The Unmissable Steps Involved In A Successful Visual Makeover

January 21, 2019admin
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Blogs aren’t always created equal. Some connect with users and attract sponsors at the blink of an eye. Others take years of hard work to get off the ground. If your blog falls into the latter category, the chances are high that you need to rebrand the platform. Without a visual makeover, the audience won’t be able to tell the difference between the new and old site and won’t invest.

A rebrand is never a walk in the park. To effectively and successfully change your image, it’s important to cover every base beginning with…


Is it necessary? Will visually remaking your brand identity make a difference to the blog in the long-term? It’s a question worth asking as it isn’t always the aesthetics that prevent sites from skyrocketing. For the most part, it’s the content or the writing style or the lack of multimedia tools. A rebrand won’t have an effect then, other than a small and short boost due to the audience curiosity. Consider a visual makeover if the content has changed or if you have moved on from your original idea. For example, a moderately wealthy thirty-year-old doesn’t need to blog about a frugal lifestyle any more.


You should raze it to the ground and start over. This is a bad idea especially if there are things that work within the blog. Remember that rebranding isn’t only about going back to square one; it’s about evolving the things that are successful too. Now that you understand what works and what doesn’t after some introspection, it’s time to focus on the stuff which is effective. Do you have a witty, informal tone that readers love? If so, try and build it on and make it even better. Some things will have to change, yet that doesn’t mean everything has to go.

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You’ve invested in a new logo and design elements and now want to spread the word. For obvious reasons, the old badges and emblems can’t be re-released. Otherwise, your followers will get confused and they won’t know what logo to trust. It’s essential only the relevant designs are used, which is why technology is important. Take a look at With their help, it’s not hard to manage the rebranding process. Documents, colours and brand elements are archived and only the new identity is at the forefront of the blog. With streamlining software, brand anarchy is a thing of the past.

Constructive Criticism

Customers hate change. If you don’t believe that, take a look at Therefore, there is bound to be some fallout after the rebrand is complete. Don’t let this get you down as it’s inevitable. Yes, be sure to understand when people have a point and make tweaks, yet don’t act without good reason. Mostly, it’s people projecting because they want their old blog back. To get them onside, try and involve them in the process so that they are used to the final product.

If you want to make sure it goes without a hitch, do an internal launch before going live.

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