Getting Reading for cycling with SmartBuyGlasses

Getting Reading for cycling with SmartBuyGlasses
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I was over the moon when SmartBuyGlasses UK approached me to gift a pair of designer sun glasses.  The weather has been great here in the UK and my old glasses are a bit worse for wear.

When I seen the options for glasses I decided instead to treat my son.  He’s a keen cyclist and as a glasses wearer he finds it hard out on the bike with the sun.  He recently opted for contact lenses out on the bike so having the opportunity to get him a pair of sports glasses came at the ideal time.




SmartBuyGlasses UK was new to me but they are a worldwide business across 30 countries selling glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses and contact lenses, and you can buy just your frames alone or with prescription lenses.  And if you sign up to their newsletter you can get 50% off your first set of frames.

For my son, I chose a pair of Oakley Flax Jacket sports glasses for his cycling . There were just right for cycling.  The Oakley frames are combined with Polycarbonate , which will provide full protection from UV rays.  Ordering you get free and very fast shipping, and an amazing 24-month warranty!


If you are not sure of what frames to choose they have a ‘try on’ option where you can use the camera on your laptop to fit the shape of the frames over an image of your own face, to see whether different styles and colours suit you. This is such a helpful tool when you are trying to decide on which pair to buy.


Ordering was straightforward and easy, and there was plenty of information on the product page. My son’s glasses arrived just over a week later.  He was so impressed I have to say and so delighted.

The ordering process with SmartBuyGlasses was fantastic.  The website is very easy to navigate, you can search by gender, price range, designer, shapes and frame type.

I will most certainly be back to SmartBuyGlasses although I will be ordering something for myself next time.  Have you tried SmartBuyGlasses?  I’d love to know what you think.



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