The Importance Of Communication For Effective Business Strategizing

January 27, 2020admin
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Drawing up a brilliant business strategy is not enough to propel a company forward and ensure that objectives are achieved. Once a plan is in place, the next step is crucial, and this is where effective communication comes into play. 


As the infographic below highlights, one of the most important elements for business owners to get right is internal communications. An engaged, cohesive workforce is key. A Gallup poll suggests that only 33% of American employees feel engaged, with 16% admitting to being miserable in the workplace. Communication from senior staff and management vastly improves engagement rates, with only 8% of employees saying they feel engaged with a leader with limited communication skills compared to 72% of employees working for bosses with a watertight communication strategy. 


The importance of communication is clear to see, but how do company owners and leaders ensure that employees are up to speed? There are multiple measures that can help to improve communication and facilitate teamwork, including carrying out employee surveys and encouraging regular meetings, providing training, outlining clear objectives and organizing internal events. Engaged employees are twice as likely to exceed job expectations.


In addition to streamlined internal communications, businesses can also benefit from an effective external communication strategy. Plans should be aligned with the ideal customer and new trends, for example, an increase in online shopping and the popularity of mobile devices and search engines. Today, 97% of consumers use the web to find local companies. To improve communications with customers, partners and stakeholders, companies can employ measures including market research and surveys, collecting feedback and tailoring marketing strategies to suit the target market.



Infographic Design By University of Southern California

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