I work full time, so blogging is something I do in my spare time.  Although I’m also a mum, a wife, a daughter!  Time is precious especially when I also like to ensure self-care is a priority too!


The reality is that we are all busy, no matter what our schedule is like or no matter what we do.  So, whether you are a full-time blogger, a part time blogger or just starting out these time saving hacks are just for you.


I’ve said this time and time again in many of my posts about blogging, it was also a must do piece of advice from professional bloggers – schedule, automate, schedule, automate! Many professional bloggers could not do what they do without the time saving hacks that automation tools give them.  It makes sense too.  Automate as much of your blog as possible, it then frees you up to create blog posts, to think about taking your blog to the next level and to interact and socialise with other bloggers.


Today I’m sharing my top 3 automation tools for bloggers – they are what I call time saving hacks.  They will save you time – even more time that you thought possible.

time saving hacks for bloggers



Devising and generating a social media campaign can take up loads of your time especially after each post.  Imagine writing your post, uploading it and then that’s it – someone else comes up with a social media campaign to engage your audience?  Well there is a tool for that!  A very useful scheduling tool is MissingLettr.  Missinglettr is a relatively new scheduling tool to the market.  It sets up a drip fed social media campaign for your blog posts.  So instead of just sharing your latest blog post, Missinglettr will create a year-long campaign, noting key messages to share with your audience.


So, you don’t have to worry after you upload a post, you will be notified when your new social campaign is ready to go.  It will also use key phrases to ensure your audience is engaged without you having to worry about it.


Best thing about this too, you can sign up and get 50% off your first 3 months!  Just click the link below.



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Pinterest is starting to become the main source of traffic to my blog.  It can be for you too with the fantastic Tailwind.   To be successful on Pinterest you need to engage daily and regularly.  I really have no time to be doing this.  That is where Tailwind comes in.


You can read how Tailwind helped me skyrocket my Pinterest to give you an idea of how much of an increase I seen with Tailwind.   What is so cool about Tailwind is that it is approved by Pinterest so there are no issues in terms of compatibility.  It’s also an easy and intuitive system to use.  The analytics are fantastic.  It let’s you see the numbers associated with your pins, repins, impressions, blog traffic, best times to schedule and it will even set up your schedule for you!


But don’t take my word for it.  Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself.








Your email list is a fantastic way of sharing your latest blog post but also sharing any products that you have developed to your audience.  If you haven’t started your mailing list yet, I suggest you give Mailer Lite a go.  Mailer Lite is a very simple and straightforward programme for collecting and sending emails.  It is also free up to 1000 subscribers with no limit on the amount of emails you can send!  This is a great way to get started without having to pay.

You can design a draft email and just change the text each time you want to contact your readers.

It’s a straightforward and simple way of engaging with your readers.  You can also draft several emails and schedule them to go out at different times too.  This is another great time saving hack.



In summary, my top time saving hacks for bloggers are:


  1. Missinglettr – sign up to get 50% off for 3 months now.
  2. Tailwind – sign up for your FREE TRIAL HERE.
  3. Mailerlite – sign up for FREE HERE.


I do hope these help you save time as much as they have me.




Time saving for bloggers. Learn how to balance blogging with your family and 9-to-5 with these 19 time-saving tips, tricks, and hacks for busy bloggers. #blogging #bloglifebalance



I recently wrote a blog post about my tips to help you find more time in your day.  As a wife, mummy to two teenager boys, full-time worker and blog writer my days can be quite hectic.  You can imagine how delighted I was to discover Bidvine as a way of helping me save time.


How Bidvine Can Help You Save Time

Bidvine has a mission to help you hire professionals for a range of jobs through a very simple online process.  It has been a hassle for me to try and find a recommended decorator to paint our bathroom.  With such a limited amount of free time, scouring online or through directories is so time consuming.  Having to answer just a few service-specific questions is so much easier.



How Bidvine Works

Bidvine is a very simple process.  You select what professional service you need, answer a few service-specific questions which help BidVine send your request to trusted local professionals.  In my case I was looking for a painter, I was asked what rooms I wanted painted, whether I wanted the walls, ceiling and woodwork painted, the general size, what days and times I would like the work done and whether I would like to submit any photos to show the room.  I have to say I am thrilled that you can submit photos as it makes it so much easier for the professional to see the room without me having to take time off work to show them!

Once you submit your request, you wait for the quotes to come to you!  That is your work done.


how bidvine works



Local Professional Services on Bidvine

Bidvine isn’t limited to decorators.  They have a fantastic array of professionals willing to give you a quote for all sorts of jobs.  Bidvine can help you organise your wedding with professionals offering DJ services, wedding catering, wedding flowers, photography or indeed hiring a wedding planner to do this all for you!  Bidvine can help you find professionals to deal with any repairs you need completed such as plumbers, electricians and locksmiths.  If you are concerned about your health and fitness, Bidvine can search for fitness instructors or nutritionists.  Want to learn a new skill such as painting or the piano?  Never fear, because Bidvine can help you find a local teacher.




I need to emphasise the local element of Bidvine.  As you know, I live in Northern Ireland and a lot of online sites don’t cover here.  You can imagine my delight when I found out that Bidvine covers our wee country that is Northern Ireland!


I highly recommend you use Bidvine.  It doesn’t matter how small or big the job is, if you want to save time and get quotes from local trusted professionals straight to your inbox, so you have more time to get on with other things, then Bidvine is the service for you.


Indeed if you offer a service, get yourself registered on Bidvine so you too can quote for new business!


Happy time-saving!


Elf x




save time with Bidvine