Putting People At The Heart Of Your Business Success

November 12, 2019admin
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Your small business will succeed based on the people that you hire to work with you. An ideal situation will be that you find the right people for the job quickly, and then they stay working for you for a long time. This best-case scenario does not happen as frequently as people may want it to these days. There are many factors that may pull people away from working with you, and finding and retaining talented people who fit in well with the business that you have built can take a great deal of time, effort, and money. Recruitment can be a long, slow process and you may encounter many problems along the way. Once you have the right person for the job, you can invest time and energy into training them on the way that you do business, and then, suddenly a more exciting proposition entices them away. Being back at square one can be frustrating, and if you do not manage your human resources needs well, it is a position that you will repeatedly find yourself in. 


Attracting The Right People


If you want to attract the best people for the job, you need to give them something that they will want. Other companies could steal your perfect candidate by offering them more money, better progression prospects, or even a better working culture. Do the best that you can in all of these areas. Realize that if you invest in the best staff and work to keep them happy, then ultimately they will prosper in their work for you and will drive your profits. It is therefore worth investing financially to secure the person who will help your business grow.


Managing Your HR Process


Getting your HR process right means creating a bespoke onboarding process that covers all of your induction and training bases. Your team members need to know that they are in safe hands. That your business is professional and that they will get paid on time, every time. Make use of cloud payroll software to manage your team’s schedules, clock-ins,  timesheets, and holiday allowances. A good system will be simple and effective and will save you time. You need to get payroll perfect every time. You cannot afford to lose staff to negligent administration. 


Retaining The Right People


Poor retention can be costly. You need to work hard to keep people in your business. You can do this by providing them with the support and development that they need to keep themselves motivated and interested. Look for ways to give your staff something to work towards. If there is scope for them to help the business in a better position as it grows, it may be helpful to let your team members in on the future plans for the company. Be sure that you are honest and do not make false promises. If there are bridges that need crossing, and a time frame that you are working to, let them know this. 

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