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I don’t know about you but 2 days in to my period and I’m ready to tear my hair out!  Of course there is the pain but it’s the constant period leaks at night time that get me.  I wear the longest and heaviest pad I can find and two pairs of pants and yet I still get leaks!  You can imagine my delight when Modibodi got in touch to try out their new pants.


The Techy Bit

The Modiboi are made from super slim fabric with Modifier Technology that can hold up to 2 tampons worth of moisture.  It has 3 layers.  The top wicks away moisture and smell which keeps you dry when you need it.  There is a middle layer that absorbs the liquid and locks it way.  There are different types of pants depending on your flow.  The bottom layer is the waterproof one that ensures you don’t leak.



Saving the planet bit

When I first had my children we opted for reusable nappies.  It was hard work but it was so worth it as so many go to landfill or block up drains.  I’m delighted that with Modibodis you will be helping to save the planet too.  Less waste and no sanitary products floating in the sea!



stop period leaks


My Verdict


I have to say I was really impressed with these pants.  They are extremely comfortable to wear and very soft on the skin.  They aren’t bulky as you might think and they are so easy to wash.  The cut of these ones is also very flattering as the subtle v-shape at the front is just below the tummy so no restriction around this area if you have cramps.


I really did feel confident and they did guard against any leaks.  They are also great for absorbing sweat at night time, we have had some fantastic sunshine lately meaning bed time is still hot.  These offered me full comfort and were great in the hot and humid evenings.


I do believe these are revolutionary.  They will most certainly save me money on buying pad and with being great for the environment I will have no hesitation in buying more.






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