Three more secrets every parent of a teenager should know

October 17, 2016admin
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There is certainly no rule book for parenting and as a mother of a teenage boy and one who is coming close I would like to think I have some experience of the teenage years.

My previous blog post covered 3 secrets every parent should know covering how teenagers look gown up but they are not, they eat a lot and teenagers are messy.  I wanted to share with you a few more secrets that you should know about teenagers.


Teenagers want to be understood.  There are times when teenagers want to be left alone, they throw out words such as stay out of my business or leave me alone.  While there are times your teenager does need space they do however want their parents to know how they are feeling and what drives them.  Teenagers will continue to challenge you as a parent but remember this is all part of them growing up and finding out who they are.  My advice is to stop and listen to your teenager, be patient and you will learn more about your teenager than you ever thought possible.


Teenagers are under a lot of strain from peer pressure.  There are times when I laugh this off but it is serious for teenagers. Peer pressure is a big thing in their life – from school, from friends.  It is important to steer your teenager through the peer pressure but do it with a bit of sensitivity.  I’ve found involving your teenagers in a club or sport will divert their attention at times.  I would also encourage you to praise your teenager as much as possible which will encourage them to continue to do the action they are being praised for.


Teenagers are night owls and not early birds.  There are times when teenagers won’t go to bed at a reasonable hour and of course you can’t then get them up in the morning.  Did you know there is a biological basis for this?  During the teen years the circadian clock is programmed differently from adults – it is usually about 3 or 4 hours difference.  So don’t worry about this it will pass but as a parent you should be aware that your teenager may be grumpy and sleep deprived so perhaps if they argue with you it has nothing to do with you at all just the mood your teenager is in.


I hope these secrets help you.  What other secrets do you think parents should know about teenagers?  I look forward to hearing from you.


Elf x

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