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December 17, 2019admin
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Most business owners today start from one place: their home. The Internet has opened up a wealth of opportunities. If you are thinking about selling products from your home, here are some tips to help you get started.


Always do your research

There is only one place to begin, and this is with doing your research. You need to gather all of the right information. Resources like “4 Things They Never Told You About Starting A Fashion Business” are ideal, as they give you an indication of the industry, revealing the facts that people wish they knew when they were first starting out. Of course, if you are not selling fashion items, you will find similar resources like this, which can be extremely useful.


You will need some bags to put your goods into

When it comes to retail and your store the little things are very important. The way you display your products on your website and the bags you give your customers; these are all contributing factors that help to shape your business persona. On the surface, they may seem like very small aspects. However, they all have a say on what people think of your business and whether you achieve retail success.

Consequently, it is very important that you keep up to date with all of the latest retail trends. This ensures that you are in the know and that you can also gain inspiration when applicable to your business. This section deals with trends in shopping bags in particular. Businesses who underestimate the importance of picking the right shopping bags are making a big mistake. Customers are pickier about this then you may imagine. 


There are lots of different types of bags you can choose between for your store. You can opt for the simple plastic bag – this is used by many shops, in particular, grocery stores and alike. Most customers hate those that are very thin plastic as they are likely to snap. Alternatively, you can opt for luxury gloss or stain finish coloured gift bags. These are colourful and exciting. However, they tend to cost a lot of money and can prove to be very expensive if you have a business serving a mass amount of people on a daily basis. And finally, you can opt to go for white kraft bags – the ultimate shopper trend in 2020.


When it comes to shopping bags, simplicity is now the key. White paper possesses an elegant and chic feel to it. The bags may be one block colour but they are by no means boring. They have an exclusive and high end feel to them as well – as these bags are often associated with the better stores. Another great thing about white kraft bags is that they are versatile. They will match your store no matter what theme you have going on inside.


In addition to this, it is worth noting the fact that in the modern-day, picking the right shopping bag no longer revolves simply around style. The fashion factor has diminished compared to several years ago. Now, caring about the environment has very much taken top priority. Paper is a preferred option because it degrades a lot easier than plastic and other materials do. You will note that a lot of supermarkets nowadays offer their customers the opportunity to purchase a paper bag instead of using the usual plastic ones. Of course, as an individual, you are likely to want to do your bit for the environment. Nevertheless, by showcasing that you care about minimising pollution, you will also win appraisal from your customers too.


As mentioned earlier, going for a white bag does not mean that you are being boring. You can still play around with the different styles of bags. You can buy those that have different shapes. Moreover, you can concern yourself with the style of the handles as well. This may only sound like small elements. But as mentioned earlier; it is the small things that matter.


If you are looking to buy shopping bags for your retail store then you should definitely consider buying white kraft bags. These are simplistic, affordable, chic, stylish, and the preferred choice for the environment.


Get some help with the accounting side of things

Paperwork and taxes are very different when compared to having a permanent employed position. Nevertheless, many individuals definitely prefer this line of work. One of the areas of ambiguity for new contractors and freelancers is umbrella companies. The term ‘umbrella company’ is something you will hear a lot about. Yet, many individuals do not know what these companies actually do and whether they need to use them. 


There is only one place to begin, and this is by determining what umbrella companies do. If you opt to use an umbrella company, you will essentially become one of their employees. As a result, they will take care of all of your paperwork, including the likes of invoices and taxes. The only thing you actually have to do is submit your timesheet and your expenses. They will then handle everything and within a few days or so you can expect your net profit to be placed inside your bank account. The benefits of this are obvious. Not only will convenience and efficiency be enhanced, but you will be certain all of your taxes are paid for and that everything is handled above board. 


The service these sorts of companies offer is pretty self-explanatory. Nevertheless, one of the main areas of confusion is definitely in relation to the fees charged by these businesses. How much should you be paying? Can these companies lower the amount of tax you have to pay? The answer to the latter question is simple – no! Unfortunately, no umbrella company has the power to lower the amount of tax you pay. After all, this is set in place by the government and thus is impossible to alter. Yet, determining how much you should pay in terms of fees is a lot more difficult. After all, you don’t want to opt for a cheap service and risk a lack of quality, yet you definitely don’t want to pay over the odds. It is advisable to stay away from companies who take a percentage of what you earn every month. Why should you be charged more for having a good month? Go for a company that charges a set fee on a weekly or monthly basis. Weekly fees should be anywhere between £25 and £35, whilst monthly fees should be anywhere between £80 and £90. 


Hopefully, you now have all of the basic information you require regarding the service offered by a UK umbrella company. Any other information you need should be provided by the company you opt to use. They will be able to provide you with all of their unique details, such as how long it will take for your net profit to be processed. All you need to know is that all taxes will be handled, as well as all paperwork. The only task you have is putting together your timesheet and your expenses. It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it?


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