You know Halloween is on its way when the temperate drops and leaves start falling from the trees.  If you haven’t decided on how to decorate your home then this post should be useful.

I’ve tried to gather the most cool and interesting Halloween decorations I could find on Etsy to help you create a perfect spooky ambience this Halloween season.

Below are some interesting finds, but remember not to forget that carved pumpkin!  There are plenty of ways to decorate it if you’re not that great with your carving skills!

Let me know what you’re up to this Halloween and hopefully you’re home will be as spooky as they come!


Halloween Wreath

Wreaths are not just for Christmas, this one is delightful and made of wood which will last year after year.

halloween decorating ideas


Autumn candles

Spice up your home with these lovely smelling Halloween themed candles.


halloween decorating ideas


Blood Splattered Halloween Chocolate

These are not for giving out – they are just too delicious – more a treat for you to celebrate Halloween with a glass of wine!


halloween decorating ideas


Handmade Halloween decorations

How cute are these handmade decorations?  They would look lovely around your home or hanging from your door handles.

halloween decoration ideas


Halloween Window Sticker

How fab are these?  It’s just what I need to make my home look spooky!  What do you think?

Halloween decorating ideas


Halloween Wine Glasses

Once all that treat and treating is over, sit back with your feet up and sip some wine in these wonderful Halloween themed wine glasses!


Halloween decorating ideas


If you’d like to dress up for Halloween but don’t know how, head over to my blog post on No Effort Halloween Costumes to find out how!


Halloween decorating ideas


No Effort Halloween Costume Ideas


Did you know that Halloween has evolved from an ancient Celtic tradition which was used by the Celts to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter?  It was believed the transition between autumn and winter was a bridge to the world of the dead when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts – spooky!

I have to say I absolutely adore Halloween, but probably not for the reasons you think and not for those trick or treating!  For me I love it because it is in  autumn and anyone who knows me knows how much I love autumn when the crisp leaves fall from the trees and I can walk and kick those leaves and hear the rustling under foot!  Secondly, I love the dark nights coming in and wrapping up in warm jumpers, slipper socks and lighting candles – wonderful!

What I dislike about Halloween is the dressing up if you are invited to a party.  I hate dressing up.  So in the spirit of being a lazy dresser upper I wanted to share with you my fast and easy ways to dress up if you can’t really be bothered!


The Witch

Put on your little black dress darling and add a witch hat – hey presto you are good to go!


The Scarecrow

Get those jeans out, cowboy boots and borrow your dad/granddad’s check shirt and throw in a little straw – hey presto – a scarecrow.



This really is for those who refuse to put any effort in at all.  Bring along an empty picture frame large enough to frame your face – selfie created!


Skeleton Face

You just require some black eye liner and dark eyeshadow –  apply to your face and you are done.



Probably one of the most used costumes known in the universe!  White sheet, cut out eyes put over your head and you are there!



Just like the skeleton face all you need is some black eyeliner to draw a nose and whiskers and you are purrfect!



There’s a theme going on here – again all you need is some black eyeliner and in addition a pair of black gloves!  Use the eyeliner to circle round your eyes like a mask and if you have a dark woollie hat put that on too.



All you need are your jeans, a white shirt and a cowboy hat – you are good to go – yeeha!


Let me know what other no fuss ways you have dressed up for Halloween.


Happy Halloween.


Elf x