I love getting crafty and even more so when it comes to spring and Easter time.  I have so many mason jars that I love to change it up at times.  So I thought it would be a great time to share with you some wonderful Easter Mason Jar ideas with you that I think you will love.  While some are great for Easter you can change the colours and use them for any time of the year.


I do sure hope you have some fun checking these out and making them.  Just click on the blog name to get the full tutorials to make them.



Bunny Granola

I love granola, it’s such a great cereal especially when you make it yourself. How cute would it be making this one for Easter?

Easter mason jars

Found on Yesterday on Tuesday



Painted Easter Bunny Jars

These jars are so cute. They would also be perfect for a baby shower or a child’s bedroom any time of the year!

Easter bunny jars

Found on Make Life Lovely


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Decoupage Mason Jars

I adore these lovely mason jars with birds and plants.  While I have these listed for Easter they really could be used at any time of he year.  Think this will be my next make project!

mason jars


Found on Shelly Hickox 



Bunny Luminary Jars

These would be great in a variety of colours depending on what your decor is.  You can certainly get creative with your colours.


bunny jars


Found on Create Craft Love



Easter Gift Jars

Rather buying a ready made Easter egg why not make these stunning fun and delicious Easter Gift Jars?

Easter bunny jar gift

Found on the Idea Room



Mason Jar Easter Basket

These jars are so cute and you can add whatever chocolate you like from M&Ms to Maltesers – the choice is endless!


Easter gifts mason jars

Found on Nest of Posies



Bird’s Nest Mason Jar Cupcakes

Wow, I adore these.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I love cup cakes – no not at all!

birds nest cup cakes


Found on At The Picket Fence



Spray Painted Mason Jars

These jars are a lovely addition to your decor, you can add flowers or any kind of succulent. You can also use paint that would compliment your decor.


Mason jars


Found on The CSI Project