“This is a guest post by Jon from The Money Shed.  I think it’s inspiration for all us bloggers who are thinking of going full time.  There can be a happy medium. Over to you Jon”



For a lot of people who run blogs the ‘dream’ tends to be the ability to work from home full time and give up their day job. Online marketers even know this so well which is why you tend to see a lot of people write about #sacktheboss and #beyourownboss or the blooming after picture showing how you are wasting your life earning money for your boss when you could be doing it for yourself.



For me this was never my aim. My name is Jon and I run a website called The Money Shed which as the UK’s largest community website dedicated to earning money from home takes up a fair amount of my time.



The start of any Blog is what I like to think as the honeymoon period as you tend to work at your own pace with very little pressure on yourself. As the years go on and your popularity goes up so does your drive and it was this that ended up being my downfall to a certain degree.



See alongside running a forum with over 5000 UK members and 120,000+ posts I also run The Money Shed Blog which needed new content to go up each week alongside all the usual endless social media promotion that any good blogger does.



While I was running these sites I was also in a full time 37-hour a week job which meant I was having to come home and write content in the evening and even more so in the weekend. A bigger issue was the fact that I ended up missing out on paid opportunities because companies would want a blog post up by Wednesday and I couldn’t scrap together any spare time to write it until Thursday!



At first I tried to challenge this issue by throwing money at the problem (which is my usual solution to things to be fair!) however I was soon enough pay £200 a month for a social media person to deal with that and was also paying people a fair amount to write content for me so while I was still making a good profit from my Blog each week it wasn’t as much as I should have been and the fact that I had worked hard for the last 15+ years at work to get to where I was made me think giving that up would be foolish.



It actually took a ‘coaching’ course in my full time job to make me realise where my passion and drive lies and it wasn’t in my full time job. I enjoyed fact I could be creative and drive the success of my business myself but I was ending up hating it as I was struggling to fit everything in so a decision had to be made.



Another BIG factor that was swaying in my head was my own mental health. When you are working every hour available you are going to reach burn out one way or another. I was getting exhausted by lunchtime most days and I knew it was because my brain literally wouldn’t stop spinning as I was constantly trying to play catch-up with my online work.



I decided that dropping down to part time hours at work would bring me the best of both worlds. I could continue to be a manager and enjoy that part of my main job and then would have time at home to concentrate on all things Money Shed related.



I made that decision around 10 months ago and while my biggest worry at the time was ‘Will I earn enough to replace the missing hours from my main job?’ I didn’t end up regretting it from the day it started.



It’s meant I’m less tired, I can do more work and in turn can do more paid opportunities than I ever would be able to do without burning the midnight oil!



So if your drive takes your blog to a point where you can afford to drop down to part time hours then GRAB IT. It’s best for your blog and more importantly it’s best for YOU!



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