I don’t know about you but I’m always learning!  I love to learn though so you can image my excitement to learn about 5 apps that will help you acquire new skills that won’t cost you a fortune!  I hope these help you on your quest to improve your knowledge, health and fitness and skills.


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Stress is something that we all have to contend with on a daily basis. Whether this be in work, or at home, worrying about things is a hard habit to break. This year, vow to improve mental wellbeing, increase mindfulness, work on your stress management with the help of mental wellbeing app Remente. The app is free to download and guides the user through every step in order to make their goals a reality, and offer courses and boosters. It does this by breaking down your overall aim into daily goals, making large tasks manageable and keeping you ‘on track’. Total inner peace might not be such a cliché after all.


What did you want to be when you were younger? Was it what you are working in now? Many of us have given up our alternative career and creative dreams in order to ‘pay the bills,’ so why not get back to your passion by using Skillshare, an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, technology, business and more. Investing your time in a side hustle, will not only develop your skill set in something that you’re interested in, but will also help you to build a passive income stream.


Skillshare is designed to be quick and easy to set-up, create your profile, upload your videos into a portfolio, and build your brand. This will then connect you with thousands of professionals and students all over the world – building your own new career has never been so easy and it all starts with you.


learning new skills


As well as being a great skill to show off on holiday, learning a new language can boost self-esteem, build mental muscle, and even give you leg up in your career. Research by Edinburgh’s School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences has proven that learning a new skill with tangible deadlines, such as progressing through an online language course, makes you better able to concentrate for longer periods of time. A separate study in Current Biology has found that it activates a section of the brain which makes you happier! With classes lasting only 15 minutes, Babbel encourages learning in achievable bursts directly from the app.


  • Learn more about the world and follow current events with Acast (acast.com)

Whether you want to delve a little further into the world of politics, fancy brushing up on your history, or just want to be better equipped conversationally, podcasts are a great way to indulge in some learning while multitasking, or even when relaxing at the end of the day. One app and audio platform is Acast as it has a huge amount of podcasts for you to choose from, and it is free to download. For example, the ever popular History Hit show by Dan Snow and Olive Magazine podcast for the latest recipes are just a couple we recommend!


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Whether you want to take up cooking, piano, or any other skill, a blog is a good platform to start with. Blogging about a hobby or a topic you want to learn more about can help you to dwele deeper into the subject, and connect you with similar people which opens up for opportunities that help you learn more.  There are several platforms that will help you set up a website and create a blog such as WordPress, Wix and Blogger.  Creating your very own blog does not only help you to learn new things, but can also help you make money from your new interest.




It’s official, UK inflation has hit an all-time high.  What does this mean for your family budget?  Fuel and food prices rising and continuing to rise with the average household having to spend £000’s more on the likes of fuel, food and utility bills.


While there is nothing a family can do about the situation that plays out in the economy, it is possible to take steps to reduce the impact on your family budget.



As a mum of two teenage boys, I know how difficult it can be setting and sticking to a family budget, but it’s a very useful tool keeping track of your spending – it is a visual aid which you can use to reduce or cut back.


While the old-fashioned method of pen and paper is sound, most of us own smartphones which are by our side night and day, so I decided to road-test two free-to-download budgeting apps to see how they work and if they could help track our family spending.


Wally App (available on iPhone & Android)

The Wally App is a personal finance app that helps you compare your income and expenditure, it also allows you to set goals and keep track of your spending.  One of my feature features of this app is the option to add a photo of your receipt – that way you know exactly what you purchased, where, when and for how much – it is a real eye-opener seeing all your receipts in one place!  The app is totally free with the additional bonus of being advert free!


Toshl (iPhone & Android)

Toshl Finance is an app that allows you to keep track of where your money goes with an additional feature of being able to set a reminder of when you need to pay bills.  It is very straightforward to use and it is easy to place your spending in to separate categories or setting up new categories.  The easy to use budget calculator shows how much money you have left once you make purchases but an excellent feature is that you can set a goal of what you want to spend, it will then let you see how much you have left – a fantastic visual way of knowing the amount you have left in the bank!  Another clever feature is the ability to set a reminder on the app which will notify you to add your spending – extremely useful for all busy parents.


Smart shopping

For some families, grocery bills can be a bank balance strain – especially with teenagers in the house!  Over the past year, I have tested several apps and have saved £000’s on my grocery shop. These smartphone apps could help you stay within your household budget or even reduce your grocery bill with the added benefit of you not having to turn in to an ‘extreme couponer’ to benefit from free grocery items or money off!


Put quite simply the following apps give you back money you spend on items that they have listed on their particular app.  The difference between the app as opposed to a coupon is that you need to purchase the product first before getting your money back.  Each app has a different selection of products with some at times offering 100% cashback – making the item free!




This app allows you to claim cashback on items you’ve bought from some of the major supermarkets and other retailers such as Superdrug or Boots.  Free to download, the offers change or update each week.  The offers can be valid for in-store or online so it’s best to check the terms and conditions for each item.  It is extremely easy to use, you buy the product, when safely at home take a photo of your receipt, upload it via the app and receive the cashback directly to your bank account or Paypal account, although there is a minimum payment withdrawal of £5.



Another cashback app which is very straightforward to use, you browse the products on the app, make a purchase, scan the item and upload your receipt in the comfort of your own home.  Payment is normally within 72 hours and is automatically transferred to your bank or Paypal account each claim you make.  A great feature of this app is the option to view the nearest store to you where you can make a purchase, so you should have no problem knowing where to go!  While most of the items are grocery items there are times when they offer a discount on wine or beauty products.


If you use my referral link you can claim a box of Cornettos!  Use code KMHECCCP.


Have you used any of these apps before or are you going to start using them?  We would love to hear your comments.  Let us know your thoughts and especially let us know how much you save!


Happy money saving!


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