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If you’re single and of an older age, the prospect on going on a date can be very daunting.  Senior dating though can be a success.  , the prospect of dating can be daunting


Dating is not just for the young, as a lot of people do find themselves in later life on their own.  In any case dating can be fun, exciting and in some cases life-changing.


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Know what kind of person you are looking for

Get your priorities right, sit down and list what you are looking for in a partner and don’t compromise!

Keep it Fun

Dating is fun, so don’t take it too seriously.  Even if nothing comes of it, take it for what it is a fun night out with a potential new friend!



Before you start dating, I suggest you do some research.  Some sites charge a fee, others don’t.  Do your homework and work out which is right for you.


There aren’t as many new ‘rules’

You’ve been here before so don’t rush and take your time.  You know the rules of meeting new people, you don’t have to worry, you’ve done all this before at a younger age so enjoy yourself!


You are more straightforward

As we grow older things become more straightforward, we know what we want and we know who we are.  Take this as a positive aspect of dating and use it.


Staying safe using dating sites

Online dating is generally safe.  Although another top tip is to consider your safety when dating.  Always make sure someone knows where you are going and remember never to hand over financial details!

Other precautions include

  • Have a date in a public place such as a café.
  • Ask a family member or friend to check up on you when you are on your date.
  • Don’t accept a lift from the person, make sure you know more about them before going to their home too.


Getting to the next stage

If you have got to the next stage, don’t be rushed in to anything.  Of course having a night in is as just as exciting and lovely as going out so make sure you let your new partner know that.


Don’t be rushed in to having sex

If you have had a relationship before, then don’t feel rushed in to having sex with your new partner.  Go at your own pace.  Of course things don’t have to be different at an older age, so don’t feel anxious about it either.


The dating scene may be slightly different to an older person but that certainly does not mean it is any less fun!  In fact it will probably be more interesting as you have more worldly experience.  If you do have family and they are not entirely sure about you dating and if you do find a new partner and new-found happiness let them know how you feel.


Good luck!



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