A Dating Guide for Single Mums

January 22, 2020admin
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As a single mum I have come to realise that I was absolutely terrifed of going out dating again.  That is why I have come up with this dating guide for single mums. It’s to help you get back in to the swing of things without too much hassle.

I meant let’s face it, parenting is challenging enough trying to raise a child or two on your know.  It’s hard and to bring in to the mix dating!  Well there are days when you don’t want to even go there.  However, below are some strategies you can adopt to help you get back out there.


Make Your Dating one of your Priorities

I know there is so much that us mums have to do but if you don’t prioritise dating then you will never do it!  Schedule dates when it suits you and don’t cancel at the last minute.  It’s easier to plan ahead and fit this time in.  Just remember too that even if you are an older mum, there are ways to look out for opportunities such as dating online with Silver Dating. After all it’s time for you too and age is not a barrier.


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Don’t Pressure Yourself

Don’t put yourself under pressure to find a partner.  I know that time is precious and as we get older we feel time is slipping away.  There are plenty of opportunity for dating as we get older, especially over 60s dating so take the pressure off and look for opportunities in a relaxed way.


Talk First

A bit like the above about not putting yourself under pressure.  Use the telephone to check if your potential date is a good match.  A few minutes talking on the phone will soon tell you if they are worth meeting!

Trust Your Gut

Your gut can tell you a lot so trust it.  If after speaking over the phone you get that gut feeling then don’t go out for a date.  If you do meet up and again feel something in your gut or potential red flags then walk away.  If your gut is telling you something is off, listen!

Make Sure You Are Ready

Of course you want to move on and start dating but you have to be ready to do that.  Again don’t rush yourself and also remember that your kids are important too in this.

Introducing Kids To A Potential Partner

When introducing a potential partner to your kids remember if they are young be prepared for questions but also be prepared for them to bond with your new partner.  Although if they are older such as teens or adult children this isn’t the case but remember they will still want to be kept informed!

Be Empowered

Remember you have the power and should be empowered to remain single if you choose.  Just because you are single parent doesn’t mean that you want to be in a relationship.  Knowing that will empower you to make the right choices for you and your children.


Use Online Dating

Don’t turn your nose up at online dating or online dating apps.  A lot of people use them and they are very convenient.  Do what is right for you and what makes you feel comfortable.


Don’t feel Guilty

Use mums have so much guilt I don’t know where to start!  Of course you will feel guilty about leaving your children when you go out on a date and may find it hard to relax.  However, remember this is your time and you deserve it.  Getting time to yourself is precious so make the most of it.


I hope the above tips help you on your journey to finding a partner!

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