While the modern and contemporary decors of home living design are starting to slow down, another Ye Olde English design is making waves. Periodic dramas that depict the wonderful British countryside and the humble surroundings of the fair and yearning Black Country as more popular than ever before. People have realised that certain styles are purely for pleasing the fashion masters down the road and perhaps getting a nod of approval from the in laws. The real design for a splendid, warm and hearty home, should be natural, stocky, thick and full of character. There’s nothing quite like a thatched cottage home, with exterior and interior design philosophies incorporating the wilderness together with a sense of humble living. But, where to start and what first to accomplish?


Entering the home


When you enter a home, it should feel like one. There should be as much usage of space as only needed. When you enter your home, the first thing that should strike you is the quality of the flooring. Be using aged and dried yew tree flooring; the floorboards can be interlocked together and still remain rigid. Cheaper but equally as attractive hardwoods are viable, although, their sheen isn’t as deep and dense as a good quality wood. You should also make use of candles, encased in a glass bulb, but able to be taken off. The handles that prop up the candle can be polished brass or perhaps a glimmering steel.



Stature and boldness


The bedrooms and the living room is where the family will spend most of their time. Redesign your ceiling and get rid of the plain post-modern plaster artwork which generically features in most homes built a decade ago. Why not go back even further by using oak in a living room, with dried oak timber for the beams. The wood is strong because all the moisture that causes bending under pressure has been evaporated naturally. The beams would lay over the top of the walls, supporting the ceiling structure. A great sight to behold, and sure to impress visitors and guests.


Natural warmth


Every thatched cottage in the countryside has a fireplace, and your home should be no exception. You could install a fireplace to give the room a natural way of warming, as well as provide heat for the entire home. This is a great addition to your living room if you have a chimney running through one of the walls. The design should be an authentic, charcoal black, pure cast iron frame, with a hardened clay brick interior to insulate and stoke the fire.


Basic is beautiful


The kitchen of the traditional thatched cottage is pure for working and cooking. So, do away with the lavish designs, and adapt a less is more approach to the decor. The cabinet can change to a pure white frame, with a large opaque sheet of glass covering the door. The cabinet is taller, with a vertical, inwardly carved design like stripes, and usually in a sky blue or a darker, natural wood brown.


The traditional English countryside cottage has a great persona attached to it that has traveled the world. Basic, warm, cosy and very minimalistic, it’s very easy to fall in love with this decor and design approach.