• Eye on Glamourous Style: Dita Von Teese

    July 7, 2016 admin

    I have to admit that Dita would be my number one in the glamour stakes.  Don’t you think so? Dita has to be the most well-known celebrity to wear vintage clothing.  For me she has a ‘vintage’ soul. She oozes elegance, glamour, eccentricity, and above all else she is unique. Not much more to say about her, the photos speak louder than words. To read up on all things glamour and Dita Von Teese, have a look at her book:…

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  • So who’s brave enough to give Spam another go?

    July 5, 2016 admin

    Spam came in to our world in 1941, made from chopped pork and ham; it was a firm favourite of many families after the Second World War. It continued to dominate dinner plates in the 60s especially in fritter form! Out of fashion for many years, it did get a sort of come back in the 1990s.  Today it is still used widely so I decided to give it a go… This is the recipe I tried: Spanish Omelette with…

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  • Vintage Fashion: Learning about 1950s Fashion

    July 5, 2016 admin

    I’m not really sure I can pick a favourite from the 1950s, the pulled in waist and full skirt or the slim fitting pencil skirt. These are the iconic look of 1950s fashion. For me this look fits any body shape especially those with curves! It’s hard to forget that this fashion era started with rationing which didn’t end until 1958 so expressing yourself through your clothes was really important to people. At the end of the era the country…

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  • Vintage / Retro Party Ideas for Food

    July 4, 2016 admin

    So you’ve decided to throw a vintage/retro party?  Why not try some of these vintage food ideas?  Click on image for recipe.   Vol-a-Vents Mini Prawn Cocktails   Classic Summer Pudding Speedy Banana Splits A great selection of other vintage/retro party ideas can be found here.

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  • At Home: My favourite vintage decor from the 1950s

    June 30, 2016 admin

    Let’s face it when I think of mid-century modern the 1950’s pop in to my head.  I get so much inspiration from this time period.  During the 1950s the economy grew beyond what we were used to.  Rooms were often bright and casual with furniture being lively. One of my favourite designers from the period were Charles and Ray Eames, this husband and wife team are considered two of the most important designers of the 20th Century.   Many iconic modern…

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