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Making money is a huge part of life. You need it to buy food, pay for running water and heat in your home, to travel whenever you need to, and at the end of the day it’s simply hard to keep up with the daily grind! However, there’s a lot of ways to make more and more money when you have a few spare minutes and the right kind of technology on your side. It’s time to take a quick peek into these various methods; here’s some of the best ways to bring in your side income by organising your life with a couple of apps and programs maybe, and a bit of motivation to check on this software every night.




Move Your Savings


Getting a new account might seem like a bit of hassle, but when you’ve got hard earned cash wasting away in an account that gives you barely any interest back, you’re losing out on a lot of potential return on simply having a good amount of money to your name. When you’ve opened up a popular account a building society likes to constantly advertise about, it’s likely you’re only making 0.1% back at their convenience.


Check out all the different kinds of accounts you can open up with a local bank, and there’s usually more than one in the area for your convenience. Don’t be afraid to move money back and forth; you earned it, and it’s time to let the pounds look after themselves in an account you never would have considered otherwise.


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Have a Baseline


If you’ve opened up a savings account, make sure you alway have at least £100 or so in it to make sure you’ve got something to work with whenever you need to. It’s so important to have a good baseline, not only so you’ve got money to use if you run out at the end of the week, but also because you might incur some heavy fees if you go under a certain amount.


Try Out Investing

Investing feels like a big girl’s game, and that often means we tend to stay away from it unless we’re rolling in cash already. However, even when you’ve only got a couple thousand to your name, you can spend about £100 of it to get onto the stock market chart tables.

You could try reading up on some m1 finance reviews if you’re serious about having stock in the world trading market. As a small time investor, you have less risk at your disposal, and you can always sell off any stock you privately own whenever you see the value of it begin to dip. Either way, it’s a great way to pad out your financial portfolio and get interested in bigger business.

Takings your savings account to a much higher rate is going to take a lot of work, but this will soon become automatic. Once you’re aware of the way you’re spending, it’s easy to budget alongside this accordingly.


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