At this time of year, there is one room that has become the heart of our home, our living room.  We spend a lot of time there as a family, especially at the end of the evening when it is dark outside, snow is on the ground and all you want to do is cuddle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate with marshmallows!


Our living room is a place for us to unwind therefore putting in some extra effort to make it a restful, warm place for the whole family to spend time together is worth the effort.  Check out these 6 things that will make your living room super cozy and let me know what you think.





The hearth is often seen as the heart of the home and no wonder, spending time around the fireplace is such a lovely thing to do this time of year.  I came across this beautiful 20th Century White Carrara Marble Fireplace from Westland London, and is just the thing to make your home super cozy. Can you imagine lighting a fire and sitting as a family around this stunning fireplace?




Having the right lighting in place can make such a difference to how cozy a room feels.  This stunning light is in the Regency style, made of brass and can be purchased from Westland London.  It would most certainly give the right amount of ambiance to making a room super cozy for you and your family to relax in the evening. Or this Shell chandelier would make a wonderful addition to your room.





Photo credit: Laura Ashley


This timeless country elegant sofa will make your room feel super cozy this time of year.  We often curl up on the sofa and watch movies together when the wind outside is howling!  We love putting our feet up, snacking on some popcorn and watching Groundhog Day over and over again.



Soft Furnishings


Photo credit: Dunelm

A throw is a must to make your living room super cozy.  This one is so cute from Dunelm.  Knitted with pom poms I mean what more could you ask for.  It’s big enough for 2 people or more if you have some small people to keep nice and cozy.  Another idea is to layer up cushions to mix and match with the throw.  I have to admit to having a thing for cushions often needing two or three just for myself!  Or you could opt for a dark pair of curtains such as these Waverly Curtains.  As long as they feel cozy!


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Photo credit: The White Company

I have a thing for candles.  Candles in the living room, candles in the hall, candles in the bathroom!  They really do make any room feel super cozy.  Not just this time of year but any time.  I adore the Signature range from The White Company  The aroma is so inviting and has a warm and spicy scent of cinnamon and clove with a dash of fresh orange.  Just so balancing.


Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate


The finishing touch to make your room super cozy is to all sit down with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows!  A delight during winter but even more so at Christmas time.  Sitting down in the evening, discussing the adventures of the day all with a hot chocolate will relax you and help you as a family to engage at a time when family can take a back seat with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping.


So that is my 6 ways to make your living room super cozy.  What do you think?




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So Christmas is almost here and it’s that time of year when your home just needs a little bit of cheering up with decorations.  I know a lot of us love decorating our homes but at times the decor pieces can be expensive and are often not worth the money.  This is where B&M come in.  The lovely people at their head office sent me a voucher to see what I could purchase.  Below are my 6 reasons why you need to go to B&M for your Christmas decor now!


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Everything below I purchased and tested, all views are my own.  I would point out that I was extremely impressed with the quality of the items plus being budget friendly certainly helps too!  Why not make your home look amazing this Christmas with these wonderful decor ideas from B&M?


So check them out below and let me know what you think!


Christmas Baubles

To make your tree stand out these gold Christmas baubles are a must.  These are proper luxury with 20 in a pack and only £2.99.  A really stunning array of baubles indeed.



Christmas Star

I’ve a thing for stars!  In fact my star fairy lights have remained up in our hallway all year!  Let’s face it we can look up at the night sky and see stars all year round so you can keep your stars up too!  This star is full of gold glitter, it has a hanging hook and is huge and at £2.99 a steal!  I intend to stand this up on the hall table to compliment my star fairy lights and I might keep it up all year too!




I have admired these nutcrackers for a while now but never had the opportunity to purchase them.  B&M have a pack of three for only £5.99.  They are 38cm tall and you can purchase in these gold and silver ones like I did or opt for the more traditional ones which are red and blue.



Candle Jar

Christmas would not be Christmas without candles.  Indeed I use them all year round but come Christmas the scent changes to cinnamon and other lovely Christmas smells!  These candle jars are beautiful and make it easy to place a candle inside or you could opt to put in some sweets!  Really the decision is yours.  At £4.99 you could also buy more than one!


Christmas Wrapping Paper

I love gold and cream wrapping paper, there is something that screams luxury!  Well the wonderful B&M have an array of Christmas wrapping paper to suit all tastes.  I opted for this one which has a truly luxury feel and at £4.99 it will do for all my presents!


Dinner time

There is one thing that I never had and one thing that I always need on Christmas day – a gravy jug!  I found this cute one at B&M for only £1.99!  How great is that.  They also have beautiful plates to match.  I’m sorry I didn’t get them at the same time but sure that’s another trip to B&M to look forward to!


So there you have it.  My 6 reasons why you need to shop at B&M for your Christmas decor.  Whether you need Christmas tree decorations, wrapping paper, presents, Christmas decor or candle holders, there are plenty of budget friendly items in B&M. Who says you have to pay huge prices for cute, quality items?


Do you like B&M?  I’d love to know what you think.




For candle holders, candles, Christmas decor, Christmas baubles and all things Christmassy I show you 6 reasons why you should go to B&M for your Christmas decor.


Image credit:  B&M