Most of us have sweet aesthetic flourishes in our gardens. Maybe you have a few garden gnomes dotted around the outskirts of your outdoor space, or maybe you have a miniature pond which is home to some fish. Whatever the case, it takes more than a few quirky features to make a garden feel like home. If your back garden is a neglected space, then it’s quickly going to feel like a patch of land which has been reclaimed by nature rather than an extension of your lovely house. It really does take more than a gnome to make your garden feel like home, but here are a few tips to remedy that if your outdoor space needs a new face.



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Much like a messy room, the first step is to declutter your garden. You want to be aiming for a minimalist feel in order to enter a fresh, welcoming and open space every time you step into your garden. A little gardening to get rid of overgrown weeds and dead flowers along with planting a few new ones in their place could really lift the appearance of your garden.


Creature comforts.

The key to making your garden feel like home is definitely to fill the space with creature comforts. If you want to relax outdoor then you need to feel as if you’re inside. You need a dining table for meals and cosy cushioned loungers for watching the stars or soaking up rays during the day.


You could even look into companies such as Certainly Wood for dried logs so that you can get campfires going for warm, relaxed family nights. It all depends on how far you want to take the manmade design of your garden. You could even include a sheltered TV section of your patio and snuggle up by the fire to watch some films in your outdoor living room.


Get creative.

If your garden is looking a little dilapidated but you don’t have a fortune to shed on sprucing it up, then get a little creative with your exterior design approach. Much like the process of spring cleaning around your home, freshening up the natural look of your garden can be achieved by simply repurposing the old and worn elements of your outdoor space.


Maybe you’ve had an old lawn mower or wheelbarrow lying around for years, but you don’t have to throw those away just yet. You could create a retro garden feel and use those old objects as plant pots. A little colour and vibrancy can entirely change the feel of a neglected and run-down outdoor space.



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Simply absorb your surroundings.

Nature is beautiful, and your garden is part of that even if it also a part of your home. Practicing mindful gardening could really change your perspective on your wonderful outdoor space. Simply getting out into the garden on a frequent basis and gardening could become a relaxing and eye-opening experience, rather than a monthly chore that you come to dread. Listen to the birds in the trees, admire the basic texture of leaves and proudly watch your flowers flourish with every drop of water you give them. Mindfulness can alleviate the worries of life, and that is certainly the effect that a homely garden should have on you.