure while maintaining the privacy of your tenants. To find out more about intelligent sensors, check out Minut.

Practical Flooring

Light coloured fluffy carpets are very appealing. However, they’re not very practical. Should the floor in your-buy -to-let property need replacing, the first durable, easy-to-clean, budget-friendly options to consider are lino or laminate. It’s essential to choose a floor that lasts and can withstand, spills, knocks and bangs, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. In doing so, you won’t need to replace your flooring regularly. 

If you’re set on purchasing carpets, opt for a darker hue, such as smoke grey or brown, to mask everyday wear and tear.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens in a good working condition may only require a deep clean before renting out to tenants. 

Some of the appliances in your buy-to-let may need repairing or changing completely. To save yourself the future hassle, avoid integrated appliances, as these can be difficult to remove and service in the future.

You can revamp cupboards and worktops which are worn and outdated on a budget, with appropriate durable paints from DIY stores. If in doubt about the colour of paint to use, always opt for neutral cupboard doors and dark coloured work surfaces. 

Wall Decor 

For a simple solution for taking care of the walls, paint in one, neutral colour scheme throughout, such as magnolia, bright whites or light grey. For the kitchen and bathroom opt for your chosen colour with the added feature of water-resistance to prevent mould and damage to the walls. 

When designing a buy-to-let property, it’s essential to keep your interior design flair under wraps and save your love of bright yellows and daring navy blues for your abode. Also, only hire credible tradespersons to conduct work in your buy-to-let home, to prevent costly mistakes and jobs that will need redoing later on. 

While preparing your property for renters, design your rental property as if you were the prospective renter, and ask yourself what you would be looking for.

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