Planning a home renovation can be daunting.  It can be tempting to concentrate on the most exciting part of choosing paint colours, soft furnishings and all the beautiful fixtures and fittings!  However, in order for your renovations to go to plan, there are several things to consider.  Below I have listed 8 of my top tips when planning home renovations based on our experience of renovating our kitchen.


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Our Kitchen Design Plans


Have your end goal in mind

Before we decided to renovate our dining room, living room and kitchen we had to establish what our end goal was.  Did we want to do this to add value or help us as a family live more comfortably.  For us it was wanting to cook and sit chatting together so that was why we decided to knock our dining room and kitchen together and to make them bigger by taking some space from the front living room.


Set a Budget

Setting a budget and sticking to it is very important.  First, look at prices to see what range of prices there are.  Remember to add in a contingency fund in case there are any unexpected costs.  Remember to cost in having to eat out or buy takeaways if your kitchen is out of use.  Also consider several options and get them costed.  For example if you are considering building a garage, price for a brick building but also get a price for the likes of a metal garage.  Do your research, for example Steel Buildings UK offers garage buildings for sale in the UK.  This is a cost effective way of building a steel garage and another option to keep you within budget.




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Choose Your Date

Consider the date for your renovations.  We didn’t consider this and during February (the cold, cold winter) we had walls knocked down and ceilings pulled down and no way of heating the rooms.  The cold air would whole through the rest of the house!  My advice is to consider your date and when you would like the project to finish and work back.



Establish a Clutter-Free Zone

Before your renovations begin, set aside a room or two that is free from clutter and you will not use for storing everything and anything.  It can be difficult living in a home that you are renovating so having a safe, quite place is essential to allow you to unwind and get your breath back.

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Research Your Builders

Take time to consider builders to do the work.  Chat to friends, family or even neighbours to get as many recommendations as possible.  This will prove invaluable as you are placing trust in your builder to do work of a high standard.  For us, we received a recommendation from the company we were getting the kitchen from.  As it turned out he was the best builder we have ever worked with.

Request References

Even though you may be happy with the recommendations for a builder, don’t stop when you decide on one.  Ask for references before the job starts.  Any good builder will have no problems providing you with these.

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Pack , Sell or Giveaway Your Items

It’s important to pack away all the things you don’t need.  For us we stored as much as we could in the garage but we also sold some items to help us pay for the decorating of the new kitchen/diner.  You may also want to consider renting a storage space but remember to include this in your budget.


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Give Some Thought to Your Routine

Renovations mean disruptions.  Thinking back to ours, I used to get up 30 minutes earlier than usual to head to the garage to get the milk (that’s where the fridge was!).  We had a microwave in the hall where I “cooked” meals.  I would make packed lunches in the bedroom.  We couldn’t sit together watching TV due to restricted space.  All these things were easily managed as we thought about our routine before the work started.


I do hope these 8 top tips when planning home renovations help you whether you are renovating one room or more.  Do you have any other tips?  Let me know below.



 These top renovation tips will help you make sure everything goes smoothly if you are renovating your home.
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While the modern and contemporary decors of home living design are starting to slow down, another Ye Olde English design is making waves. Periodic dramas that depict the wonderful British countryside and the humble surroundings of the fair and yearning Black Country as more popular than ever before. People have realised that certain styles are purely for pleasing the fashion masters down the road and perhaps getting a nod of approval from the in laws. The real design for a splendid, warm and hearty home, should be natural, stocky, thick and full of character. There’s nothing quite like a thatched cottage home, with exterior and interior design philosophies incorporating the wilderness together with a sense of humble living. But, where to start and what first to accomplish?


Entering the home


When you enter a home, it should feel like one. There should be as much usage of space as only needed. When you enter your home, the first thing that should strike you is the quality of the flooring. Be using aged and dried yew tree flooring; the floorboards can be interlocked together and still remain rigid. Cheaper but equally as attractive hardwoods are viable, although, their sheen isn’t as deep and dense as a good quality wood. You should also make use of candles, encased in a glass bulb, but able to be taken off. The handles that prop up the candle can be polished brass or perhaps a glimmering steel.



Stature and boldness


The bedrooms and the living room is where the family will spend most of their time. Redesign your ceiling and get rid of the plain post-modern plaster artwork which generically features in most homes built a decade ago. Why not go back even further by using oak in a living room, with dried oak timber for the beams. The wood is strong because all the moisture that causes bending under pressure has been evaporated naturally. The beams would lay over the top of the walls, supporting the ceiling structure. A great sight to behold, and sure to impress visitors and guests.


Natural warmth


Every thatched cottage in the countryside has a fireplace, and your home should be no exception. You could install a fireplace to give the room a natural way of warming, as well as provide heat for the entire home. This is a great addition to your living room if you have a chimney running through one of the walls. The design should be an authentic, charcoal black, pure cast iron frame, with a hardened clay brick interior to insulate and stoke the fire.


Basic is beautiful


The kitchen of the traditional thatched cottage is pure for working and cooking. So, do away with the lavish designs, and adapt a less is more approach to the decor. The cabinet can change to a pure white frame, with a large opaque sheet of glass covering the door. The cabinet is taller, with a vertical, inwardly carved design like stripes, and usually in a sky blue or a darker, natural wood brown.


The traditional English countryside cottage has a great persona attached to it that has traveled the world. Basic, warm, cosy and very minimalistic, it’s very easy to fall in love with this decor and design approach.







A lot of people love the idea of making their home into a unique and creative space, with beautiful decoration and homely design. Having your home reflect your personality is important. And, most people want this from their living areas. But, unfortunately, not a lot of people succeed in this.


Through lack of inspiration, it’s easy to give up on this sort of goal. With the right drive, though; you can make a difference in no time. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the best sources of inspiration you have. Now, you just have to start your searching.




Social media has changed the modern world. Over the last decade or so, it’s become possible for people to connect and share their lives with people all over the world. And, this can be used as a brilliant resource. Different websites are good for different things, though. Unfortunately, something like Facebook isn’t that great to use for design inspiration. Instead, you should be using sites like Instagram and Tumblr.


Instagram is an image sharing site which lets you search for images by tag. And, Tumblr is a basic blogging site, allowing you to search for design posts through a variety of methods. Both of these sites are jam-packed with some great and creative ideas. Users are usually happy to tell you where they go something; if you ask. So, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.


This next option won’t be able to be done from the sofa. Instead, you’ll need to do some traveling. In most places, you will find shows dedicated to interior design. These sorts of trade shows are great because they give you a chance to see full-room displays. And, the companies selling the goods are always there.


This means that you can get your modern rugs from the same place you get your chic tables and chairs. Getting items like this from the same sort of place is a great way to make sure they match one another. You will see them together. And, it’s usually free to get into places like this. So, you don’t have to worry about it costing you anything.


Lastly, it’s time to talk about an old school method to get inspired. In the past, the only inspiration people would get in this regard would be from the places they visit. And, this can still be the case. When you go to people’s homes, you can keep your eyes peeled for ideas you like. The same can be applied to businesses. Of course, you won’t want to copy your friend’s. But, this is still a great way to give you ideas. It will help you to find the right item for you; even if it isn’t the same as the one they have. And, it will help you to get an idea of what’s popular.


Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of where you can start finding inspiration for your interior design. A lot of people give up on this area of their home when they realise that it isn’t so easy. But, you can make it easy for yourself. You just have to know where to look.



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Our home represents who we are but, maybe we don’t see it that way, but the interior design of our house can tell a lot about our sense of style, our life habits and even our character. The same way we want to make the best impression when we meet somebody new, we also want our home to impresses our guests. In order to achieve this, we advise you to make your house unique and go for trends which aren’t going anywhere soon, and that way make sure your interior design remains fashionable for quite some time.

The combination of old and new

If you want to get a unique look, you can mix modern and antique designs to get a perfect combination. You can start with colour choices, and Pantone predictions can help you find the right ones for your home. According to Pantone, green will be absolutely chic this year. These natural green nuances will create a relaxing atmosphere and add a touch of nature into your house. Once you have painted your house according to the latest trends, add a retro feel to it by purchasing a few pieces of vintage furniture like a set of antique wooden chairs. Even though we encourage the mixture of styles, be careful not to overdo it, since maintaining a balance is desirable. Remember that there is a huge difference between a well-balanced combination and a grotesque one.


Amazing accessories

Accessories are always trendy and they bring life to your whole interior design. It’s quite surprising how such small things can make a huge difference. Before you decide which accessories are perfect for your home, you can search the Internet in order to check out all the possibilities. Our advice is to consider amazing adornments, and we guarantee that you will be positively surprised to see how a small detail like Futura Bullseye Vase can make your living room look absolutely sophisticated.  However, be careful not to create too much clutter. We know that once you start accessorising, it can be quite addictive, but keep in mind that your goal should also be to keep your home neat and appealing.



Marble is always trendy

Some materials are simply evergreen and marble is certainly one of them. The kitchen is definitely the right place for it, since there is nothing that looks so sophisticated as white marble countertops do. They are bright, wonderful and inspiring, so you will enjoy cooking even more. Marble may not be the cheapest option, but if you consider the fact that this trend is not going anywhere soon, you will realise that marble is a great investment. Aside from incorporating it into your kitchen design, you can also add a touch of marble to your living room. For example, you can go for marble candleholders, coasters or planters. They go perfectly with the vintage furniture that we have already mentioned.



Minimalism is always a great choice

The minimalistic design in interior has become popular in the last couple of years and it seems like it won’t be going anywhere soon. The fact is that less is more for every true minimalist. Minimalist interior design means achieving a beautiful design through simplicity. For example, instead of buying many accessories, you should choose a single piece, but make sure it stands out.  So, if your room is painted in neutral colours, you can opt for a bright red or orange coffee table, which will spice up the atmosphere in the room.


Guest Post by Elise.



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