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In Northern Ireland we have 9 long weeks of summer holidays.  Honestly we do!  It can be so tough thinking of how to keeps kids entertained during that period.  I often get in to a new summer routine so when it comes to getting ready for school in September I really am in a panic.  So to be more organised this year I have searched high and low to bring you the best back to school items I could find out there.  I do hope they help you and save you time searching and get you ready for school without too much hassle.


For the Lunch box


Want to get your kids to eat more fruit and veg?  Well Emily Crisps are the way to go.  You can choose sweet or savoury.  Each pack counts as one of your five a day, is gluten-free, vegan friendly and are completely natural. You can have Crunch Red Apple, Crunchy Pineapple, Crunchy Fig Banana, Crunchy French Bean, Sugar Snap Peas and Black Edamane, Crunch Sweet Potato, Carrot and Beetroot and Crunchy Veg Sweet Potato Sticks.    You can find these delicious lunch box snacks from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Tesco and Boots to name but a few.  Go on it’s such an easy way to get the kids to eat more fruit and veg!




Yazoo’s No Added Sugar drink comes in handy little bottles with straws attached.  So an easy addition to the lunch box.  There are no artificial sweeteners – just milk and flavour (chocolate, strawberry or banana). Milk contains naturally occurring sugars and by boosting the sweetness that is already present, there is no compromise on taste, each drink is under 100 calories so fits within the recommended treat limit too.  They are available in all supermarkets.




Fruit Bowl, a healthy kids snack brand is another option to get your kids to eat more fruit in their diet.  They have such a great range too.  They are the ideal size for lunch boxes or throwing in the school bag for break.  Most of the products do count as 1 of your 5 a day but go check out their website to check out which ones before you buy.


Bacofoil’s Zipper Bags are often a life saver for me.  There are times when the boys are on a trip and they aren’t allowed to bring a lunch box.  These Bacofoil Zipper Bags are idea.  They have a sealable zip closure and are tear proof and water resistant as well as reusable so are perfect for kids lunches!



Del Monte


Del Monte’s nutritious new Squeezie fruit pouch is another perfect lunchbox snack.  Squeezie is, quite simply, the easy way to ensure children are receiving the nutritious benefits their five-a-day. Del Monte’s snack range is made from 100% fruit, contain no added sugar or artificial ingredients and are available in 3 tasty flavours: Apple Strawberry & Banana, Apple Strawberry & Blueberry, and Apple & Mango.  You can find them in Asda stores for 50p each.


These lunch boxes from the Thermos brand are so cute and very, very useful.  They are made to last all year, these lunch kits boast closed cell insulation and have PVC free, food-safe linings. Spacious and perfect for sandwiches, snacks and a drink, each lunch kid also comes with a 10g ice pack for extended cooling, meaning no more soggy sandwiches and soft fruit. Each lunch kit has a padded handle for easy carrying, and is BPA Free.  Honesty they are great quality and won’t fall apart like other ones have!  You can get them on Amazon.

Stationery and Pencil Cases

Personalised back to school items are a must for kids these days.  I can remember seeing a picture sent to parents from school at the end of term.  It was to show parents the amount of things left behind at the end of term.  The picture was filled with so much stuff!  GiftPup have a fantastic array of personalised back to school items.  I just love these personalised pencils!



Pencil Case

back to school

There is so much choice when it comes to pencil cases these days but how cute is this personalised pencil case from I Just Love It?  Check them out as they also do personalised lunch boxes and school bags.  The quality is fantastic and this pencil case is really big so you can fit a ruler in there too!



While it is all about school, for homework and keeping that homework desk tidy, why not opt for this fantastic personalised pencil pot holder from I Just Love It?   It is made from solid pine and looks just like a pencil sharpener.  It is so cute.  I Just Love It also have a great selection of other back to school items including a personalised drinks bottle, pencil cases and books if it’s your child’s first day at school!  Go give them a visit to see what I mean!


For those cuts, bumps and stings


True story.  My son’s first day in Primary 1, I was waiting for him in the hall.  I heard a scream and immediately knew it was my son.  He had been stung by a bee that had got in to the classroom.  So that was his first day at school that we all remember!  I just wish I had this  Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil  at hand!  It has a natural antibacterial product that is 100% pure and natural sourced antiseptic.  It is especially good minor cuts, burns, abrasions, pimples, to bites and stings.  It’s a great little product to have in your handbag just in case!


Keeping them healthy

back to school

Without fail when September comes around each year my two boys get the cold after the first week of school.  So I’m delighted to introduce you to the great supplement brand that is BioCare who have a fantastic range of vitamins to keep your kids immunity strong, boost energy and help them get a good nights rest if they are a little nervous about starting school.  The quality of this brand is excellent and their specific range of children will certainly help your children heading back to school.


Keeping clothes clean

How on earth do kids get so dirty at school?  I often joked with mine that I thought they were digging for spuds when they went to school!  That’s why I would highly recommend ACE, the global stain removal brand.  It’s a fantastic product for getting stains out of school uniforms.  You can get these in all supermarkets.  I would give their website a visit as they have fantastic advice on how to get rid of all types of stains.  Honestly you will need them when your kids come back from school!


These are just a few of the things that will help me with back to school.  Are you getting ready for the routine change?  I hope the above items will help make it easier for you.

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