If you have ever wondered how to start a wordpress blog then this is for you.  How to start a wordpress blog for beginners is something I have worked on for a while as I learned everything myself.  I have been blogging for a while now.  I have come across many articles on how to start a WordPress blog but not many on how to start a wordpress blog for beginners.  I highly recommend using TSO Host.   TSO Host are my preferred hosting company as they have excellent pricing and fantastic customer service.  Any time I have had a problem, they have resolved it very quickly.


These simple step by step instructions will show you how to start a WordPress blog with TSO Host for beginners.  From buying your domain, which hosting package to go for, how to login to your cloud account, how to add your website and how to install WordPress so you can start blogging right away.


Before reading the step by step instructions on how to start a WordPress blog for beginners, I wanted to talk to you first about who I recommend.  I highly recommend you purchase your domain and hosting with TSO Host, you can head over to get a 10% discount of a hosting package with TSO Host – just put in ELFSUMMER in the discount code box for 10% off!  I have been with them two years now and they have been fantastic.





Step 1: Decide on your Domain name

Deciding on a name for your blog can be a difficult process.  Start brainstorming and writing down ideas.  I would do this before seeing if the name is available.  I would also suggest you think of variations of the name too.  Saying the name out loud is also an excellent idea and ask friends or your family what they think of the name.  Head over to TSO Host and start searching for your preferred name.


how to start a wordpress blog on TSO Host


Don’t get too disheartened if the domain isn’t available.  The reason why I suggested you come up with other ideas is for this reason.  Also decide if you want a .com blog .uk or  I would opt for a .com if it’s available and also buy the .uk one too so no-one else can start a blog with the same name as you!


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Step 2: Choose your hosting package

It really did take me a while to settle on TSO host for both my domain name purchase and my hosting package.  I did so much research that my head hurt!  I settled on TSO Host due to cost and customer service.  It’s as simple as that.  You can purchase your hosting package with TSO Host from as little as £1.34 per month for one website.  You can also opt for a more advanced package if you plan on starting several blogs. With their business package you can have up to 8 websites hosted.  I opted for the Start Up package because I didn’t know at the start how much content I would be writing but it really is up to you.  If you’d like 10% of your hosting package just click on this link.



How to start a wordpress blog on TSO Host



Step 3: Login to your Control Panel

After signing up for one of the hosting packages, you will receive a welcome email with all of the information you need to access your control panel. If you follow the link provided, it will take you to the login screen where you can enter your details.  Alternatively you can input the Control Panel url in to your browser which is




how to start a wordpress blog TSO host


The reason I highly recommend you purchase your domain and hosting from TSO Host is because it is very straightforward process.  First you need to link your domain name to the hosting so that your site can be displayed.


Step 4: Adding WordPress to start blogging right away


On the control panel you will see a button right at the top called “Add new website”.  Click on that and put in the domain name you have just purchased and then follow the simple instructions.  You want to ensure Linux is selected as WordPress runs of this platform.


how to start a wordpress blog on TSO Host


Next you need to install WordPress, you would first need to go to ‘Manage Websites’ and pick the one you wish to add it to. At the very bottom of the control panel, there is an ‘Install Applications’ option, there you will be able to see the ‘Existing Installations’ for this website.  Your next step would be to select the ‘New Software Installation’ button, TSOHost have put WordPress at the very top of the list as it is our most popular application. Click install.


how to start a wordpress blog in TSO Host


Once you hit the ‘Install’ button, it will ask you for the path in which you wish to install the WordPress in. Just leave it as it is, don’t change anything relating to the path!


how to sart a wordpress blog on TSO host

Once the installation is complete, you will be provided with the login information for your new WordPress installation, make sure to take note of this. You then head over to your wordpress blog, the address to login would be your domain name with /wp-admin after it and then input your login and password.  I strongly recommend that you change your password as you log in for the first time.


How would you like 10% off your hosting?  Then this is for you. head over to TSO Host to get a 10% discount of a hosting package with – just put in ELFSUMMER in the discount code box for 10% off!







Want to start a WordPress blog? This is for you, how to start a wordpress blog for beginners. #blog #blogging










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Do you sometimes come up against writer’s blog?  Being a blogger can be tough and coming up with new ideas for blog posts day in and day out can be a challenge at times.  Below I’ve listed five top tips to help you with blog post ideas.  I hope they help get your ideas following.  I’d love to know what you think of them, just comment below.


blog post ideas

1. My first top tip to help you with blog post ideas is to do something strenuous

May seem a weird thing to do, but you need to focus on something entirely different for a bit.  How about a jog?  Go do a work out at the gym, in your garage or just get up and jump about!  You could even try hitting a punching bag for a bit.  There is logic to this madness honestly! By doing something strenuous it gets oxygen pumping into your brain, making you feel good and above all it gives you the break from blogging that you need.  Shifting your focus to something else entirely also helps you have a mind set change.



2. Another tip to help you with blog post ideas is to do something relaxing

Another top tip to help you with blog post ideas is the opposite of the above.  Try something relaxing.  Go for a leisurely stroll, run a lovely relaxing bubble bath, make yourself a lovely cup of coffee and sit and relax and unwind.  Whatever you enjoy doing to relax, just do it.  You could even try a power nap!  This will help de-stress you and you come back ready to start afresh.


blog post ideas

3. Next tip to help you with blog post ideas is to read other blogs

I often get inspired reading other blogs.  It’s great to see other content and it’s a great way to help you come up with new ideas too. It’s also helpful to read through the comments on the blog posts as often people will ask questions which could also help you come up with a blog post idea.


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4. Just start ranting is another tip to help you with blog post ideas

If you start writing about something that is downright annoying you and come up with solutions to the problem, hey presto you have a helpful tips blog post!  You can always come back to the rant post by saving it in your drafts or it could also spark other ideas for a series of posts.  What is important here is to just start writing, once you do that it will flow!


5. Final tip to help you with blog post ideas is to browse related forums

There are plenty of blogging forums and Facebook groups out there.  Have a read through them, see what others are working on.  Ask questions, run some ideas past other bloggers.  Forums are a great way to get a sense of what is popular at the moment.


These are just five top tips to help you with your blog post ideas.  If you are still unsure or are stuck, head over to my blog post which gives you 20 blog post ideas to get you started.  Any time you have trouble coming up with a blog post idea, just head back to this article to revisit the five tactics above.  Also try and come up with your own tactics and see how thing go.  After all, if you don’t give them a go, you will never know if they help you with your writer’s block!





Need help with blog post ideas? These top tips will help you when you are stuck with writer's blog. #blogging



When my I started on my blogging journey, I would marvel at all the wonderful full time bloggers out there and wonder where on earth do you start?  I wasted about 18 months of my time on a blog that was going nowhere because I didn’t know the basics or the tips and tricks of the trade.


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Now I understand what I should have been doing from the start but didn’t.  And that’s why I decided to create a free blogging email course.

I wanted to lay it all out step-by-step for you so you wouldn’t make the same mistakes as me. So with this in mind, I created this 7 day how to start a blog email course.

Here is what each day will include:

Day 1: Why You Should Start A Blog

Day 2: Questions to Ask Before Starting A Blog

Day 3: 5 Easy Steps to Setting Up Your Blog

Day 4: Different Ways to Make Money Blogging

Day 5: The Secret Weapon to Blogging

Day 6: Tools to Help You Make Your Blog a Success

Day 7: My Top Blogging Tips & Tricks

I hope this course turns out to be a helping hand for you on your blogging journey.  I want you to succeed which is why this course is totally free.

Feel free to sign up down below!



How To Start a Blog: A free Step by Step Guide for Beginners and some tips for experienced bloggers too. An easy to follow & detailed guide on exactly how to start a blog, purchase hosting & ways to make money from your blog. It also includes a list of useful resources.



Yes I know there are many blogs and bloggers out there, some good and some bad but with a number of things in common, their desire to share what they do and what they know with anyone who is happy to read about it.  This post is all about why you should start blogging now.

As an older blogger (35+), I have become such a fan of blogging.  Blogging has brought me in to contact with some wonderful people, it has become a fulfilling past time.  Of course there are bloggers out there who have managed to obtain financial freedom, while I am not one of those; it really would be lovely to blog full time in the comfort of your own home, to be your own boss and to set your own tasks.

I wanted to share with you why I believe you should start blogging today!


  1. You become part of a community

There is no doubt that blogging and bloggers is a whole new community, you will meet some wonderful inspiring people along the way who are willing to share their knowledge with you and help you out when you need it.  They follow you, read your posts and promote your writing to their readers too.  This sense of being part of a worldwide community is astounding.


why you should blog

  1. It helps you find your voice

Blogging allows you to get your voice heard.  It gives you the opportunity to put your opinions out there and meet like minded individuals.  This can have a positive impact on your confidence but remember for those who respect your opinion or who love your writing, there will be those who don’t but blogging helps you deal with criticism in a constructive way.


why you should be blogging


  1. It can help promote your business

Blogging is an excellent way to highlight your business and the processes involved.  For example I use to share my love of all things vintage via my Etsy Store .  It brings you closer to your customers.


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  1. It can make you money

There are many ways to make money from blogging from just a few pounds a month to some bloggers making thousands per month!  The idea is to grow your audience and start working on affiliate marketing.


  1. You can get stuff for free

Yes you can get many items for free when you have a blog if you write product reviews.  The past 6 months I have been given fudge, tea, preserve, a toaster and a hand blender!



  1. You don’t need to be a techie

Setting up a blog is straightforward, read my simple 5 step guide to setting up a blog, you could set one up in just a few minutes and be writing before the day is out.  I am not a technical person and I have set up two blogs.


  1. It is relatively cheap to blog

To allow you to earn from affiliate marketing I highly recommend going with TSO host for your blog which will cost you approximately £2.99 per month for web hosting and around £7-£10 for your domain name.  This is a low cost option which will pay dividends once you set up your affiliate marketing.


  1. Blogging helps you prioritise & set goals

Blogging has helped me prioritise my tasks and workload not just for blogging but in other aspects of my life from my day job to home life.  I am very grateful that blogging has helped me – to be honest I was starting to get rather lazy and wondering where my day went when a huge portion of it was spent in front of the TV!


why you should blog

  1. Blogging is rewarding

Blogging makes me happy because it is so rewarding when you start with an idea for a blog post, you research, write and then you post and promote to your audience.  It is a great feeling of accomplishment!



  1. Blogging can change lives

This may sound rather dramatic but I have read blogs that have been really inspiring and it amazes me that people are so willing to share so much when they write.  Blogs do change lives and sharing your experience can also have a positive impact upon others.


Go create something awesome by starting a blog today and head over to my 5 Easy Steps to Starting a Blog now!



I've listed 10 reasons why I think you should start a blog now. Head over to to read the full post and get blogging today!