The lovely people at Footway asked me to review their site and shoes.  I couldn’t wait.  What woman doesn’t love shoes?  To be honest I had never heard of Footway so after a quick scan of their website I jumped at the chance!


Footway is a Swedish company who have been selling shoes online since 2010. Their motto is to make shopping for shoes online fun.  They also want your experience to be one of excellent customer service, fast delivery, friendly service and low prices.


So, what was my experience like?



The toughest decision when ordering was the choice!  The website is very easy to use and you can put in a lot of different search terms.  I was flipping between getting something for the summer (if we ever get it!), buying another pair of Dr Marten’s or purchasing a pair of Adidas Gazelle trainers I have had my eye on for a long time!  I opted for this lovely pair of Adidas Gazelle trainers in pale grey with gold trim.


Footway Adidas


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Delivery process

Living in Northern Ireland while a stunningly beautiful country, when it comes to delivery it can be a little hit and miss at times as some companies charge extra.  Not Footway though.  They use DHL for all their deliveries.  From ordering to arriving the process was very quick.  Tracking information is provided for your order and you can keep a watchful eye on where the parcel is each day.  I was well impressed with the delivery time, especially to Northern Ireland.



There was no mistaking this parcel was for me.  The trainers came in a deep purple bag with Footway branding on the outside.  The shoes were snuggly nestled in the Adidas box and wrapped in tissue paper.  All very safe and secure.


About the shoes and returns

The shoes fitted as I had hoped and will look fantastic in Spring.  I did check out Footway’s returns policy just in case though.  I’m delighted to say that you can return an item within 30 days.  There is even an free return label in your parcel so you don’t have to print one off and hey presto, you can send them back without any hassle.  I really love this touch as some companies now require you to return the item at your own expense and print your own label too.



Overall verdict

I have to say I am really delighted with Footway.  Considering I hadn’t heard of them before they really do put the customer first.  I was extremely pleased with the vast array of choice on their website, through to the extremely fast delivery time and customer returns should you need to.  The team I dealt with were extremely friendly and supportive.
I can’t recommend them highly enough.  So if you fancy treating yourself to a pair of Adidas, head over to the Footway website here.




Looking for #shoes? Try Footway. A fantastic website full of hundreds of shoes at great prices.


This blog post is a sponsored collaboration with Footway. All views, however, are my own.




There is no getting away from it, we are on the cusp of winter as the cold air hangs around us, snow feels like it is just around the corner.  However, just because the temperate has dropped it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your style.  Below are 4 clothing accessories you need in your life this winter.  They will help you survive the autumn/winter in style.  Letting you step out with a fashionable air about you.


So, check these out and let me know what you think.



winter essentials

Image Credit: Lui Jo

While the assumption that 40% of our body heat is lost through our head has been proven wrong, we still lose on average 7%.  A hat is certainly a statement piece and one that will help you stay cosy when everything around you is chilly!  This faux fur hat by Lui Jo at Lyst is just the thing to make you stand out from the crowd and at the same time keep your head warm this winter.  Indeed, my head is warm just looking at it!




winter essentials

Image Credit Oasis

I love scarves, in fact I wear them in the summer too.  Having a chunky knit scarf is a necessity in the cold weather.  It’s the perfect accessory to add a splash of colour to an outfit without breaking the bank.  Take this scarf from Oasis, it’s just what you need this winter, it is big and can function as a blanket to put round your knees too if you’re stuck behind an office desk!


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winter essentials

Image Credit J Crew

Hands up if you struggle with the perfect glove?  Yes, me too.  Of course, I want to keep my hands warm, but I also want to look chic and be able to use my phone when I need too.  Could be a tall order if it weren’t for these dashing ribbed wool-blend gloves from J Crew.  Fingerless for when you want to use your phone and mittens for when you need to warm up those extremities.



winter essentials

Image credit: The White Company

While we want to look fashionable outside, you can also look fashionable inside.  These winter chunky slipper socks from The White Company are just the thing to keep your toes warm and comfy without compromising on style.  Super soft and fancy enough to wear if you have any unexpected guests.


Fluffy Robe / Gown

Damart luxury gown

Image credit: Damart

With this cold weather what can make you feel super warm is a luxury gown.  This one from Damart is extremely cozy, versatile and at a price that you could afford to purchase 2!  The gown itself is luxuriously plush, has a shawl collar for added warmth and is oh so super soft.  So, never worry about that little black dress, it’s more fun to get dressed up to stay in, this luxury gown is the icing on the cake.


Whether you are going out or staying in, these accessories will keep you warm and cosy, as well as provide you with a stylish and comfortable look to take you through the winter.  As they say in Groundhog Day “Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.”  Whatever you choose I do hope they provide you with a warm hug of softness and warmth as the above items will most certainly provide.



These clothing accessories, hat, scarf, gloves and slipper socks will keep you cosy during winter as well as stylish. #fashion




Work wear can be drab and dull but this post is about work wear outfits from River Island your wardrobe needs now!  River Island is one of those shops that have really come on and started to inspire me all over again.  I have started shopping there again after a hiatus but because I’m so pleased with their clothing as it has a sharp clean edge that stands them apart from other retailers.  Indeed, they have really started to get my attention specially with their work wear taking tailored pieces and adding unique and inspiring detail and with a splash of colour.


If you are fed up with your current work wear wardrobe or fancy a change, here are some great work wear outfit ideas that you might consider.  These will keep you warm, stylish, fashionable and of course you will most certainly be Instagram-able in any of these!  So check them out below and let me know what your favourite outfit is!


Work wear Coat

I had the pleasure of receiving this Camel belted robe coat from River Island.  It is so luxurious and ideal for work wear.  It is made from felt fabric, has beautiful shawl lapels, a tie waist belt, front slip pockets, a single vent at the back and is fully lined.  Honestly, it is just beautiful on and at £85 a must for your work wear wardrobe.  Of course there are other coats too if you want something that you can wear on a weekend.



Work wear White Shirt

What is not to love about a crisp white shirt for work?  This frill front white shirt is stunningly beautiful.  The poplin fabric sits beautiful and the frill detail at the front adds a unique look.  Teamed with trousers or a skirt a must have piece for your work wear wardrobe.  This key piece will keep your work wear wardrobe refreshed.


Work wear Trousers

There’s nothing more classic than wearing black trousers with that white shirt above!  These black trim belted culottes is a unique twist on the classic black trousers.  These beautiful culottes are a soft woven fabric, with pleated trim, tie waist and a cropped leg.  So very much in season and a great addition to your work wear wardrobe.


Work wear Boots

Remember I was talking about that splash of colour?  Well just look at these amazing red boots!  Perfect for adding some colour to your work wear outfit and to make you smile this autumn/winter.  So if you want something comfortable and stylish you must purchase these red patent pointed ankle boots from River Island.


Work wear Handbag

You can still have a little fun with your work wear wardrobe outfit by incorporating a bit of colour with your handbag.  I absolutely love this green faux fur colour block bag from River Island.  It is almost too cute for words.  A very stylish and fun bag to add to your work wear wardrobe.



As the season changes and we move in to autumn and winter, I hope I was able to find you some amazing and inspiring pieces to add to your work wear wardrobe.  All from River Island which are stylish, classy and look great without breaking the bank!  So give River Island a try and let me know what you think.


Now, let me know what your favourite item is from the list above.  I’d love to hear them.  Oh and if you are wearing River Island, take a selfie with the tag #IMWEARINGRI and upload to Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win £100 in River Island vouchers.




Need some work wear inspiration for your wardrobe? Head over to my post to read up on some unique and inspirational pieces from River Island.


*collaborative post









Everyone loves a party. The drinks, the dancing, the invitations and even the posh cars that you might hire to get you to the event are all part of the fun. The best part of a party? Getting dressed up!


When you’re with your girlfriends and you’re all doing hair and make-up, you feel a real sense of bonding! One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for a big event, is finding the perfect outfit.


Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a wedding or you’re on the hunt for the perfect prom dresses, you need the perfect outfit that you can truly carry off. From top to toe, you will need hair accessories to shoes sorted and coordinated with your pretty new dress.


A modern event often means people dress for the times, but what if you chose to go vintage with your look, instead? So, how can you make your outfit pop for your evening out? What would make you stand out from the crowd?


vintage dress

Image Source


Big Accessories

Every girl loves her accessories and choosing chunky accessories to go with your dress can really make the outfit pop out of the crowd. Large fascinators like this one are a talking point and can really draw focus to the way you have styled your whole look. Opt for a corsage on the wrist – stylish and never goes out of fashion, meaning you stay vintage at the same time as keeping up with the times.


vintage accessories

Image Source



The Dress

Putting together a vintage look can be really easy. There are so many eras for you to choose from with your look, and websites like Etsy have fantastic ideas for 1920s flapper dresses if you want a truly vintage look. Drop waists and beaded dresses may not be the fashion right now, but you will stand out from the crowd in your classy attire and give people cause to follow your fashionista footsteps!


If you want to add a few decades on, why not go for a full Fifties style dress with a fitted waist and a full skirt? Giving Rita Hayworth a run for her money would be such a talking point and you will look so elegant!


vintage shoes

Image Source



Your shoes should complement your dress and come from the same era your dress is from. Skyscraper signature Louboutin’s may be the fashion right now, but they’re killer on the feet. T-bar shoes, low-heeled Mary Jane’s and Oxford’s would be the perfect choice to go with that flapper dress you’ve chosen.


Make sure the colour fits the dress and the style suits. Block heel shoes wouldn’t be the best choice for a 1950s-full waisted dress and you should be aware of the era you pick.


Going vintage for your event can be so nostalgic, especially if you choose to go vintage for prom or a high school dance. You could match how your mother dressed for her prom years before, and have the perfect photo op!



vintage ideas


Review of The Lifestyle Blogger Boutique

As you are aware I delight in all things vintage but I also love items that have a vintage style to them.  It’s so much fun mixing the old with the new as I do with my one of a kind vintage jewellery pieces.  There are just some times you want to buy something that is nice and easy that will go with your current outfit without having to take time and go through the vintage stores.

This is where The Lifestyle Blogger Boutique comes along!

I am rather partial to cute scarves, make up bags and bags in general!  So The Lifestyle Blogger Boutique is simply perfect. The wonderful items for sale look adorable and by definition are stunningly beautiful.  Anything that doesn’t take ages to add colour to an outfit in my opinion is just fabulous!

Vintage style scarf

Vintage style scarf


So what will you find? The boutique has a large selection of bags and purses; scarves, jewellery, homewares and stationery. There is a great variety,  giving you the opportunity to not just buy something for yourself but to purchase a gift for a family member or friend.

Vintage style button coasters

Vintage style button coasters


I strongly suspect that The Lifestyle Blogger Boutique will be seeing a lot of me over the next few weeks and months ahead!

Why not head over yourself and see what I mean?  As if the products aren’t tempting enough with my discount code you too can get an amazing 15% off – just enter FEELGOOD15 at the checkout.


Let me know what you buy.  Happy shopping 🙂