How we treat our skin during autumn and winter determines a lot of things not least how much work we need to do to get it spring/summer ready!  A lot can happen during the cold winter months that are cause for concern, these can be skin dryness, rashes, dull and dried out hair and pale, oh so pale skin.  But if you use the right products coming up to summer you can make sure you are summer ready.

The following products were gifted to me and I have been trying them out on my own skin and hair.  I’m the perfect guinea pig because my hair and skin have suffered over the winter.  Have a read and let me know what you think.  Thoughts and words are my own.



Lusso Tan

Lusso tan

Image courtesy of Lusso Tan

I’m pale white.  And while pale is interesting to me, I often need a little help when spring/summer comes along especially when I kick off the boots and start wearing dresses and skirts.  I often think to myself why didn’t I take more care of my skin over the winter?  However, the lovely people at Lusso Tan send me some product to try and I am hooked.  Not to mention they are based in Northern Ireland – where I live.  It’s always a delight finding local products and supporting local business.  The Flawless Tanning Mitt and Tan product is really easy to use and gives a lovely glow.  I also love the fact the product is organic and paraben free! Do you fancy £5 off a purchase at Lusso Tan?  Visit the Lusso Tan Shop here and enter HAPPYBLOGGING to receive £5 off all purchases over £15.00.


The Perfume Studio Make Your Own Fragrance

make your own perfume

Image courtesy of The Perfume Studio

You don’t have to follow the crowd this summer.  Why not make your own bespoke perfume?  My lovely hubby bought me a perfume making gift set for Christmas and I loved it.  I’ve made my own special blends that no-one else has.  So to get this one from The Perfume Studio is fantastic. You will get the highest quality perfume ingredients, designed to help you blend a fragrance as individual as you are.  As well as stunning fragrances you will also receive a beautiful glass atomiser, pipettes, scent strips and easy to follow instructions!  Honestly this really will make you stand out from the crowd!  You can visit The Perfume Studio here to view the wonderful array of kits.




Natural World Range of Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner

coconut range

Image courtesy of Natural World


Oh my goodness.  The smell of coconut just takes me back to summer.  This product is no exception.  The smell lasts forever too.  It has made such a different to my hair in the two weeks I have been using it.  They refer to it as superfood for the hair and I agree with them.  It has turned my hair from dull and dry to soft smoother and with a lovely shine!  You can get your hands on it here.


Herbal Henna Hair Treatments

henna hair treatment

Image courtesy of Beauty Base


There are times when my hair needs a little extra TLC.  That’s where the Herbal Henna Hair Treatment comes in.  Henna powder comes from a bush called Lawsonia inermis found in India, North Africa and the Middle East.  It is blended with Himalayan herbs to nourish, condition hair naturally. After trying this it left my hair really silky smooth!  At only £2.99 over on Beauty Base it’s a must have product.


Salcura Skincare

Image courtesy of Look Fantastic

My skin has really suffered over this winter.  No wonder since this winter has lasted 6 weeks longer than last!  I was starting to worry that we would never see the sun!  Which is why I was delighted to try the Salcura Skincare.  Bioskin has been developed to fix dry and damaged skin.  I have to say I’m thrilled at the results already and I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks.  If you’d like to give it a go head over here to get yours.



Joico Luster Lock

Joico K Pak Colour

Image courtesy of Look Fantastic

Over the years I have coloured my hair but haven’t done so in a while and I see some grey hairs coming through!  I tried the new Joico Luster Lock and am delighted to say that it seems to be preserving my natural colour.  I use this on a weekly basis as a more luxourious treatment to my hair.  It harnesses the power of Manketti and ARgan Oils to give your hair a lovely shine!   You can buy yours here.


It Really Works Vitamins


Image courtesy of It Really Works Vitamins

For the men in your life, It Really Works Vitamins  are ideal for healthy, strong hair.  They have been featured in Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness Magazines and Esquire Magazine.  All ingredients in the supplements are 100% natural, Kosher, Halal and Vegan friendly. They even offer a 90 day back money guarantee. These are ideal products that will ensure thick healthy and strong hair.



Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Cocolicious Shampoo & Conditioner


Image courtesy of Phil Smith


There seems to be a trend going on here!  I adore coconut everything so I’m delighted to also recommend this amazing shampoo and conditioner Cocolicious.  With hydrating coconut oil extract formula this really does leave your hair clean, super-soft and super-shiny.  Best of all you can pick these up in your local supermarket too!  An easy way to get a fantastic product.


Impact3 Shampoo & Condioner

impact 3 shampoo

Image courtesy of PeRA357

This shampoo and conditioner is sulphate and paraben free.  The shampoo contains 3 natural oils, coconut, olive and sweet almond.  These products are so gentle on my hair, it’s hard to believe I’m using them at all!  My hair had an incredible shine and felt really lightweight and with more volume!  You can explore the range here.



Swish to Go

swish to go

Image courtesy of Swish to Go

I don’t know about you but I sometimes feel the need to brush my teeth at work.  It probably has to do with whatever large sandwich I’m eating!  I used the Swish to Go range which is a unique waterless, powder system that turns to liquid on the tongue.  You swish it round your mouth for 10 seconds, you can also swallow it and hey presto your teeth are cleaned and you have fresh breath.  Have to say it’s a great product and so handy to keep in your bag too!  You can try Swish to Go here.


Sun care


Image courtesy of SunSense

When you find a brand from Australia specialising in sunscreen you know you have a winner.  After all they have more sun than us!  We all know that we need to product ourselves from UV rays all year round so I was delighted to receive this product from Sunsense to give it a go.  Of course we haven’t had much sun yet but I’ve been using it on my face and think it’s a great product.  My children have fair skin so this will be ideal for them too.  You can try it out by ordering Sunsense Ultra here.
Image courtesy of Boots
Nivea is another sunscreen stable that I use to protect myself.  Their products for children are just great and so easy to put on.  I often opt for sunscreen from different ranges for different parts of my body – just to make sure I’m protected.  You can see the fantastic Nivea range here.

Skin Solutions with Palmers

palmers skincare

Image courtesy of Boots

How on earth do we manage to get such dry skin over the autumn and winter?  I was so pleased to try Palmers Skin Smoothing Lotion for my whole body.  I really needed it!  It was as if my skin needed a very long drink.  Well Palmer’s is doing the trick.  What I love about this product too is that it is ethically sourced cocoa butter and shea butter.  It has certainly helped to replenish my skin and it’s starting to look good enough to take off all the winter layers!  You can get yours here.

Itch Relief Moisturiser


Image courtesy of Suu Balm

My skin is all over the place at the moment.  Just about a month ago I came out in a really bad rash.  I had no idea where it came from.  In fact this year has been awful for rashes.  This is where this little wonder comes in.  Suu Balm™  is a rapid itch relief moisturiser designed for dry, itchy or sensitive skin. Vegan friendly, it’s an over the counter moisturiser that’s free from steroids and its non-greasy formula means its pleasant on skin. I think it has been the harsh weather that has contributed to my skin conditions.  I’m pleased to report that Suu Balm is most certainly one to have on hand to manage skin flare-ups!

Summer Fragrance

ted baker sweet treats perfume

Image courtesy of John Lewis

Smells are provactive which is why I change my perfume in summer.  I adore the more flower and sweet frangrances so the Ted Baker Sweet Treats range is a must.  The Ella fragrance is an intoxicating cocktail of bergamot and cassis, with orange blossom, jasmine and rose.  Basenotes include sandalwood and vanilla. Polly is more fruity with top notes of soft mandarin, red berries and peach.  Middle notes include white jasmine, honeysuckle and peony. With base notes of vanilla and white musk.  Mia opens with notes of lemon, raspberry and blackcurrant, with rose and freesia, leaving behind a stunning base of patchouli and golden amber.  Honestly these fragrances will have you thinking of summer all day long over the coming months even if the sun isn’t shining!  Get your Ted Baker Sweet Treat range here.

Hübner’s Silicea Hair, Skin, Nails & Bones Supplement

I have been using Silica for a while now.  It is great for supporting the formation of collagen and elastin, strengthen skin, hair, nails and bones, and encourage the body to hold on to water and other vital nutrients.  I have to say that I am over the moon with these supplements as I have noticed a marked difference in my hair, skin and nails.  It will certainly be a supplement I will keep on buying.  You can get yours from www.healthy2u.co.uk.

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The sun is shining. Now is the time to get your skin and hair ready for summer. These 12 products will help you get ready for the sun!
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Guest post by Lucy Chambers

Having clear and glowing skin is the result of proper and diligent care, and caring for your skin is the first thing that you should do when you wake up in the morning. Establishing a morning skincare routine is a great way to ensure that your skin is protected from the elements. Moreover, having great beauty habits can help to make your skin look fabulous the whole day. While your morning routine may not be as extensive as your evening skincare regime, proper cleansing and the right beauty products can protect your skin from harmful pollutants, UV rays, and damage. Here are a few ways to upgrade your morning skincare routine this year.


The 8-step Korean morning skincare routine

Following the Korean way of caring for skin can make your skin healthy and younger-looking. First, wash your face with water only, then pour a bit of toner on your hands and pat the liquid onto your skin. Smooth on an essence, let it absorb for a few minutes, then follow with an ampoule, serum, eye cream, moisturiser, and sunscreen. If you don’t have the time to do all 8 steps, consider paring it down to 4 steps—cleanse with water, pat on toner, moisturise, and protect with sunscreen. The result: a glowing and youthful-looking complexion that looks radiant even without makeup.


Don’t neglect your body

Don’t just spoil your face – your body needs some TLC too. Take a short shower to avoid depleting your skin of moisture and use a moisturising body wash to clean your skin. Lock in your hydration by applying body oil or body lotion right after your shower. If you’ll be outdoors the whole day, you may want to apply sunblock to your limbs, the back of your neck, and other exposed areas of your body and wear protective clothing to shield your skin from harmful UV rays.


skin care


Master a 5-minute makeup routine

A 5-minute makeup routine allows you to use fewer products to let your skin breathe and still look polished while you go about your daily tasks. Start with BB cream to even out your skin tone and softly blur imperfections, then use a bit of concealer on areas where you need more coverage. Set with pressed powder. Use a brow mascara to darken and keep your brows in place, then finish the look with a bit of cream blush on the cheeks and a swipe of lip gloss. If you want a more “done” face for a meeting or for an evening out with friends, simply add eyeliner and mascara and apply your favourite matte lipstick.


This year, give your skin some TLC first thing in the morning. You’ll be glad you did once you see how much healthier, radiant, and beautiful your skin looks from head to toe.



I love autumn but with it comes the cold and my skin, nails and hair need a little more tlc.  So in an effort to ensure my beauty routine keeps up with the changing weather, I’ve started to include a few new products to my daily routine.

These autumn beauty essentials represent what I’ve included in my day to day routine.


Sudocrem Skin Care Cream.

Beauty Essentials for Fall


The absolute joy of Sudocrem is its high zinc oxide content. That’s the magical antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that makes Sudocrem my go to healing cream.  Think beyond the bum for this one.  It’s not just about nappy rash, it can be applied to any dry skin patches – even on the face and the extra zinc helps repair the skin cells. You can use it on any rash, cuts, grazes or any other skin irritation that you need to fix.



Prevasore Everyday Lip Therapy.

Beauty Essentials for Fall

As autumn is already here and winter not far behind, the cold weather and the central heating can be so detrimental to my skin.  My lips seem to get the brunt of it at times as the skin is so thin around the lip area.  In an effort to prevent my lips from drying out I have been using Prevasore as a moisture protection barrier to stop that from happening.


Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect Conditioner.

Beauty Essentials for Fall


The Pantene Pro-Vitamin 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect Conditioner is a conditioner formulated for weak, damaged hair.  It’s a great way to to mositurise your hair especially in the autumn and winter periods.  The SMART Pro-Vitamin formula features micro-nourishers that moisturise, help seal cuticles and repair damage from root to tip, as well as active ingredient histidine to help repair damage for moisturised hair that’s softer and shinier.  I am delighted with how smooth and silky my hair is feeling after using this.



Defensil Rescue Serum

Beauty Essentials for Fall

Defensil Rescue Serum contains a natural plant steroid.  It was developed by scientists in Switzerland for those suffering from very dry and itchy skin.  I have been using it on patches of dry skin on my upper arms and it has worked really well.  Defensil is free from parabens, perfumes, SLS and MI and is made from naturally active ingredients that have been developed for use on highly sensitive, itchy and dry skin.


Absolute Collagen Daily Collagen Supplements.

Beauty Essentials for Fall


Absolute Collagen is what is referred to as a drinkable skincare.  It has been designed to help fight against the visible signs of ageing, supports skin, nails, hair and joints.

Each wee sachet contains 8g of high grade marine collagen, infused with Vitamin C from citric acid and sweetened with sucralose. For those who are intolerant, it is free from gluten, dairy and lactose.  There is plenty of research to show that fish collagen in liquid form can be absorbed at a higher level than other forms of collagen.  You can take these direct from the sachet or mix it with a drink.  It’s not an unpleasant taste, more like a thicker honey.


Rock & Ruddle Zebra Hairbrush

hair essentials for autumn


Wow, what a great hairbrush.  Rock and Ruddle hairbrushes have an amazing array of bristles which gently brush your hair because the bristles are natural with tiny scales to help distribute the natural oils in every strand of your hair.  Honestly I can notice a huge difference in my hair, leaving it shiner already!



I’d love to know what’s on your list of beauty essentials this autumn/winter?



Beauty essentials


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