I have to say that this winter has been harsh!  However, if you haven’t noticed because you would rather stay under your duvet, spring is most definitely in the air here and these flower pots are just ideal for Spring.


I’m putting away the winter woollies and dusting off the spring decor and that means filling the house with plant life and pretty flower pots.  I’ve been swooning over so many plants recently especially all the succulents.  So I was delighted when Wayfair challenged me to make some DIY flower pots to herald the start of Spring.


They gifted me some beautiful rustic plant pots and asked me to get my creativity and craftiness juices following to turn a plain planter into a stylish design for either the indoors or out.  You can also check out their full range of metal planters too, they have such a great range.



Steps to make pretty plant pots

What you need to make these pretty plant pots:

This craft project is very simple.  I love simple and like to use whatever is lying about the house. For this project you will need:


  1. Lace (whatever you have lying about)
  2. Glue (again whatever you have to hand or buy in the Poundshop)
  3. Plant pots
  4. Brush to fix the lace to your plant pot
  5. String
  6. Broken pieces of jewellery (again whatever you have lying around



How to Make Your DIY Planters

  1. Take your glue and spread over the plant pot where you will fix your lace.  Be careful to only glue where the lace will be placed.
  2. Place the lace tightly around the plant pot and secure with more glue at the edge.
  3. Cut and fix string around the lace.
  4. Fix whatever jewellery you have to hand in the centre to add some sparkle.  For these ones I used broken earrings.  You can fix these with glue or sew on.
  5. Voila, your plant pots are ready for your plant!


pretty plant pots


pretty plant pots





Collaborative post with Wayfair



Want to make some unique plant pots? This DIY tutorial is for you. Upcycle some old plant pots. #diy #craft #plant #plantpots