Use bloggers are often found behind our screens.  Typing away on a key board.  However, there are times when writing by hand is the only way to go!  There are several reasons why I love stationery and what better time to highlight some fantastic items but on the run up to World Stationery Day.

World Stationery Day is on 26th April this year.  It’s a celebration of the written word and all things stationery.  You know those fantastic products that all us bloggers to schedule our content, to write down our inspiring ideas and to make notes when the laptop dies on us!

There is nothing  more statisfying than starting a new notebook and filling it with ideas, dreams and aspirations.  So let’s celebrate World Stationery Day with some fanstastic items that will help you get your blog organised right now!





world stationery day



When it comes to notebooks there is something rather satisfying as a blogger to start a new one!  Those clean pages just waiting to be filled with ideas and ways to improve your blog.  All the different ways you are going to implement strategies or improve your life.  This little one from Hema is an ideal example.  It’s just waiting to be filled with all your ideas in your own handwriting.


notebooks for bloggers

This stunningly beautiful notebook is from The Gifted Notebook collection.  I have been using this one for a few days and it is stunningly beautiful.  Can’t tell you how many times people have commented on what a lovely notebook it is.  It comes with a pencil too which is very handy if like me you keep losing pens!


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When  you start writing on that notebook and are presented with a blank piece of paper I often love to underline key words or use coloured pens to remind me of some of the more important things I need to do.  That’s where these gorgeous metallic pens come in.  It’s a beautiful feeling highlighting words on a page with stunning colours, it’s almost like a work of art in itself.  You can get yours here from Crafter’s Companion if you’d like to add some sparkle to your notebooks.





filofax notebooks

When it comes to planning and scheduling blogging posts there is none other than the well known brand Filofax that can help you take it to the next level.  I absolutely adore their new innovative notebooks that allow you to add, remove or change pages as many times as you like.  This is so beneficial especially when some of us change our minds a lot!  I also adore their new colour range.  From pale pinks, to stunning purple and light pastel shades.  Who wouldn’t want these Filofax notebooks on their desk?




blog planner

Image courtesy of I’m Karen Avila

Another favourite of mine are blog planners.  The stunningly designed ones from those wonderful creators on Etsy.  For example there is an array of blog planners to choose from here to be honest I think I have purchased all of them one time or another.  I find them extremely useful when I’m brainstorming content but also when I need to schedule Pinterest and my social media tasks.  I love starting a new blog planner.


Us bloggers often have many roles besides bloggers.  There is something very comforting and reinforcing when we write lists, ideas and aspirations on a page.  Those little stationery items hold our ideas, thoughts and feelings which are recorded for all time.  Writing by hand is a thoughtful process.


So I urge you to spend less time on our devices and sit down with a notebook and start writing – it’s such a cathartic process to write in a beautiful notebook.  Plan, dream and allow yourself to remember.  I truly believe stationery can change your life.





World Stationery Day is on 26th April this year.  It's a celebration of the written word and all things stationery.  You know those fantastic products that all us bloggers to schedule our content, to write down our inspiring ideas and to make notes when the laptop dies on us!

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Making money while doing something we enjoy and making money from your blog is the perfect way to have the home/life balance we all crave.


Blogging can most certainly be profitable, but it does require a lot of hard work, commitment and the right mindset.  There are many fantastic bloggers out there making a great living for themselves and their families.  I follow a lot of them and they inspire me so much.


If you want to start making money from your blog I want to share with you some of the different ways to monetize it.  There are a lot of ways to go about this but I will share the ones that will get your started right away.  Not every way to make money maybe a perfect fit for you but try it out and see how you get on.

make money blogging



There are different types of sponsored posts.  Ones where you are given the content and you add the post to your site or where you work more in collaboration and write the post yourself.  It can be exciting working with companies if the fit is right for your readers.  Whether you are promoting a product or service via a post, on Youtube or an Instagram story.  Just make sure you are happy with the fit and the work involved.


You could also sign up to the likes of Get Blogged, which is a site where you can apply for blog posts.  Remember though make sure it is a good fit and you are happy with the price you will be paid for the post.





One of the most quickest and effective ways of making money from your blog right now is work with your current content.  You can start by adding affiliate links to each post be that within the text or add in options for your readers to purchase items you are writing about.


Remember to join SkimLinks so that you can have access to over 20,000 affiliate links to companies, making it easier to add affiliate links to your content.




As a blogger it can be easy to underestimate the value of your posts.  It is also easy to forget that sponsored posts can be in the form of both cash or gifts.


There are many businesses out there that are trying to grow their customer base and often reach out to bloggers as a way of doing this.  You don’t have to wait for them to contact you though, be proactive.


I recommend you start with companies whose products you already use, contact the marketing department and offer to write a sponsored blog post.  Do not though email every company under the sun – be genuine about your love of the product and detail why their product or service would be a good fit for your blog.


Personally I believe bloggers offer fantastic opportunities to businesses in promoting their products so don’t sell yourself short!


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If you have been blogging for a while, the chances are you have enough fantastic content to pull together in to an E-book to sell.  You really don’t need to reinvent the wheel, look through your content and start planning what kind of E-book you think your readers would love.


You can sell directly from your blog or you can upload to Amazon to sell, either way marketing will be key to getting your readers to purchase it.


If you don’t have enough content at the moment, plan ahead and start thinking about your options for an E-book, that way when the time is right to pull everything together you will have a plan in place.


make money blogging


Many bloggers currently offer sponsored advertising on their blog.  If you are a new blogger consider offering advertising space by promotion through your social media channels.  However, if you already do offer adverting space you really should consider raising your prices.


It is extremely helpful that other bloggers are willing to feature small businesses with an advert for £10-£20 for the year but if a company is willing to pay £10-£20 chances are they are willing to pay £20-£40 for the full year.


This simple technique could double your ad revenue overnight and you would still be offering a fantastic deal.  Another option is to sign up to the likes of Media.Net where you can insert adverts in your posts.  They are currently offering a great deal of 10% more of ad revenue for signing up.


Sign up to here for a great deal.




It can take hard work and dedication to make money from blogging, it also requires you to build up traffic, increase page views as well as blogger outreach and networking.  These are fantastic skills you acquire which can be used to become a virtual assistant to help other new or established bloggers.


Why not register with People Per Hour now to put those fantastic skills you have acquired to use in order to make some extra money.


What other ways do you monetize your blog?  I’d love to know in the comments below.



Make money blogging. These tips will show you how to make money blogging. #makemoney #howto #blogging #startingablog

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With social media often comes all kinds of people from the ones who would go out of their way to help you, those who support you and those who are there for you when you are feeling low.  Conversely, there are those who are down right rude, agressive and have nothing nice to say about anything!


So what do you do if people leave negative comments for you on social media or your blog?  I have to admit to having a few.  I immediately block them but of course I’ve read the comment and there is no going back to un-reading!  After reading a few negative comments recently relating to others I thought it would be a good idea to note down some tips to help you deal with those who leave negative or hurtful comments.



TIP 1:

Those who leave negative comments are looking for an argument so the first tip is to avoid giving them what they up and don’t get in to an argument.  While you may feel like you want to scream and shout with your keyboard, remain calm and take a break from your computer.  Of course you have every right to defend something that isn’t true however the other person won’t give too hoots whether they told a lie or not.  Don’t give them that kind of power over you so walk away.



TIP 2:

If you are annoyed by a comment, then talk to your friends.  It’s always good to talk.  You can vent but you can also get advice from someone who is removed from the situation.  This is another way to give yourself some space from taking action you may regret later and help you distance yourself from the situation.  Deep breath are also a good way of remaining calm.


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TIP 3:

Try and remain positive and empathetic.  I know this is a hard one.  However, you don’t know what has made the other person make that comment.  I can remember sending a really snotty email to someone once.  It was totally uncalled for and I apologised afterwards.  I had had a really bad day hence  my email but that did not make it right for me to send it in the first place!  You can also combat negativity with positive thoughts and actions.  It will help you remain calm and not stoop to their level.



Tip 4:

Move on.  This can also be hard as negative comments can swirl around your head for hours or even days.  Take control by acknowleding the comment, how much it hurt, talking about it but don’t dwell.  Of course it will hurt but don’t let a comment prevent you from doing other wonderful things.  Acknowledge and move on.




It may take some time to learn now to deal with negative comments but the above tips should help you.  Unfortunately unhelpful and negative comments often come with being part of the blogging world and social media.  I do hope the above tips give you some tools to become stronger in dealing with negativity.  Below are some suggestions from other bloggers to help you too.




Lynn from Mrs Mummy Penny says “A nasty comment is most likely a reflection of something that the commenter is going through. My advice is to drift over the comment try not to read it, delete and move on. Never engage with them.”


Laurie from Girl and Tonic says “I try not to engage, I’ll ignore the comments where I can. If a post gets overwhelmingly negative you can turn comments off. I then like to remember why I post on social media in the first place and engage with some of my favourite accounts. 


Katie from Cakes v Scales says “Firstly, consider if the comment is it hurtful or constructive critique, then consider if there’s a possibility the writer’s intention is not to be hurtful. If the comment is someone just being plain rude/nasty, remember that there are many people who love and enjoy your work. As the saying goes, you could be the ripest, most juicy peach in the world, but some people don’t like peaches.”


Jennifer from My Mummys Pennies suggests “Try to find the positive in every comment. Someone said something mean? Well at least your post is reaching them and was interesting enough to get them to take time to read it and react. Ignore the hurtful words but see the comment for what it is, valuable interaction with your content. On many social channels this will help your post reach others!” 


Louise from Mum of Boys shares “My main platform is Facebook – and the fact you can ‘hide’ comments is useful, because it means the controversial post doesn’t turn into a stream of comments or an argument, but yet the original poster has no idea it is hidden. However if it’s very nasty / personal, I simply delete and block. Trolls want you to engage with them, so doing this every time and they’ll soon get bored. Of course there’s been the occasion when I’ve bitten back as I’m human, but I learnt from those experiences and now just press delete. I totally agree that it’s a much bigger reflection on them and their state of mind than on me and mine.”




Struggling with those unhelpful or nasty comments on your blog or social media?  Read these tips to help you cope head over to my blog to read more.



When I started my first job, that was the time when blogging didn’t exist and indeed if you wanted to earn extra cash you had to take up going door to door selling Avon.  While that might work for some there are many other ways to earn extra cash these days.  The internet has expanded the opportunities on offer.  The following side hustles are designed to help you make some extra cash and as if that wasn’t enough you can do these jobs from home too!



Side Hustle

Blogging is a great way to start earning extra cash from sponsored posts to free items to review.  Head over to my blog post on 5 Easy Steps to Set up a Blog to find out how you can get set up very quickly.


Online Surveys

side hustle to make money


Another side hustle to make extra money is online surveys.  I have spoken at length before about a fantastic survey site Prolific Academic, survey sites are a great way of making extra money and vouchers, you would be surprised at how easy and quickly you can earn by just answering a few questions.  You could earn as much as £5 for completing questions which could take up to 30 minutes of your time.  It is easy to do in your lunch break!


Survey sites do differ in what they offer in terms of number of questions, time you need to take, types of questions you are asked to complete and the amount of money you are paid.  Below I have listed a further two survey sites which I recommend as a way of making extra cash…


Reward TV UK

RewardTV has been around for approximately 10 years.  You sign up and answer questions about your viewing habits and other likes and dislikes in relation to TV programmes.  It’s a very easy to register and start earning.  Basically you watch TV as you normally do, you then login to their website and answer questions about what you watched.  Answering questions allows you to accumulate points which you save up and then get to spend.


Why not register today and see how much you can accumulate?



This is a great site, where you get to help influence tomorrow’s products!  You complete surveys from the comfort and convenience and get paid for sharing your thoughts.  Membership is totally free and only takes a few minutes to sign up.  Pinecone is very generous in terms of payment – you can earn up to £3 per survey so really worth signing up to now!


Why not register here and start earning now?


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Sell on Etsy

side hustle to make money

Etsy is another great side hustle to make money especially if you are arty and like making crafts.  You could sell these on Etsy as it’s the place for unique, different and handmade products.  I have an Etsy shop myself selling my handmade upcycled jewellery and makes.


Sell your unwanted items

make money

Fat Lama

Have you got stuff lying around your house which you don’t use all that often? With Fat Lama, you can earn money by renting it out to others nearby. It’s an online rental marketplace which insures you to rent out anything from cameras to road bikes (and everything in between).

What’s more, Fat Lama lenders are earning up to £7,000 per month in rental income! ‘Is it risky to lend your possessions to a stranger?’ With Fat Lama’s guarantee, you’re covered for up to £25,000 per item.

Click here to sign up and start renting out your underused possessions today.


Become A Virtual Assistant

side hustle to make money

If you love working from home and you have skills in either social media, marketing, graphic design or writing then you can find opportunity to make extra cash from being a virtual assistant.  I would recommend signing up for People per Hour and see what opportunities there are for you.


I just love side hustles because you can do as much or as little as you want depending on the time you have available.  So which side hustle do you like best?  Whatever one you choose I hope you make money.  Let me know what you think!



Would you like to earn extra cash? These five side hustles will help you do just that from the comfort of your own home. #money #makemoney #finance #sidehustle