Useful Time Saving Tips For Small Businesses

July 17, 2020admin
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Running your own business can undoubtedly be frantic at times, so it comes as no wonder why so many business owners may feel like they are losing track of their time and productivity. Maybe you would argue that your small business requires the same time as bigger businesses, or possibly more? No matter how large your business is, each moment of the day is invaluable.

To tackle your time management problem, it all starts with trying new things and seeing what techniques work for you and your team. We’ve compiled four useful time saving tips for small businesses to help you take back the reins and focus on what matters the most! 

Prioritize important tasks and projects 

As a business owner, you’ve most likely heard of the phrase “time is money.” When backlogged with work, many business owners often tend to delay or cancel tasks and projects rather than taking the time to prioritize them. This is fine every now and then, however it can become problematic when it forms into a habit. Try making a weekly list of all your projects or tasks that need to be completed, and label the ones that are particularly urgent. To help with this, you may want to focus on those that most strongly benefit your business. Try not to multitask – while tempting at first, it can actually hinder your overall performance. 

Invest in practical Software Solutions 

As the software solutions (SaaS) industry continues to reform and offer more tailored options to their customers, more and more small businesses have begun to embrace their services. You can greatly improve your business’ performance and quality as well as save time by investing in software solutions to automate certain operations within your workplace. If you’re in need of  communication based services to increase productivity, Gamma is a great place to start. Similarly, you can find services to outsource the harder tasks surrounding your businesses to professionals who are qualified to get the job done. 

Limit meetings

Often, meetings can roll on for longer than anticipated or turn out to be less productive than you had planned. All in all, meetings can take a considerable time out of your day that could have been spent elsewhere. Try organising and accepting only essential meetings, and where not applicable, try to plan out what you’d like to achieve prior to going, or reduce the time spent in the meeting. Where possible, it’s also a good idea to replace meetings with a summary of important points in emails or other digital tools such as video chat. 

Shorten the workday 

It may sound strange and possibly even counterproductive, but choosing to shorten your workday may help you and your team to get more tasks done. This is because while working under less hours, you’ll be more disposed to take on the tasks at hand and make good use of your time. However, it’s best to choose a realistic time frame to accomplish tasks, for example, if you are currently working eight hours a day, you could try to reduce that time to six hours. 

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