Everyone loves a party. The drinks, the dancing, the invitations and even the posh cars that you might hire to get you to the event are all part of the fun. The best part of a party? Getting dressed up!


When you’re with your girlfriends and you’re all doing hair and make-up, you feel a real sense of bonding! One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for a big event, is finding the perfect outfit.


Whether you’re looking for an outfit for a wedding or you’re on the hunt for the perfect prom dresses, you need the perfect outfit that you can truly carry off. From top to toe, you will need hair accessories to shoes sorted and coordinated with your pretty new dress.


A modern event often means people dress for the times, but what if you chose to go vintage with your look, instead? So, how can you make your outfit pop for your evening out? What would make you stand out from the crowd?


vintage dress

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Big Accessories

Every girl loves her accessories and choosing chunky accessories to go with your dress can really make the outfit pop out of the crowd. Large fascinators like this one are a talking point and can really draw focus to the way you have styled your whole look. Opt for a corsage on the wrist – stylish and never goes out of fashion, meaning you stay vintage at the same time as keeping up with the times.


vintage accessories

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The Dress

Putting together a vintage look can be really easy. There are so many eras for you to choose from with your look, and websites like Etsy have fantastic ideas for 1920s flapper dresses if you want a truly vintage look. Drop waists and beaded dresses may not be the fashion right now, but you will stand out from the crowd in your classy attire and give people cause to follow your fashionista footsteps!


If you want to add a few decades on, why not go for a full Fifties style dress with a fitted waist and a full skirt? Giving Rita Hayworth a run for her money would be such a talking point and you will look so elegant!


vintage shoes

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Your shoes should complement your dress and come from the same era your dress is from. Skyscraper signature Louboutin’s may be the fashion right now, but they’re killer on the feet. T-bar shoes, low-heeled Mary Jane’s and Oxford’s would be the perfect choice to go with that flapper dress you’ve chosen.


Make sure the colour fits the dress and the style suits. Block heel shoes wouldn’t be the best choice for a 1950s-full waisted dress and you should be aware of the era you pick.


Going vintage for your event can be so nostalgic, especially if you choose to go vintage for prom or a high school dance. You could match how your mother dressed for her prom years before, and have the perfect photo op!



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My Favourite Vintage Jewellery to add some Sparkle to Autumn

While it may not officially be autumn, there is certainly a nip in the air.  So when the weather starts to bite I start contemplating taking the jumpers out of storage but I also think of how I can switch things up a bit so go and check out my jewellery, well the jewellery that I have decided to keep for myself.

Are you like me?  I tend to get bored of the same old jumpers and cardigans but I never seem to tire of sparkly jewellery!

Here are some of my favourite pieces of vintage jewellery to tempt you.  They will certainly add some vintage glamour to your autumn outfits.


Vintage necklace

This is a stunning one of a kind necklace is made from a vintage 1950s brooch. Re-purposing vintage brooches is just one way of reusing brooches if you don’t normally wear them.

vintage 1950s necklace

I just adore sparkle.  Period is 1950s and this is a stunning crystal style necklace with mother of pearl. Who wouldn’t love to wear this?  Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle!

Vintage necklace

Wow, wow and wow again!  Another sparkly number only in gold colour.   I absolutely adore this one and found it very hard to put it up for sale after re-purposing vintage beads to add a bit more colour to the necklace.

vintage necklace

Sometimes less is more.  From the 1950s this is a stunning mirrored bead necklace. It is absolutely lovely on.  How amazing does this look?  I constantly admire this piece so maybe it will make its way in to my collection instead of my Etsy shop!


I hope you have enjoyed looking at my favourite pieces of vintage jewellery.  These vintage pieces will certainly complete any outfit and let’s face it a girl can never have too much jewellery.


Vintage Manners & Etiquette: Are they dead?

Not a usual topic for all things vintage but please stay with me, it will all become clear.  When researching photos for my #ThrowBackThursday Vintage Photography board and my penchant for the 1950s it got me thinking about etiquette in 1950 versus modern day dilemmas.

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of etiquette is “The customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group.”  Etiquette experts Debrett’s was established more than 250 years ago and was the go to resource for British etiquette and manners.  Their publications were read with extreme interest and gave advice: be courteous at all times, form an orderly queue in a shop or for public transport, say excuse me, please and thank you, when meeting someone for the first time shake their hand – a hug or kiss was a big no no!  Certain questions were also frowned upon such as asking someone’s age or whether they were in a relationship or not.

While the Debrett’s publication was well received it was the case that a lot of rules regarding etiquette were unwritten, being passed down from mother to daughter or father to son and in some cases girls would be sent to finishing school to assist them in acquiring a suitable husband!

While I just adore vintage fashion and vintage accessories, I really do not envy the formal and somewhat overbearing system of etiquette, not to mention how these forms of etiquette contributed to gender inequality and reinforced the class system.  Change in etiquette usually comes slowly but with the current pace of technology we all appear to be playing catch up.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not asking for us all to read through Debrett’s and start acting as though we are part of Downton Abbey high society but I do think taking account of ‘vintage’ etiquette and manners will help us deal with the modern-day dilemmas we can sometimes face.

So while ‘vintage’ etiquette and manners may not hold much influence today, it would seem etiquette isn’t as dead as I thought as we continue to write the rules for how we communicate via email, text and all forms of social media.

But let’s not forget that we still interact with people so please consider ‘vintage’ etiquette and manners, they are as important as Netiquette!

For those wanting to read a little bit more etiquette by Debrett’s I would recommend their book on the A-Z of Modern Manners.