It can be a tough task growing your social media, keeping on top of blogging and everything else you do.  So these tips are to help you stay on top of your social media tasks.  You will also find at the bottom some tips from other bloggers who are rocking social media too.


I have broken down my social media tasks to help you stay organised.  From weekly tasks to monthly tasks, it is sure to help with your content and your social media presence.



While I adore social media, there are days when I know that I could be working smarter and not harder .  Which is why I started to list my weekly and monthly social media tasks.  There are so many other things to do each week from sharing the content from other wonderful bloggers to writing blog posts.  However if you want to stay connected it does require a little work on your behalf and consistency!




Each day of the week I do the same things for all social media accounts but this post I am focusing on Twitter and Facebook:

  • In the morning, afternoon and evening reply to mentions and direct messages on Twitter (approx. 15 mins)
  • Same time period reply to any Facebook messages (5 mins)
  • 3 times per day check Facebook Groups to reply to messages and to participate in conversations (can sometimes take 10/15 mins)
  • 3 times per day log in to Twitter and engage with followers (5 mins each)
  • Follow new people:  I am always looking to follow new people especially bloggers to engage and support.  It’s a great community and I know that I will always learn something new from their feed! (15 mins)
  • Share other people’s blog posts:  I love supporting other bloggers work and I know my followers like to see this too. (10 mins)



Again these are tasks that I do on Twitter and Facebook:


  • I check my social accounts and make sure that my bio and picture are up to date and relevant.
  • Unfollow accounts that appear to be spamming or that are no longer relevant to me and my readers.
  • Look at my analytics to see how well things are performing and change posting times if needed.
  • Set a monthly goal to achieve on social such as increasing my followers by x amount and then developing a strategy to achieve this.
  • Look at my MissingLettr social media calendar for the month to see what content is going live and consider promotions during these times too.



To ensure I have the best content going out each month I signed up to MissingLettr.  Devising and generating a social media campaign can take up loads of your time especially after each post.  A very useful scheduling tool is MissingLettr.  Missinglettr is a relatively new scheduling tool to the market.  It sets up a drip fed social media campaign for your blog posts.  So instead of just sharing your latest blog post, Missinglettr will create a year-long campaign, noting key messages to share with your audience.


Best thing about this too, you can sign up and get 50% off your first 3 months!  Just click the link below.






Scheduling is so important as a blogger and sitting down to organise your goals and content even more so.  Twitter is one of the main drivers of traffic to my blog so it’s important that I stay on top of it.  It means doing all the tasks above as well as using tools that help me to save time.


I asked other bloggers how they manage to stay on top of their social media tasks, this is what they said:


Lynn from Mrs Mummy Penny uses a scheduling tool but also manually updates Facebook and Instagram once per day.


Victoria from Lylia Rose again uses a scheduling tool, this time Tweetdeck to see hashtag feeds, messages & notifications all on the same screen.


Michelle from Time and Pence has set times/days for posting and scheduling to avoid it taking over her daily life!


Sam from Dove Cottage using UNUM to plan Instagram feed and write captions to save time.


Katie from Cakes v Scales using scheduling tools such as Tailwind for Pinterest.  She also has at least two, ‘check-in’s’ a day to ensure her content remains organic.


Adam from Money Savvy Daddy also schedules Tweets and Instagram posts especially the free versions of apps.


So in essence as well as daily, weekly and monthly tasks a lot of bloggers now use scheduling tools.  To read all about the scheduling tools head over to my blog post on How Tailwind has helped me skyrocket my Pinterest and Time Saving Hacks for Bloggers which details all the great scheduling tools to help you rock this blogging journey!



Tips and tricks to help you rock social media as a blogger. Get on top of those social media tasks with daily, weekly and monthly tasks.