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May 2, 2017admin
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I was delighted to receive a Pairfum Reed Diffuser in “Innocent Vanilla” to review.  Upon opening the box, I could see immediately that the contents were pure luxury.


The Pairfum Reed Diffuser was beautifully packaged.  The box is a delightful cream, black and gold colour.  The reed diffuser was nestled safely and securely in the box ensuring it was delivered with no problem.  It was also easy to unpack.  I decided that my office was the best place to display the reed diffuser.  It now sits proudly on my desk filling the air with a beautiful fragrance of vanilla and sense of calmness that only a luxurious product such as this could achieve.


The diffuser is certainly not typical of the cheaper alternatives.  It came with 10 reed diffusers and 250ml of fragrance oil which is natural/organic.  This is how I know it is pure luxury – there are no artificial smells.  I always sneeze when there are cheap fragrances about.  The Pairfum Reed Diffuser is a delight to have.


In terms of using the reed diffuser, it’s simple to pop in the natural rattan reeds, these allow the oil to permeate throughout the room.  The black reeds are very unique and very striking being taller than most and would stand out in any décor.


The bell-shaped bottle is unique and stunningly beautiful which allows the reed diffusers to sit proud and upright in the bottle.


reed diffuser


The fragrance lasts much longer than the typical reed diffuser – around 6-9 months. What is particularly impressive about the oils is that as an non-VOC (volatile organise compound) oil serum it is much healthier and more natural as you will be able to tell immediately upon opening the jar.


What I love about the whole collection from Pairfum is the pure luxury of the products and the natural and organic ethics of the company in everything they do.  The vanilla aroma is second to none and coupled with being handmade in the UK, the products ooze style and sophistication.


reed diffuser


Pairfum products would make a truly beautiful luxurious gift for someone special.  Indeed a luxurious gift or treat for yourself too.  It is a remarkable gift that will enrich the senses.  No wonder Pairfum is considered a boutique perfumery house.  When you make a purchase from Pairfum I know you will fall in love with their products as much as I have.




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