How to Handle those Unexpected Emergency Expenses

May 19, 2020admin
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It seems like it’s part of being an adult – those unexpected emergency costs that always seem to happen at the worst possible time. You finally get your car paid off, and two days later you’re in a fender bender or the transmission goes. You finally get your credit cards paid off and a few days later you find out your health insurance doesn’t cover a procedure you suddenly need. You get laid off and the very next day, the basement floods. It never fails. With bills piling up and no end in sight, it can become a stressful situation fast. 

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Luckily, there are a few ways to drum up extra pounds when you need them for emergencies, no matter your financial situation or how much money you need. Whether you’re interested in a loan, selling items for a quick buck, or using a skill to make some money, you can get back out of the hole with just a little creative thinking. 

Online Jobs/Freelance Work

This is a fast way to make some extra spending money if you have a skill to put to use, such as writing, editing, or graphic design. Using both free and paid online sites, you can find great job offers for freelance work that pay surprisingly well (you’ll easily learn how to weed through the scams and the not-so-great offers). If you have a valuable skill you can make good money right from the comfort of your own home by working for companies who need a little extra help. 

Selling Items Online

In recent years, online selling has become a huge business. Whether you’re selling home-made crafts, jewelry or clothing on Etsy, using old standbys like Craigslist or Ebay, or apps like LetGo to sell your gently used items, you can make a lot of money online without ever having to leave your house (for example, “porch pickup is a huge thing on the Facebook marketplace). As long as you’re honest about what you’re selling and ask fair prices you can sell almost anything online with ease, making that money you need quickly and easily. 

Applying for a Loan

Applying for a loan can be a great idea if you know what type of loan you need. With so many different types out there – from bank loans to payday loans, app-based advance loans and so much more – you should take the time to research which type is right for you, based on your income, how much money you need, your credit score, and other details. Once you’ve decided which type of loan to apply for, you’ll find the application process is simple and easy, and you’ll usually find out if you’re approved in minutes. Many loans offer competitive interest rates and some payday loans can even work with those who have bad credit. A loan can really save the day if you have unexpected expenses. 

These are just three ways in which you can make some quick money to take care of those unexpected costs, fast. There are lots more options out there for quick money if you have the time to look around a little. Best of luck!

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