Even if you are strict with the housekeeping chores and you always make sure to take proper care of your home on a daily basis, chances are that you, just like many people, have missed a few places in your home that require a clean. These often overlooked spots can actually collect a lot of dust and germs and this is why you should pay more attention to them during your next cleaning session.

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Here are the places which you most certainly shouldn’t miss during the house cleaning.


On top

Places which are hard to reach are often neglected by people during the housekeeping chores. Just because they are not easy to reach this doesn’t mean that dust doesn’t cover them as well. Make sure to clean the dust off the top of shelves and appliances. Remember when you are doing the dusting start from the higher places and gradually move downwards so that you can make the cleaning faster and more efficient.




Just because you don’t see the dirt under the bed or under the appliance, that doesn’t mean that there is not a mess underneath that needs to be taken care of. If you clean properly around your appliance this can spare you any future expenses on repairing appliances.





If only you knew how many germs there are between the keys on your keyboard. This is one of the items you should never neglect while you do the weekly house cleaning, advises Tidy Cleaning Services. Grab a q-tip and clean between the buttons and this way you will protect your fingers from the thousands of bacteria which are usually sitting in the crevices between the keys.




Light switches and doorknobs


Most people easily forget that light switches and doorknobs are things on which you put your hands a few times a day. This means that all of the germs you have been carrying with you since the last time you washed your hands are now on the door knob or the light switch. This is why you should wipe them regularly using a disinfectant.




Even if you use waste bags, there is still a chance of a mess. And sometimes the bad smell can become quite unbearable. This is why you should wash your bins on the inside and the outside more often, using a warm water and a dish soap. This way you will avoid the germs which can otherwise swarm the bins.


The washing machine


Can you believe that this appliance actually needs a regular cleaning? Most people are thinking that their washing machine is a relatively clean appliance since it is used for cleaning dirty clothes but they couldn’t be more wrong. If you are guilty of also neglecting your washing machine when you do the house cleaning chores, it is time to fix your mistake. Make sure to wipe the outside and the inside of the appliance and really concentrate on the door seal since a lot of germs find it to be a suitable place for them.


The cleaning supplies


Again, just because you use them to clean your house, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be taken care of. Those items are easily forgotten when people do their regular cleaning, however, the good look of your home depends on your them. The better the condition of your cleaning supplies is, the greater results you will get when you do your regular housekeeping chores. So make sure that all of the sponges, brushes and other cleaning tools are always clean.


I know that these places are often overlooked and it seems like they don’t require that much attention. However, those little places can cause a big mess in your house if you don’t include them in your list with places to clean. This is why I recommend you to add them to your regular cleaning routine and enjoy a home which will always be truly sparkling clean.



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Want some help with cleaning your home? These top tips to cleaning will help ensure you have a home that is clean not just on the surface but deep down too!



I have to admit that during the week the only cleaning that goes on in our house are the dishes after dinner! Working full time and blogging and two teenager boys, things can be pretty hectic. So cleaning the house can be something that I often leave or miss not unless you pay for help along the way.


At the weekend is when I do the cleaning but to be honest I’m a bit sick of it!  As the sun starts to show itself the last thing I want to be doing at the weekend is cleaning.  So in an effort to get the cleaning done as quickly as possible I have set myself a challenge which I thought that if I put down on paper (or blog) then  I might stick to it and maybe challenge you too!  So below I’ve listed the tricks I’m going to use to make sure I get the cleaning done as quickly as possible.


Plan: I’m going to write down each room and make a quick list of what needs done.  I’m not talking a full essay here or another way to distract from the task at hand but I find it satisfying ticking things off a list!


Declutter:  Rooms in our house get very messy and personally I often leave things at my bum!  I am therefore going to declutter and throw out things that I will never use and put things that have a place back.


Start at the top:  Or in our case at the back (bungalow!)  and work my way forward.  This means I should see the fruits of my labour immediately and in order.  This should also make it easier to keep clean instead of criss-crossing from one room to another.


One task at a time:  I often find having too many tasks can be overwhelming so I’m going to focus on one thing at a time.  Multi-tasking is so over-rated!



Set a time limit:  I’m going to give myself a time to stick to so I don’t dilly dally around the place.  I don’t want to be spending hours cleaning.  Hopefully this will keep me focused on finishing.


So there you have it, how I’m going to tackle cleaning the house.  How you do get on with cleaning?  I’d love to hear your views.  Why not have a wee look at my How to Clean Windows the Vintage Way too?


Elf x



vintage cleaning ideas





I hate cleaning windows, I hate cleaning windows, I hate, I hate, I hate cleaning windows!


I think you all now know what rarely gets done in our house.  Living in a bungalow there is no excuse for hiring a window cleaner so to actually see out the windows I decided to look up what options there might be for making this job quick and easy!


What has come back time and again is cleaning windows the old-fashioned way with water, vinegar and newspaper!


So I wanted to share my routine with you which hopefully will make this job easier for you as it has started to become for me.


  1. Firstly, pick a cloudy day to clean the windows as direct sun makes the water dry too quickly which leaves streaks behind!
  2. Autumn time I have noted an increase in spiders and cobwebs so the first task is to take a brush and sweep all the cobwebs away from the window frames.
  3. In a bowl put in some hot water then add a few drops of vinegar, simply use a cloth and clean the window.
  4. Before the water dries use a sheet of old newspaper to buff dry to a shine.


You will have clean and streak free windows – hoorah!


I would also encourage you to stay clear of all those chemical cleaning products and opt instead for more traditional cleaning, here are some ideas for you:

  • Lemons help you get rid of lime scale, soak a cloth in lemon juice and use to clean your bathroom taps or shower hose!
  • You can clean brass with a little bit of salt and white vinegar, test it first though.
  • Did you know that using bicarbonate of soda removes tea stains? Just rub some of it around the cup with a little water then rinse.


Happy Cleaning.


Elf x


cleaning windows


Cleaning the Vintage Way

You know I am no fan of cleaning but it has to be done.  I’m not the kind of person who cleans everyday, I just think there is more to life than worrying about cleaning!

Although there is nothing like the fresh smell of lemons in the home – having them in gin is just perfect but there are times when they come in handy for cleaning too!  In my quest to become more environmentally friendly – not to mention how expensive some cleaning products are – I decided to look in to vintage ways of cleaning.  After all they didn’t have products that promised 99% removal of all germs years ago!

So below I have listed some vintage ways to help you on your way to keeping your home clean and at the same time using environmentally friendly items – a win/win if you ask me.



Honestly it used to take me ages to clean the windows – I don’t know which was worse – the dirt before I cleaned them or the streaks after!  That was until I decided to go the vintage way.  I also remember my gran using this recipe years back.  If you mix together a 50/50 solution of white wine vinegar and hot water in a bottle, you squeeze a drop on your window and clean with a cloth or better still use a sheet of newspaper.  My gran was right, this is the best and only way to clean windows.



Here come the lemons!  Squeeze some lemons in to hot water – you could use an old spray bottle.  Spray around the house –  lemons also have anti-bacterial properties so you could use in the kitchen too.


General purpose cleaner

Again lemons are at the heart of this recipe!  Mix together white wine vinegar to two parts water and add a squeeze of lemon juice, this mixture is great for kitchen worktops and in the bathroom – you could even use to clean the floor.



Again lemons to the rescue!  This time mix one part lemon juice to two parts olive oil, put a small drop on a cloth and then polish up your wooden surfaces.  Perfect.


If you want some more ideas, I can highly recommend this book called Spit and Polish – more ideas on old fashioned ways of banishing dirt, dust and decay!


Happy cleaning.


Elf x