Are you looking to reduce or slash your spending?  For me I review our bills every 6 months to see how things are going and if I need to look at ways of cutting down on items.  This can be a simple process from having a chat to our broadband provider and seeing if we are on the best rate or simply making some life changes to cut down on what we are spending on non essential items that may have started to creep up.


Whatever reason you decide you need to slash your spending now, these 10 proven ways have helped me and I’m sure they will help you too.  Let me know what you think of them in the comments section below.


1. Telephone, mobile phone & internet

You can often get a great package deal on these.  First step is to find out what you are paying and what contract you are on.  Phone your company up and explain you are looking to reduce your bill so what is the best deal they can give you.  It may even be better buying a mobile phone and paying a reduced tariff.  Do your homework and out the details out and compare all the different options.  For us it was a matter of phoning up our providers and asking for a better deal which we did get.  Our internet was reduced by 25% which was a great saving all from the cost of a phone call.There are


2. Electricity & Gas suppliers

There are so many different tariffs which can be confusing.  Look at your bill and see what you are on.  Then head to some of the price comparison websites and see what options you have available.  Then go back and phone your supplier and ask them to either match what you have found or give  you a better deal.  We did this and received a 15% discount from our electricity supplier for signing up to another 12 months with them.


3. TV Packages

No matter who you have for your on demand services.  Give them a call and see what offer they can give you.  Be prepared to cancel your subscription if they don’t budge.  I received 75% off my satellite package after going through the cancellation process.  They initially only offered me 25% over the phone.  I declined.  After 3 weeks of waiting for my package to cancel they offered me 75% off!  It really was worth sticking to my plan to get the best deal I could.


4. Food & Toiletries

If you haven’t switched to own brand products then give them a go now.  I would also recommend meal planning. It saves time and money in the long run.  It also gives you a chance to use up your store cupboard ingredients meaning you don’t waste money on products you don’t need.  Toiletries are another expense each month.  Head to the likes of the Pound Shops where you can get branded products cheaper.  I would also highly recommend other bargain stores such as B&M.  I’ve often found items such as toothpaste even cheaper than the Pound Shops!


proven ways to slash your food spending


5.  Transport

Do you have a car?  Do you use public transport?  I recommend you sit down and work out the best option for you.  We have one car in our household as it was cheaper for me to use public transport to get to and from work rather than another car.  I also buy a monthly link card that allows me to use the trains and buses as many times that month for a set price.  It also means I can use it to nip in to town at the weekend too!  Check your transport needs and adjust them to make savings.


proven ways to slash your clothes spending


6. Meals at Work

I have written about my lunches over on this 3 Frugal Things I’m Doing Post.  I have discussed how I sometimes go to the supermarket to get the reduced vegetables and then make soup that evening.  The soup does me for lunch that week.  Often one pot would do me 3 days in a row.  This cost of this could be as low as 30p for a packet of soup vegetables that has been reduced.  I highly recommend visiting your supermarket in the evening when they have reduced produce.  You are sure to get some great bargains.


7.  Insurance

It often annoys me when the yearly insurance bills come up and they have gone up again.  What annoys me even more is that a lot of people accept that as the price.  I don’t know how many times I have phoned my insurance company after comparing prices on all the comparison websites out there, only to be offered a lower price!  Why they can’t give me the reduced price in the first place is beyond me.  Maybe they are relying on people not comparing prices!  I highly recommend you compare your insurance prices to ensure you get the lowest price.  I do it all the time and it keeps our costs down.


8.  Clothing & Shoes

We have two teenagers so I totally understand the cost of items.  Especially when they want branded clothes and footwear.  I highly recommend you shop in the sales and buy items that will last all year.  I start planning for Christmas as soon as the summer sales start.  This often reduced the costs of designer gear for our two boys.  I also give them a budget so they can purchase shoes in the January sales too.  A few days after Christmas isn’t long to wait for 50% off a pair of trainers!


proven ways to slash your clothes spending

9.  Magazines, Coffee & Other non-essential items

I get you.  You love your shop bought coffee.  Keep a track of what you are spending on the likes of magazines, newspapers or coffee.  See if you can cut down.  You could even swap coffee shop items a few times a week.  Magazines you could change to a cheaper alternative or see if you can get it online for free.  I stopped buying coffee and instead buy a tin of a brand I really like.  I do still buy the odd magazine but I go for the cheaper one.  This has saved me a small amount but it all adds up.


10.  Prescription charges

If you are not lucky enough to live in Northern Ireland or Scotland where you get free prescriptions, then you may save money by getting a Pre-Payment Prescription Certificate from the NHS.  You can get a 3 month or a 12 month.  So if you buy 4 or more prescriptions in 3 months or 14 or more in 12 months it may be cheaper for you as the PPC costs £29.10 for 3 months or £104 for 12 months.  Check out the Government website for more information to see if you could save money.


These are proven tips on how you can slash your spending now.  I’ve tried and do them all.  Well apart fro the prescription charges as I am lucky enough to live in Northern Ireland where the prescriptions are free!  So what other ways have you been able to save money?  I’d love to hear from you.



Need help to reduce your spending? These tips will help you cut down on your spending now. They are tried and tested by me so I know they work! #budget #budgeting #spending #spend


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I love treats, but sometimes the treat becomes a habit and before you know it, you are spending hundreds each year!  So I wanted to share with you some of the bad habits that we can get in to without realising it.  By pointing these out you can then decide if you want to stop and start saving the money.  I can assure you your budget will thank you for it!


Coffee Shops

It is so easy to nip in to a coffee shop on the way to work or during your lunch hour.  Even more so during the summer when the offering is even more delicious with smoothies!  But did you know that if you are buying a coffee at £2.50 each day, over the year it would add up to £650!  Now that’s a tidy sum to be saving.  Why not purchase an insulted coffee mug and brew your own coffee at home?  There are so many beautiful blends out there you may find one that is nicer than your regular coffee shop one too!


spending habits



You know the song goes, 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)?  Well it is more like 200 channels and often there is nothing on!  Many of my friends pay for TV packages that they don’t watch.  Why not spend some time writing down which channels you do watch and then see who has a better deal on specific packages.  If you don’t often watch TV, consider ditching it altogether and using your computer, that way you could also save on the TV licences.  But make sure you check out the legal requirements of ditching your TV licence first.


spending habits



I still have friends who pay for gym membership and rarely go.  Don’t waste your money on something you don’t use.  Cancel it immediately and download some of the free apps if need a little motivation to get fit.  You can also download the likes of from Couch to  5K and within a few months you will be running!  If you are the type of person who needs the gym to motivate you, there are many pay as you go memberships which could work out much cheaper.


spending habits


Mobile Phone

Are you on the right contract?  Track how you use your phone and how much data you use over a month.  You may find it cheaper to switch to a sim only deal.  Check out the great offers on Go Compare  to compare your current deal.  There is the potential to save hundreds on your mobile phone bill.


spending habits



Your Wedding

If you are planning your wedding, you can save money there too.  Ways to save money on your wedding is really easy and this post details 50 ways to do it!


wedding photography


Reducing your credit & debt repayments


One way of speeding up and cutting the interest on any credit card debt or loan is to consolidate the various balances you are carrying on different loans and cards.  You can often get a lower interest rate too which will save you money over time.  It will also make it easier to handle one payment too.  Have a read at your options over at Cash Lady where there are some great blog posts on the options available for you.


money saving hacks



Do you have any other suggestions that could save money?  I’d love to hear from you.  If you’d like to know how you can save money with Baking Soda head over to read more.




These super easy money saving hacks will have you reducing your outgoings in no time at all. #moneysaving #saving #bills




I love coupons!  I wanted therefore to continue my blog series on helping you save money on your grocery shop.  You could start by reading my blog post on 4 Amazing Money Saving Apps to save you on your grocery shop or How Meal Planning Can Save you Money.


We can find it tough balancing the household budgets so I wanted to share my love of couponing with you.  I’m not talking extreme couponing here but a little couponing that can help save you a little money.


Couponing is another easy way to save £100’s on your grocery shopping.  Just like the cashback apps in my previous blog post here.


Although it does require a shift in mind set and planning ahead so you can save money on your grocery shop.


Here are some of my tips:


Know where to get Coupons

There are a number of places where you can print off or request coupons.  So having a printer is handy.  Supersavvyme is owned by Proctor and Gamble so you can get coupons for brands such as Fairy, Bold and Febreeze to name but a few.


Caring Everyday is another great site for coupons.  They are run by Johnson and Johnson so you are likely to get coupons that you can use against Johnson’s Baby, Aveeno, Calpol and Benylin.



Asda Price Guarantee is another way of getting money off at Asda.  If you shop at Asda, check your receipt on their website using the Asda Price Guarantee when you get home.  If they are not 10% cheaper against Tesco, Orrisons, Waitrose or Sainburys, they will give you the difference back in the form of a money off coupon.



Tesco also have a monthly magazine full of money off coupons.  Remember to pick it up when it comes out as there are times when you can get some good vouchers.  Plus the magazine is free too!



Know when to use Coupons

The secret to getting big discounts is knowing when to use the coupons. Looking at the expiry date on the coupon is important but knowing when a sale is on or looking at My Supermarket is also key as this will tell you if the item is on sale.


Please don’t waste your coupon on full price items if you can help it.  The above website also helps you figure out the cycle of the sales so you will get to know when a sale is coming up for the particular item.  For example recently I had a coupon for £2 off a carton of yoghurt drink, the drinks were originally £1.80 but the store reduced them to £1, this meant I could get 2 carton’s of yoghurt drink for free rather than just the one!


So it is best to stock up on sale items. It is important that you try and get the most out of the coupons when the items are on sale.  I recommend you stock up on items that you know you will use and have a longer shelf life.  Stocking up doesn’t mean you have a mini supermarket in your garage, it just means having sufficient stock that you can repeat the process when the sale comes round again meaning you never pay full price for items again.


Know how to use Coupons

Some stores are, shall we say – funny about coupons.  It is best to read up on their policy for accepting coupons.  If you can’t find the information online just ask at customer service – it saves any embarrassment at the checkout.


I hopee these family budgeting tips on couponing helps you save money. So now you know all about couponing, go save some money!



Want to save money on your shopping? Then read this post to find ways you can by getting coupons. I share with you where to get coupons, how to use them and other tips to help you save money.








My Gran passed away a long time ago but there are things that have stuck with me – sayings about saving that are often not repeated but sayings that I believe should be repeated and passed down from one generation to the next! Saving money is very important so please read on to find out what my gran said!


Living on her own for over 20 years after my Grandad died, she was a keen saver who saved each year to travel to visit her sister in Canada at the same time as going on outings with her friends and making sure her house was always spotless.


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So, what were my Grandmother’s top tips?  Well I’ve listed some of them below just for you…

Grow Your Own

While Gran never had a large garden, she did grow herbs in a plant pot on the windowsill just outside her kitchen window.  Why not consider buying a few seeds in your local pound shop and get planting?  Will certainly save you a few pounds and make your food taste delicious.


grow your own

Waste not, want not

I always found this saying confusing as a child but as an adult it makes perfect sense.  Gran was always about preparation, making meals in bulk and ensuring nothing went to waste.  Why not give your own meal planning a go and head over to my How to Meal Plan post to find out how?

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

Again, another saying that only made sense as an adult.  But it is still true today, break your savings target in to small chunks and just concentrate on saving a small amount – after all it will soon amass in to a large amount of savings without you worrying too much!

Make do and mend

This really is a classic and one which has seen a revival in recent years.  My gran always mended – mended her skirt, sewed patches in her bedspread, fixed rather than throw something out.  Why not see what things you can mend instead of throwing them out?  I recently mended our tumble dryer – bought the part on EBay and watched a YouTube video on how to install it – saved myself hundreds!


make do and mend



My gran passed on her money saving tips to me, head over to read how you can save money. #money #finance



Would you like to cut down on your food shopping bill?  Below I have listed some amazing money saving apps to cut your grocery shopping.


I love all things vintage, and while I often think how wonderful it would be to go back to the 1950s, I know that it wasn’t all sweetness and light.  I have spent some of my time researching how families lived in the 1950s. During the Second World War family food budgets and family meals had to be adjusted or indeed scaled back as restrictions and shortages took their toll on how families lived.


While we are not in “war times”, it is still hard to make ends meet.  But there are apps that can help you cut down on your grocery bills.  These are extremely handy and very easy to use.


After all groceries are not a luxury but a necessity and can often take up a huge portion of your income.  However I had no doubt that the apps listed below will help you cut down the cost of your grocery shopping as well as get you some freebies along the way!


Whether you are a family, large or small or you grocery shop just for yourself, these apps will save you money.


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How does cashback apps work?

Put quite simply they give you back money you spend on items that they have listed on their app.  The difference between the app as opposed to a coupon is that you need to buy the product first before getting your money back.

Each app has a different selection of products with some even offering 100% cashback – making the item free!

Alternatively sometimes you can combine the cashback with coupons which will give you an even bigger saving – I will be writing about coupons in a later post so keep checking the blog.


How do I get started?

First you need to download the app to your phone and register.



First download the app from the link here.  The cashback offers can be valid for in-store and online but there are terms and conditions for each so check carefully.  There is also an expiry date on the purchase – again check this carefully.


First look at what offers are listed on the app, buy the product and then take a photo of the receipt, upload it and get the cashback credited to your account.  Once you reach the £5.00 minimum payment you can transfer the amount to either your Paypal account or your bank account.


money saving apps


ClickSnap / Quidco

In order to access ClickSnap you will need to sign up to Quidco, just click here.  Once you sign up to Quidco, download the ClickSnap app.  Once you enter the app you will see a selection of what is on offer.  You purchase the product, take a photo of your receipt, upload it and cashback is credited to your account.  You can withdraw your cash once you reach £1 and this can be paid either via your Paypal account or your bank account.


TopCashback Snap and Save

Again download the app from here and set up your account.  Buy the product you are looking to get cashback on, take a photo of your receipt, upload it and get the cashback credited to your account.




Download the app and if you wish to sign up with my referral code KMHECCCP you’ll also get cashback for a FREE Lindt chocolate bar!  The site is straightforward, the products you can claim cashback for are listed, purchase the product, scan the barcode, take a photo of your receipt and upload, credit is normally within the hour and is automatically transferred to your bank or Paypal account each claim you make.


Sign up to Shopmium with my referral code KMHECCCP you’ll also get cashback for a FREE Lindt chocolate bar!


Happy money saving.



These 4 amazing apps will help you and your family save money on grocery shopping. You will also get some free items and free chocolate if you sign up now!