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Selfcare and wellbeing are very important to us all.  Even more for a teenager as they start to develop a strong sense of self.  To help your teenager with their wellbeing there are some things you can encourage them to do.  These should play an important part of your teenager being healthy, happy and enjoying life.


Remember the teenage years can be challenging in terms of developmental issues so it’s important that you all work together as a family unit to ensure a sense of wellbeing and protect against illness including mental illness.


Below are some ways you can help your teenager maintain a good sense of wellbeing:



Connect with your teenager

Positive relationships are extremely important in the teenage years.  They also promote a sense of wellbeing – both physical and mental.  Encourage your teenager to stay connected to family and friends.  Help them make new connections and encourage them to take part in sports.  I am thankful that my two teenagers have taken up sport and engage in it on a regular basis.

with friends, family and peers are essential for promoting mental wellbeing. Encourage your child to make new friendships and maintain an active connection with their friends. Help them foster meaningful connections with others by being an active member of the school community, sports team, volunteering and making time for family.

Stay Active

I have talked above about encouraging your teenager to take up a sport.  Exercise has been proven to lower rates of depression, so it’s important for your teenager to get regular exercise.  Why not go for a walk together?  It’s also a great opportunity for a chat too!


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Being Mindful

A lot has been written about mindfulness practice.  This is about being aware of what is taking place around you but also to your body.  To take notice of the little things and be aware of thoughts and feelings.  Encourage your teenager to practice mindfulness.  This can be just for a few minutes at the end of the day to take some time thinking about what went on and how they felt.  Mindfulness has been proven to enhance a positive mental wellbeing.




Give your time

It is so important to take time to listen and be with your teenager.  So put aside some time each day to ask them how their day has been or to chat about what plans they have for the week ahead.  It gives them a sense that you care about them and what they are doing.


These are just some of the ways to encourage improved wellbeing in your teenager.  There are others such as encouraging them to eat a healthy and balanced diet, setting goals, meditating or listening to music.  What other ways could you encourage your teenager to improve their wellbeing?



For parents of teenagers. These practical steps will help you improve your teenager's wellbeing. #parenting #parents #parents #teenagers #teens


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  1. March 15, 2018 / 2:45 pm

    This is true. Simple things like time and effort can be dividends with children of all ages 🙂

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