Pinterest-worthy Bespoke Furniture Ideas for your New Home


Getting a new property can be an exciting time. You may feel as though there is so much to look forward to and nothing can quite compare to this feeling. One of the most important questions you think of before making the decision whether to buy a property or not is the storage space or the potential of getting the fitted wardrobes. Especially if like me, you have your winter clothes, your summer clothes and your in-between season clothes!  Below I’ve pulled together some Pinterest-worthy bespoke furniture ideas for your new home.  Let’s get started.



Fitted Reception Wardrobe

Sometimes, shelving units just don’t quite cut it. After all, sometimes you just don’t want to have everything on-show and you also don’t want to have boxes on top of boxes either. Fitted reception wardrobes can really help you out with this, and you’d be surprised at how easy it is for you to really get the best result out of your installation. You can have your wardrobe in any colour, any style and this ultimately means that it’s super easy to match in with your existing living room.  This bespoke furniture idea is certainly worth considering.


Bespoke Library

There’s just something so romantic about having a bespoke library. You can easily arrange your books in any order you want and you can even customise the height of each shelf as well. This means that the taller books won’t look cramped and the smaller books will look like they always have a place they can call home.  This is certainly a Pinterest-worthy bespoke furniture idea that I need next in my home as our books are just sitting in piles everywhere!


Fitted Home Office

For all those bloggers out there or for anyone who works from home.  It’s just so frustrating it can be to sit at a small table that is just so uncomfortable, with post-stick notes dotted everywhere because you don’t have any organised space. How about a fitted home office?  Have bespoke furniture ideas for every room in your home can make such a difference.  Having a fitted home office is a must have for all those who work from home.  When you have a fitted home office, you can have shelves specifically sized for A4 paper, presentation folders, your printing equipment and so much more. This will make the whole thing super easy and it’s a great way for you to really make the most out of your space.


Whatever style your home is, bespoke furniture ideas and custom made fitted storage could be a solution for your storage needs. Having the new wardrobe does not mean it has to be modern, you can also get a bespoke traditional closet, made-to-measure bookshelf or even set of drawers for the loft room.


What’s on your list for your next project?  Let me know below.



We’re usually pretty good at taking care of the significant details that affect the look and feel of our homes, such as the colour of the paint, furniture, and so on. However, you shouldn’t think that your work is finished once these aspects have been taken care of: to give your home the ‘wow’ factor, you’ll need to take your home to the next level by thinking about the details that most people forget about. Incorporate the tips I’ve outlined below, and you’ll have a home that’s the envy of the neighbourhood.


decor inspiration

Tone the Room With Lighting


Eyes can be drawn to statement lighting.  Indeed lighting can also make a room have a fantastic atmosphere.  Going that extra mile with design light styles from the fantastic designer Dutch designer Paula Arntzen from design light shop Studio Arntzen  will certainly make your room feel more like a home.  For example the ‘Droplet’ shade below consists of three layers of PP foil and is handmade. The outside layer is a translucent gold layer, the other two layers are white PP foil with black screen printed stripes.  This would be a statement piece in any room.  You could also use different lighting in different zones and areas of your room to ensure a visual focus to your room.  You can also have decorative lighting or accent lighting such as above a painting that is a family favourite.  


droplet lighting



The Spaces Between


The centre of a room gets a lot of love and attention, but what about the spaces that exist in between? Two important details that many homeowners fail to consider are the doors and the ceilings, two aspects which can add another touch of quality to the interior design. If your doors are currently purely functional, find a door that complements your interior design; the added effect will be subtle, but powerful. With your ceiling, it can be as simple as just painting it a slightly different shade of the colour of the walls. You won’t fully understand why your eyes prefer the room afterwards, but the important thing is that they will!


A Collection Theme


Your home will be full of little decoration pieces that liven up your rooms and allow you to give a little piece of your personality to your home. Instead of selecting any random piece that you think looks good, however, choose a theme for your decorative touches. For example, you could choose Chinese inspired artwork, brass fixtures, or paintings. You don’t need to go overboard; just a few pieces spread throughout the house that unifies the rooms.




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decorating inspiration

These beautiful home decor touches will help you transform your home in no time at all. Read all about them on my blog



Home trends change all of the time, and you certainly shouldn’t feel like you need to keep up with them. You’d end up constantly decorating, spending a fortune and never having the chance to just enjoy your home. But, if you are looking to make some changes anyway, it can be a good idea to look at the current hot trends for inspiration, while remembering to consider your taste. Don’t paint your room a colour you hate just because it’s trendy, especially when it probably won’t be next season.


If you are looking to make some changes this year, let these trends inspire you and give you some ideas. Then, start a Pinterest board to combine the hot trends with your ideas and find something that works for your home.


Natural Materials


Natural materials such as Oak Doors, large wooden dining tables, and statement ceiling beams are warming, trending and a great way of bringing the outdoors in. Natural materials are also long lasting and hard wearing. Perfect for a home with kids. Another fantastic advantage of natural materials is that they never really go out of style and they go with everything. You could easily change your wall colours or soft-furnishings without needing to replace key pieces.



home decor trends


It’s not just natural materials that are trendy right now. Bringing nature inside, on the whole, is very in style. Indoor plants can look beautiful, open your rooms up and even improve your health or quality of sleep. Green’s and sky blue are also being used to give indoor areas an airy and natural outdoor feel.


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Mixed Metals


Copper and rose gold were massive in 2017, and stainless steel is always a favourite in bathrooms and kitchens where it looks clean and hygienic and is easy to clean. But, in 2018, there’s more. You’re no longer tied to one kind of metal. You can mix them up. A kitchen with stainless steel fittings and then copper or brass light fittings can look great. Metals can be cold and impersonal, mixing them adds texture, depth, and warmth to the room.


Patterned Flooring


Search “floor tiles” on Pinterest, and you’ll be met with a sea of colourful tiles and flooring. Monochrome is out, colour and pattern are in. Think of artistic William Morris prints or statement Moroccan designs. Mixing patterns is also very popular. Your tiles don’t have to match, just buy those that you like and put them all together.


If you decide to go for a patterned floor, stick to light and plain walls to highlight the floor and ensure the room doesn’t overwhelm the eye.




In a case of home design copying fashion, velvet is currently very popular. A large velvet sofa can make a significant statement while also being incredibly comfortable. If you want a subtler texture, add velvet cushions and curtains instead of whole pieces.



home trends


Green was the in colour of 2017. This year, it’s varying shades of purple. Light purple hues on the walls can help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. Add deeper, darker tones to your soft furnishings and artwork to add depth and texture.



So you would like to add more light to a dark room?  Did you know that how much natural light you get can really affect your mood?  Those wonderful rays of sunshine or looking up at the sky can have a positive impact upon you and of course vitamin D from the sun is a must.  Having a bright room will not only improve your mood, it will make you feel happier, more radiant and more positive.  Do you need help to add light to a dark room? Here are my 3 amazing ways to add more light in to those dark rooms.


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Adding more light to a dark room

The first step to getting more light in to your room is to determine where your problems lie.  Do your rooms need more natural light?  Do you have dark walls and dark floors?  Is your room cluttered and have dark foreboding furniture?  Are small windows an issue?


Paint Colours for Dark Rooms

Lighter paint colours will have an impact and add more light to a dark room.  With paint you can add warmth with light neutral colours.  You don’t need to paint the whole room in white or neutral tones, you can still have colour as long as it’s just a splash of colour.


top tips to bring more light in to a room



Mirrors to add light

A tried and tested trick to add more light to a dark room is to place a large mirror or two in your room.  Place it strategically so that it catches whatever natural light is coming in to your room.  Using more than one will increase the light dramatically and give the illusion of the room being lighter than it actually is.


My tips on how to get more light to dark rooms



Open up a dark room with Velux Roof windows

You can add more light to a dark room with Velux Roof Windows.  Light can often be absorbed and the culprits are wood, darkly painted walls or indeed the size of a room.  Another option to get more light in your room and at the same time add style and drama is to transform your room with a Velux Roof Window.   Bringing more daylight in to your room can open up more possibilities for you.  Increased natural light, wonderful fresh air drifting in to the room as well as adding a touch of freshness and newness to your room.  You also don’t need to worry about your current architecture as Roof Windows Veluxshop have an array of designs to choose from making this an ideal option for adding more natural light in to your otherwise dark room.


Top ways to add more light to dark rooms.



Soft furnishings for a dark room

Another tip to add light to a dark room is to consider soft furnishings.  Soft furnishings can help offset an otherwise dark room.  Add light coloured throws, bedding, or indeed pillows to your current furniture to ensure a more relaxing atmosphere.  White is so on trend at the moment, and could balance out any dark furniture in your room.


top tips for adding more light to dark rooms



So, what do you do to add more light to dark rooms?  I’d love to hear from you.





Need to add some light to a dark room? These top tips show you how from paint choice, soft furnishings to Velux Roof Windows. Head over to my blog to read more.


*collaborative post



Playing around with interior design and decorating your home is such a fun process. Most of the time, when you move into somewhere new, you want to be able to add your own stamp. When you love all things vintage, you can often find the task harder than others. But, the good news is, it’s actually quite easy to make your home a vintage haven. Even if you’ve just bought your first house and it’s brand new for you, you can easily give it a retro edge with a few simple styling tips.


vintage radio

Image Source

  1. Putting Up Wallpaper


In each room, the largest focal point is often the walls. So if you’re looking to make a big vintage statement, they’re a good place to start. It’s not always that easy to create a retro look with color alone, so wallpaper can often come in handy. There are so many vintage wallpaper prints that are available to you. Simply take a look online or in your nearest DIY style and see which pattern is the perfect one for you and the new vintage-inspired home you’re putting together.


  1. Using Vintage Tableware


One of the most vintage finds you’ll spot almost everywhere is tableware. Not only will you find cool retro china in almost every second-hand store or at every flea market, but you can often find cool cutlery too. If you want to give a real vintage edge to your dining room and kitchen, buy mismatched. It’s very rare to be able to find sets that all match, but you can often create a cool and quirky look with buying lots of different pieces and using them all together.


  1. Picking A Coloured Suite


When you look back at vintage decor trends, you’ll always find colored bathroom suites. In today’s modern world, we prefer to have a brilliant white bathroom suite that looks fresh and clean. But, way back when, they loved to go for color. So, in keeping with the trend, you might want to opt for something colorful when you’re putting in a new bathroom suit. Olive green and blush pink are just some of the styles used, but you might even want a pop of blue or a bit of orange to brighten things up.


  1. Upgrading The Exterior


Giving your home a retro edge doesn’t just apply to your interiors. Sometimes, you need to edit the exteriors in order to ensure the house is truly in keeping with your vintage style. This might not be easy if you own a new build, but if your home is old, it can be a lot of fun. Whether you choose to treat the old windows and doors you have or buy some vintage options, you’re also going to need to make sure that you look after them properly to make sure they last.


  1. Choosing Colours Wisely


When it comes to retro design, color in a room makes a whole lot of difference. Vintage trends aren’t awful understated. Whether you want to go with the swinging sixties or elegant forties, you’re going to want to make sure your color palette follows suit. From soft furnishings and carpet colors to furniture and even woodwork, you’re going to want to choose the colors that work well together and still give off the right retro vibe.


vintage photographs

Image Source



  1. Restoring Old Furniture


Trying to achieve a vintage look isn’t that easy when you’re working with new furniture. So, instead of heading to Ikea to buy new bits of your home, go online instead. It helps to be able to keep everything in the style of the era you’re looking to channel. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be any old, broken down thing and be happy with it. Instead, you should fit it up. Take a look on Pinterest for inspiration, grab some paint and Kenyon Adhesives and start fixing that baby up.


  1. Using Retro Appliances


In your kitchen, you can actually work wonders by blending the old with the new. There are so many brands that style kitchen appliances and goods in vintage ways, that you don’t always have to buy vintage. Smeg and KitchenAid are just two brands that let you create cool and quirky vintage looks with their fridge and mixing machine looks. Combined with clever decor and the odd vintage appliance for decoration, they could give you the look of your dreams.


  1. Being Clever With Decor


Then, you’re also going to want to shop smart when it comes to the decorative items you have in your home. In the olden days, ornaments and decor were a big part of the overall home design. Pieces were either sentimental or for show. So, if you want the right retro look, you’re going to need to get your decorations on point. There are so many ways you can achieve a modern version of retro decor too. With vintage picture frames or even a bar cart in the corner, you’re one step closer to vintage heaven.


  1. Stripping It All Back


It’s also important to remember that most retro designs were relatively basic and stripped back. A lot of the time, people didn’t have an awful lot to show off, so they kept their homes functional and practical. Depending on the period you’re looking to channel, you may want to ensure that your design is quite minimal in nature. Sometimes, your furniture and room decor can say it all.


  1. Tweaking Each Room


Once you’ve got the basics of your decor down, you’re going to want to be able to ensure that every room looks as it should. Whether you’re trying to style a bathroom or conservatory, you should focus on one room at a time in order to get it right. When you take on too much, you can often confuse matters and make the design look a little all over the place. Sometimes, a little goes a long way, and that can certainly be the case when it comes to vintage home decor.