We can often rush around every day, every week and before we know it time has flown and our children have grown up.  I have been practising being more mindful and trying to be more fluid in my relationships especially with my teenage boys.  I also urge you to stop for a moment and consider the greatest gift that you can give your son or daughter that doesn’t require you to go in to any shop or rush around like a mad person.  Below I have listed some things that you can give your child this Christmas which are the greatest gifts any parent can give.


The Gift of Love & Affection

The first greatest gift is the gift of love and affection.  With two teenage boys I feel it is important to continue to show them affection.  Little acts of giving them hugs, telling them how proud I am of them show them how much I love them.  It also teaches them to be thoughtful too.


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The Gift of Time Together

The second greatest gift is the gift of spending time together.  Life can be frantic in any family.  We often get sweep up in the madness and our quest to have everything perfect or get things done.  Quality time with your children whatever age is a must.  It’s a signal that you enjoy their company and value the time you spend together.  Honestly time really does fly so I highly recommend spending as much quality time together as you can.  I also think spending time together in the teenage years is so important.  Looking back at the photographs we have of our boys, we have noticed as they moved in to the teenage years they no longer want to have their photograph taken.  So cherish the times that they do, the photos taken by Abbie over at Lilypadandbow are so cute.  Cherish these times and print out photos too so you can sit down as a family when your children are teenagers to show how much you enjoyed having time with them when they were young as much as you do now. If you are stuck for ideas, head over to my blog post on fun ways to engage with your teenager to get some tips.



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The Gift of Determination

The greatest gift of determination is a must for all children. Encourage your child, no matter what age.  Challenge them to keep learning and developing.  Learn new skills.  Teach them to keep going when things get tough.  Congrulate them for what they are doing and recognise the effort them put in.  Determination will help your child succeed and develop in to a self assured person.


The Gift of Consideration

The greatest gift of consideration is another important gift for your child. There are times when I am so frustrated with my teenagers.  However, I know this is a difficult time for them.  My approach is to try my best to be considerate towards their feelings.  I also hope that my actions will allow them to be considerate towards others too.  I have no doubt that my actions allow the boys to see that my geniuine acts of consideration are the way to move forward with any relationship.


The Gift of Learning

For me, every day is a learning day!  Teach your children to take advantage of every opportunity.  Let your children make mistakes without being a vocal back seat driver!  They will learn from doing, to learn from their mistakes and to move forward positively.






The greatest gifts any parent can give their teenagers for free. #parenting #teenagers

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