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I asked some money bloggers what the best money advice they’ve ever received was and below they have answered that question.

This lovely group of money bloggers are inspirational.  They run fantastic blogs, have published books and successfully grown their blogs.  They are such a wonderful group of money bloggers. So read on to hear that the best money advice these money bloggers have received.


best money advice


Charlotte from

Having a budget is the best tool for building wealth, if you don’t know where your money is going it’ll wander off without you. It’s actually freeing and not restrictive to have a budget, I don’t worry about money now.


Fiona from Savvy in Somerset

To save up more than the minimum 10% deposit when buying a house. We ended up with around 30% deposit plus money set aside for fees etc and it has made such a huge difference – lower mortgage repayments mean we know we’ll always m be able to afford them even if one of us is out of work, plus it meant better interest rates and choice of mortgages to begin with too.


Charlotte from Looking After Your Pennies

Save then buy! We’ve managed to avoid all debt except our mortgage. It puts us in control of our money and means we aren’t paying out for interest every time we buy something.

Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny

From one of my mentors. Make as much money as possible (within ethical guidelines) and spend carefully. Sound financial advice wherever you are on your journey, personal or business.


Pete from Household Money Saving

To start a contributing to a pension early. The younger you start, the bigger the difference it makes when you reach retirement.


Maria from The Money Principle

The best money advice came from my mum. When I went to university she told me ‘Learn to control your money, otherwise it will control you’. I don’t have a post on that but have written one on why I listen to what rappers say about money.


Hayley from Miss Many Pennies

To over-pay on your mortgage if possible. Over-paying where you can means that not only are your monthly mortgage payments slightly reduced each time you do it, you’ll also end up saving thousands of pounds you would have had to pay in interest.



I want to share the best money advice I’ve received with you, too. It was from my Grandmother.  It was simply, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves!  She was a wise woman my Gran.  In fact she shared with me so many things to do with money I wrote a whole post on it.  The post, 4 of the best money saving hacks my Gran taught me is a great read if I do say so myself!  Seriously though, she came from a time when money was a rare comodoity as was food and new clothing.


What a wonderful list of the best money advice.  I do hope you can take something away from this.  Get in touch if you’ve something to add to the list.



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  • Faisal

    October 5, 2018 at 5:36 pm

    Lots of great advice here. Thanks for sharing!

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